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This is a huge week ahead. You certainly don’t need me to tell you that here in the United States, we will elect a new president this week. An old astrologer joke says the candidate with the worst aspect in their chart will win. There is no doubt this presidential race has been one for the record books and the next four years are sure to be record breaking as well. But now let’s get on with what this week’s astrology info and aspects.

Most of my readers know by now that Mars is the warrior planet full of action and movement. This week Mars changes signs just after election day ends. Mars has spent the past couple of months transiting Capricorn where he has been quite disciplined. The energy of this transit has lead us many of us to work on our strengths and where our personal power lies. Long term plans a, common sense, and commitment has been our focus.

Mars in Aquarius is impulsive and fickle. It can be rather impersonal energy when it tries to express its anger at something. Aquarius is a team player and usually very co-operative. This Mars/Aquarius transit is a magnet for unconventional ways of doing things. It is often detached and quite intellectual.

Now, on Wednesday, November 9th at about 12:15 AM, Mars will move into Aquarius. What a transit for Mars and a newly elected president. Mars in Aquarius is sure to be full of surprises. There is nothing we can so but find positive ways to ride out any waves or tsunamis that could develop. Parts of me want to hide, other parts want to celebrate and go boldly forward and meet the new paradigm head on and with open arms.

There are two other sign changes this week. Friday, Venus leaves Sagittarius on and moves into Capricorn. And Saturday Mercury leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius.

Venus in Capricorn will deal with finances. I fully expect big movement in the stock market even before this sign change. Part of it will no doubt be due to uncertainty after the election, but as a student of astrology, I think the sign change will also have influence. Not only will this change affect our money, it will also affect our business relationships with business partners and co-workers.

The Capricorn transit of Venus will deepen our artistic and creative ability for composition and form. We could also find we are easily drawn to others that support our goals and interests. Our long time, loyal friendships and social connections will be on our minds and hearts. Capricorn’s influence on Venus makes us serious yet cautious when it comes to seriously expressing our feelings. We can come off as cool or somewhat aloof. Try not to snub anyone. I know you don’t mean it but the other person might not get that.

Mercury is another planet changing signs. What a week full of change! Mercury is leaving Scorpio where our minds have been more probing and intense. Going deep into the psyche has been the theme of this transit. On Friday, November 12, brings us out of the depths and sets or feet back on the ground.

Mercury in Sagittarius is more focused on learning. Faith also gets a boost and we feel more optimistic about our world. Sagittarius leads us out of thinking so much about ourselves and into being more concerned about the collective, and what is fair or unfair.

We are headed to a Full Moon early next week. This will be the Super Moon of the year. I will write more on this later this week.

Aspects this week are fewer than in recent weeks. Today Mercury is trine Chiron. This is a good aspect for conversing. We are willing to listen with this influence and are more likely to get our point across. Our words are more likely to be healing ones too and that is always a good thing.

Monday Mercury is inconjunct Uranus. This is quite about as opposite the previous aspect as one can get. This aspect can make it very difficult to get our point across. Misunderstandings could be common. 

place. Avoid making any fast decisions. Thoughtlessness, disorganization, and other being unreceptive to your ideas are all possible under this energy.

Monday also gives us the Sun sextile Pluto. Keeping thing to yourself for a bit is probably a good idea. This energy might also assist us in finding a lost item or two. I am sure most of us have one or two things we would like to locate. Good research can reap rewards.

Mars is semi square Saturn on Wednesday and as I have already mentioned, conjunct Aquarius since he is changing signs. This semi square can cause some resistance to our attempts at problem solving. Don’t take it personally. Be patient and ride any wave of frustration you hit. It could also see like things take a lot more effort than they need to but this should not last long.

Friday Mercury is semi-square Jupiter. Communication abundance can lead to overload. Be careful that you don’t miss important details. These details could get lost in an exaggeration or two. This energy is prone to exaggerations and unquiet minds. Ordinary or repetitive intellectual tasks are difficult to deal with. The good thing about such aspects is that they don’t last long.

Saturday Mercury is semi-square Pluto. This is suspicious energy. Use it to get to the root of something you have a question about. Don’t trust others to do this work for you. Do your best to avoid the stress and pressure this aspect can generate. Remember, it is all good.

Lastly, on Saturday, The Sun is trine Chiron. It is nice to have the week begin and end with a trine to Chiron. The wounded healer is so often bringing us some difficult but needed lessons. The trines are not so difficult. This one gives us a yearning to learn from those around us and our experiences with them and the world in general. Our purpose is clearer and we solve problems with greater ease. Not a bad way to end this surely interesting week otherwise.

Whatever happens Tuesday, whoever wins the election, stay calm. I feel like I am imitating one of those “ stay calm” memes now but I am serious. Keep in mind that there is much in play in the Universe and much that is out of our control. The planet and all its inhabitants are shifting. This means you and me.

We must keep level heads, work to find the little things each day that makes us smile and happy. Let the difficult things go. We have no control over them anyway. Our thoughts and prayers can work wonders however.

Earlier tonight, Sunday, November 6th, 2016 there was a world meditation. It really doesn’t matter from an energy standpoint if you participated or not. You still can be a part of it because energy is energy and travels across timelines. Just take 15 minutes anytime between now and Tuesday to meditate on raising the energy of the election. Your party affiliation is not important. Just focus on the highest good of all not a particular person or party.