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Fall is here!

Fall  literally blew into my area today. This has been the kind of day I love! Crisp, cool, sunny, and breezy. I got a lot done today but I would have enjoyed more outdoor porch or patio time with friends.

I am posting this blog early and regretfully it will be shorter than usual. Tomorrow I have an event to help host and will be involved with it all day. Next week I promise to get back to the usual long winded blog. <smile>

Welcome to Scorpio! Oh darn! I am jumping ahead of the game. I keep thinking the Sun is already in Scorpio for some reason. Maybe that is because I love my Scorpio energy almost as much as I love my Aquarius energy.

Anyway, as I write, the Sun has just changed signs and is now in Scorpio. Mercury follows on Monday. These two planets conjunct on Thursday at high noon. This can be problematic for some of us. I’ve got Mars in Scorpio and that means I don’t do sarcasm or satire well and that is exactly what this conjunction will bring to us. Look for more sarcasm than satire however. Mercury can be cruel.

Now, we all know that the elections are almost over. While I do my best to avoid talking politics here, I want to point out some of the traits of Mercury in Scorpio that could play out in the political news this coming week. It could also generate some energy that could have us reaching for cover if we have something to hid.

Mercury in Scorpio is looking for the secret plan we are hiding and it is single-minded about it too. Mercury could also cause a rise in obsessive-compulsive behaviors, especially for those of us who have hidden things deeper than deep.

Saturday Mars squares Uranus. This energy is daring and takes us to the very edge and dares us to jump. You would be well advised to stop, take a few deep breaths before proceeding. Better still…..breathe deeply and just let this one go on by.

Saturday is a big day energetically. Romance is about to take a hit along with sports and travel on Saturday thanks to the conjunction Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius. Venus moves fast so this won’t last long.

Lastly, on Saturday, the Moon is in it three-day New Moon phase. The actual New Moon is next Sunday. New Moons are endings and beginnings. This one is naturally in Scorpio and the perfect lead into all our Halloween festivities. I am looking forward to a festive weekend next weekend and I hope you are too.

Please be safe in all you do. I’ll be back on Halloween!