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Finally, the long and unprecedented election season of 2016 is now over. Time to move on, and that is exactly what I am going to do today because there is, as always, a lot of astrology to talk about.

First up it tonight’s Full Moon. Locally, the weather is expected to overcast but I got a good view of it last night while lying on the grass after tripping over something in a friend’s yard. I’m hoping the sky will be clear tonight about moonrise. That is when it will be at its most magnificent.

You may know that every Moon has a name. This month’s Moon is called the frost moon. However, both the colonist’s and native American tribes named this moon the Beaver Moon. This was the time they would set traps before the swamps could freeze. Otherwise, they might not have enough furs to keep them warm for the winter.

Every Full Moon is about finishing things. It is part of the cycle each month of beginnings and endings. The Full Moon tells us it is time to finish all the things we started this month and gives us two weeks time to wind things up.

If you read my earlier post on this Full Moon then you know it is going to be a powerful one. The Sun is in Scorpio and is about crisis and transformation. The Moon is Taurus and the opposition to the Scorpio Sun only intensifies the energies of both. Expect the early part of the week to also be intense, especially for Scorpios and Taurus people or those who have these signs otherwise predominant in their charts.

This week is also leading up to the Saturday stationing of Neptune after his five month retrograde snooze. This retrograde has had us focused inward. I have noticed great changes in me during this time.

Mercury moved into Sagittarius yesterday, November 12. Our thoughts no longer want to dive into the deep end of the pool so as to examine a situation. Sagittarius helps lead our thoughts outward to a more collective and optimistic viewpoint. We might find that we are drawn to learn more about a wider variety of topics than we are usually interested in. We are also better at the art or persuasion and more interested in what it fair and unfair. Splitting hairs is not one of the strong points, however, so if there is some are where precision is a must, you will want to be sure to be extra focused.

Venus moved into Capricorn on the 11th. You might find your feelings about your finances are more seriously focused. Any business relationships whether with bosses or co-workers could seem easier now. Creativity also gets a boost with this energy. Luckily this is just in time to work on some of those holiday gifts and gatherings. Make good use of this energy.

Mars also changed signs last week. He moved from Sagittarius into Aquarius. This is unsettled energy that can quickly change. Aquarius can be rather impersonal too. Combine this with Mars tendency for bursts of anger and there could be some unpleasant words spoken. This, however, is more often not intended to be a personal attack on anyone. It is just Aquarius being its detached self. Use the intellectual aspects of this energy to work on any problems or issues that arise.

Now for this week’s aspects.

Today the Sun has been inconjunct Uranus. Expect disruptions in your daily life or a change of plans. This energy will be in effect tomorrow too.

Tuesday Mercury is sextile Mars. This is a positive, flowing aspect characterized by exuberance, attention, and enthusiastic conversations and communications. This is conducive to making a decision quickly. An idea can quickly turn into a valuable project. Go for the gusto.

Wednesday Mercury aspects Uranus. If you feel a bit scatterbrained, this could be the reason why. This is not the best aspect for feeling in harmony. It tends to feel more irritable and negative. Good thing this aspect involved fast moving Mercury and won’t last long at all. The brighter side of this energy is that it can produce some new creative ideas. Make the most of that if you can.

Wednesday also serves up Mars semi-square Chiron. This is really touchy energy so be aware and on guard when it comes to your own or another’s feelings. You may notice a problem venting angry feelings or what you want in a straight forward way.

Friday Mercury squares Neptune. Seems there is a lot of Mercury and communications energy this week. This could cause some difficulty concentrating like I don’t have enough trouble with this on a good day. LOL

Today might not be a good day for signing contracts or getting definite answers. Neptune is just too foggy for clear cut communications. Remember that Neptune is stationing about now. This means he has come to a full stop so he can turn direct. This is making him extra foggy today.

Also on Saturday, Venus will be sextile to Neptune. This energy will focus more on beautiful things and romance. Social events could be magical too. Be gentle and this energy will be your best friend this week.


WOW! Between Mercury and Neptune,  this could hold difficulties with communications all the way around. Think about this and act accordingly. Do your best to be respectful and compassionate in all you do and have a great week!

Until next time, keep the sunny side up.