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Coloured lights

My apologies for not being able to post this week’s forecast on Sunday. We all know how busy this time of year can be but it is all good, even great. I can’t complain.

Remember I told you the weather was going to get interesting and that I thought earthquakes might become more active. Have you taken a look at the ring of fire lately? Late last week there was a swarm in excess of 20 quakes in the area of Taron, Papua New Guinea. They range from 4.9-7.9 according to USGS.

The big news this week is Mercury is retrograde, Mars has just entered Pisces, and we just officially moved into winter. . This is a big deal folks. Pisces = water and Mars= fire. What happens when you mix fire and water? Well, things can get hot and steamy fast. Just ask your tea kettle.

Pisces water tries its best to put out the Mars fire. Sometimes it is successful and sometimes Mars just hides, waits and the result is hot and explosive. This energy relates to a steamy, scandalous affair, a great spy movie, or a battle or some sort around water. This could include things like the water pollution in Flint Michigan, an oil spill, or a battle on the water of some sort.

Mars in Pisces affects out motivation. If we are trying to go after a traditional goal like marking things off the honey do list, you might have trouble completing them. This energy is much better for spiritual and emotional pursuits.

This is idealistic energy that leads us to put others before ourselves. This transit is not a good one for confrontation either. (For there is never a good time for confrontation.) Going after what we want can become a complicated thing indeed. You will do well to stick with yoga, meditation, or meditation during this transit. Remember: peace, not war.

When it comes to Mercury retrograde, this is a time to re-do, go back over, recreate or re-create, finish things up. This is not the best time to begin new things or sign contracts. If you began something before Mercury went into storm or retrograde, something that involves a contract, signing it will not be a problem. Mercury retrograde is also a time that is often fraught with communication and travel glitches. Be aware so you can recognize these glitches for what they are and ride the waves they cause. It will be over in a few weeks. You can use this time to do great things too. Just make sure they are all a re-do of some sort.

The exact point of winter Solstice was this morning, Wednesday December 21 at 5:44 am. I think I was awake at that time.

Winter solstice brings us the longest period of darkness in a 24 hrs period of time. For those of us above the equator, this means less than 12 hours of daylight. The farther north you travel, the less light and the greater the darkness.

Solstice means colder weather is coming. Most of us in the US have already had some really cold weather this winter but January typically brings the coldest temperatures. If what we have seen so far should become a pattern that repeats, then we could see some REALLY cold days in January and February.

Because I am late with this week’s post, there are two aspects that have already passed us. Monday Mercury was semi-square Mars. This is quick-witted energy but it can lead to arguments. We can be snarky and irritable. I hope this was not a problem for you. Stress, feeling pressure to get things done as fast, and interrupting people are typical manifestations of this energy.

Wednesday, Mars was semi-square Pluto. This is bully energy. Oh! My! The bully is all about confrontation, dissension, and control. The bully is not flexible. He wants to expert his power or his illusion of power. Your challenge it to stay flexible so you can bend, twist and dodge the bully in order to reach your goals.

The last major aspect of the week comes Saturday when Saturn trines Uranus. I’m loving this energy for Christmas weekend. This energy is about doing what you enjoy. Saturn’s influence asks us to keep the focus on our path in life and our career. Uranus lends a fast and original aspect to things. If there were ever two opposites, these two planets are opposite for sure. The trine aspect makes this combo much more fun and interesting than a difficult aspect would.

This is all I have for today. Again, I am sorry for not getting the post up Sunday. The holidays are a busy time for multiple reasons. This year Christmas falls on Sunday so I won’t be posting this Sunday either. I will on Monday however so look for that late Monday evening.

I wish each and every one who reads this, a wonderful week ahead regardless of how or if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. I wish only the best for you all. Remember to be kind to others. Be tolerant, loving and patient. Forgive and let go of hate.

I will see you back here Monday.