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This year is swiftly coming to a close. Only ten more weeks and it will be 2017. I wonder what it will bring us? I am ready to ride its wave, or at least I think I am.

This is Halloween weekend. This marks the beginning of the darker half of the year in the Northern hemisphere. And that time of year when the veil is thinnest between the physical and spirit worlds. With all the vibrational shift we have been experiencing, I am betting that many people who may have never had a psychic experience might have one this year.

Halloween is a traditional, liturgical time lasting three days, where the hallowed or saints are remembered, along with deceased faithful persons and martyrs. Many of the traditions of the holiday are thought to have origins in Celtic Harvest festivals, in particularly the Gaelic Samhain (pronounced sah-win). Wikipedia give more info.


Today we have lean less toward hayrides, bonfires, bobbing for apples, and other harvest related aspects.

Today, Sunday October 30 is the New Moon. This is a time of new beginnings. But you knew that already didn’t you? This New Moon is in Scorpio, a fixed water sign. This Moon is therefore ImageJ=1.43upassionate, resourceful, inquiring, and focused. This is an excellent time to work on our self-mastery. Combine this energy with the shifting energy and you actually have no choice but to move forward whether you want to or not. Many resist, but their resistance will only go so far. They will either shift willingly or be pushed into it. Change is never easy.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a lot of Scorpio energy in me. I love to learn and know the why of my nature or human nature. I enjoy psychology, the study of human development, and what makes us tick.

Some of the why’s are often answered by looking into our past. So consider what the dearly departed have left you with. The good, the bad and the ugly of it all. Learn and grow from what you learn. This energy and the shifts we are experiencing will be a great benefit if you allow them to be.

The Sun, our ego is in Scorpio. This is about what I want. Scorpio1
It is about intense feelings, deep passion, and the things we hide inside.

Scorpio is not interested the business as usual or happy with the mundane.

Oh! No. He is brazen, bold, and sometimes considered strange.

Mercury is also in Scorpio. He is dancing with the Sun most of the week. Our communications could be probing and more curious. Some of us could find our foot in our mouth too. Such is life. We have all been there and done that haven’t we?

Venus is in Sagittarius. This transit is not a flaming hot as when in Scorpio. This one is more concerned with love of the universal. It is more candid and direct. Venus in Sagittarius seeks a higher meaning. Again, I think this is represents where we are shifting to.

Mars is transiting Capricorn. We tend to look more before we leap during this transit.

The big aspects this week are Mercury trine Neptune on today (Sunday). Imagination could reach great heights for some of us. Some will experience greater sense of intuition and empathy. This is an excellent aspect for creative endeavors like writing, art, or advertising and promotion.

Next is Sun trine Neptune on Tuesday. We might feel a bit more tuned in today than usual thanks to Neptune’s intuitive energies. Our good instincts will be our guide. If you have any ideas about beginning a self-improvement plan, this could be a good day to start. Our awareness and acceptance of diversity and ability to see things from a different perspective is another benefit of this aspect.

Tuesday also brings us Mars semi-square Neptune. Semi-square energy is not as strong or difficult as regular square energy. With this aspect, we can expect some disorganization, lack of energy or drive to get things done, and even some carelessness here and there. If we are not attentive or focused, we can waste a lot of time, It is just hard to know what we want now, or what direction we want to take. Aren’t you glad you are reading this so you know what to look out for?

Thursday Mercury is sextile Pluto. This aspect raises our psychological understanding. Some of us will find we are more able to see more deeply. This aspect can also raise our desire to dig deeper into things. Making decisions is not a task we are going to rush today because our patience level is high and we feel more strategic.

Venus squares Chiron on Friday. The planet of love, finances and beauty is up against the wounded healer. Blocks in our intimacy and commitment could come up. Learning from each other can be problematic too. Social insecurities might find them selves under a magnifying glass and you don’t need me to tell you how uncomfortable this can be. Just remember that Chiron is about teaching us what and where we need to heal. It is seldom what we want to hear.

filling-upLastly, on Saturday, we have a trine between Venus and Uranus. Look out! We are wide open this weekend! Take in all the new adventures, just don’t take any risks. Use common sense please. There could be some different and unusual financial things come up, or something different in the romance dept. Over all this aspect is creative and enjoyable. It is a good weekend for socializing or anything that involves technology, the internet, art, or metaphysics.

Next weekend sounds good to me. Count me in!

Hope you have some good plans ahead too. The fall temperatures for my area this week are going to be great for about anything you want to do outside. This may be one of the last warm weekends of the year but who knows. I just plan on getting in as much breakfast and dinner porch time in as I can.

Hope you have a good week, whatever you do. Safe travels to all my traveling friends both near and far. Say a prayer or send some good vibes to those who are hurting or in need. Smile lots. They are contagious you know.

We will talk again soon!