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Last night the Moon was lovely. Tonight is will be full. When it is close to Earth like it is now and will be in November and December, it is a sight to behold when it first peaks over the horizon. I almost expect to see a witch flying across in front or it as a wolf howls eerily in the distance. I have posted a link below that contains some great pictures of the Moon taken last night. This Moon will shine light on what you need to look at so you can be clear. This will be a wonderful assist as we raise our vibrations and move closer and closer to evolution.


I think we are all feeling a shift in energy these days. Politics aside, there seems to be an underlying feeling of foreboding the hovers around like wisps of smoke floating through the air. Many empathic types have found is necessary to withdraw or at least limit their exposure to social media and most forms of news media. I am one of those people. But I don’t have my head totally in the sand yet. I did get a good laugh this morning when I saw a photo of a horse trailer with the words “Caution floor covered with political promises”. The poster was reminding us that the election will soon be over.

Besides an unprecedented, stormy political season, the weather has been quite stormy too. Hurricane Matthew brought many inches of rain that wreaked havoc on the eastern part of North Carolina. A week later we are seeing rivers cresting inches above previous record levels and whole towns are under water. Flood damages are approaching 2 billion dollars. Now this weekend storms are raging in the Northwest and Western states. Tornadoes, rain, and wind gusts of 50-100 miles per hour have done a lot of damage and it is not over yet for the west coast.

Astrologically this week Venus is moving into Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign so this transit will have its fair share of sparks, even flames but without commitment. The focus will less about a single relationship and more of a collective one thanks to the universality of Sagittarius. Venus will be for the next few weeks, more interested in the higher meaning of things that in the in depth view of things she had while transiting Scorpio.

Mars will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, at 14 degrees Tuesday. This is action with a purpose, thanks to Capricorn’s energy. Capricorn is a builder, a loyal and traditional sign. Pluto could take this action to greater depths as he destroys what needs to be destroyed so Mars and Capricorn can work around the clock by the light of the Moon to rebuild. I also expect more secrets to come to light this week with this energy.

Mars energy will prevail and override Pluto’s this time. This is only because the energy of Mars is so compatible with Capricorn’s. We should take note that projects that we begin this week will take a lot of effort and work. This conjunction contains a lot of potential for violence. Steer clear of the workplace bully this week. This is energy that will ignite the bully in us. Look out!

The next big thing this week will come on Saturday when the Sun moves into Scorpio. Scorpio wants what he wants and he wants to get to the root of things. The Sun is self, ego, me, me, me. Nothing about this energy is satisfied with the superficial. It is serious and strong-willed.

Sun in Scorpio is also passionate and Scorpio being a water sign, there is an element of emotion that can sometimes be intense. Scorpio loves an intense situation and uses this energy to transform us to new levels. In this way he brings growth and evolution. Not a bad thing at all.

The flip side to the Sun and the Scorpion is jealousy and malevolence. Some folks will be quite manipulative under this energy. Combine this with the bully energy mentioned before and we have a very interesting mix don’t we? With all the back stabbing, accusations, and behaviors unbefitting respectful folks, this week is sure to be an interesting one indeed.

Just three more weeks folks and the elections will be history. These last three weeks are sure to be ones for the history books and maybe ones we will want to forget. Nothing is written in stone and nothing is outside the realm of possibility. This is a big Universe and it is full of surprises.

Enjoy the ride!