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The Full Moon of October is called the Hunter Moon. It will take place on Sunday, October 16th, 2016.

The Full Moon is the Moon’s energetic peak and shines light on our dreams. It represents completion and encourages us to finish all the things we began at the last New Moon.

You may have read this  Full Moon coming will be a Super Moon, but this is not entirely true. It will indeed be close to the earth and appear quite large but the next Super Moon is actually in November.  I’m sure there will be energy around the November Moon we will need to talk about too. I am kind of glad that the election will be a full eight or nine days after the election. You should have a better understanding why I say this, by the end of this post

As you probably know, the Moon represents emotional energy. The Full Moon can cause chaos with our emotions and also bring with it the energy of the sign is transiting through at the time. This is because all Full Moons oppose the Sun/self/ego. They also bring in the energy of the sign the Moon is transiting. Little wonder that hospital emergency rooms and police stations are busier during a full moon that at other times of the month.

This cycle, the Moon is in Aries and is conjunct Uranus, the planet of rebellion, freedom, quick change, and weather. Topics around freedom will and change will no doubt be in the news this weekend and early next week, and prehaps even longer.

I want to also point out the Pluto/Mars conjunction. These two are not quite square the Uranus/ Moon conjunction but close enough for “governement work” as the saying goes and need to be mentioned. Both of these conjunctions represent some interesting energy all by themselves.

Pluto is the planet represents many things, among them power and powerful people, bullies, sex, and loves to look deep into any issue or closet. I will talk about Pluto more in a bit but for now, it is prudent to mention Pluto being inclined to have accidents, be angry, or have psychological episodes. Mars is all about action and getting things done. While this can be a volitile combo, it can also move us to very positive change in a evolutionary sort of way.

These two planets are transiting the second house of money and can bring up things around money, but this can also deal with sex, as if we have not seen enough about sex in the news lately. Might be time to pull the covers over our heads or at least our children’s heads until this transit it over? While you are hidng, think back to last week when Pluto was square the Sun/self/ego. Now does this make a bit more sense?

Ah! I thought so.

Now look at the Moon nearly square Mars. Moon represents women, Mars, is about our anger. While I had rather say something like sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, I am afraid this combo could bring up issues around angry women. Probably angry women who have been victims of man’s impropriety. Unfortunately, I think if we were honest, this might include the majority of women in the world.

As I am thinking about these aspects, I am also thinking about this being the year of the fire monkey. This monkey is a trickster and you can never predict what he may do. I think we can expect the same from the coming week or so. Hold on to your hat!

I feel a bit like I am going in circles here but I want to conlcude with the following and look at how this could assist our development and evolution.

If you have been following this blog for the past four years of its existence, then you have read about this planet and that planet, this aspect or that aspect has been pushing us to let go of the old, what no longer serves, inside or out, and allow new energy, things, or relationships to flow in. The Full Moon this Sunday is no different. This Moon will be transiting Aries and bringing with it, lots of fiery Aries energy.

The theme of this year has, once again, been to clear out the old. However this year has been more focused on us personally.  Many  have felt the push to look deep into our past, face our wounds, and heal them so we can move on live the lives we came here to live.  This theme will continue through the end of this year but at the same time we are slowly moving into a phase of bringing in new Does this remind any of you of Pluto’s energy of death, destruction and rebirth? I hope so, but we are talking Moon energy right now.

The retrograde planets this year and the eclipses  in the spring and the fall all worked together to bring the old stuff to the surface so we could deal with it, transmute it and let it go. Of course not everyone on the planet is so willing to do this work but the more open minded and thinking person has probably noticed a definite shift in their point of view as this year has progressed.

The coming fiery Full Moon in Aries could feel a bit impatient and push us to take action on these new thoughts.  Aries like to take the lead and be the warrior. This Full Moon will assist you in taking a firm stand now and allow the rest to fall or come to an end.   Don’t be shy and don’t fall back into the old rut you just climbed out of. Some would call this a rebirth or sorts but I relate more to a shift in consciousness or view point.

All of us would do well to ponder these sorts of things over the next few days and the Moon approaches its peak. Because it will be close to the Earth, the energy will me amplified so take advantage of this if you feel drawn to.  This energy can go a long way to propel some of us forward. For those of us that don’t get this, remember, …………….what we resist persists.


Happy Full Moon and I hope you will join me Sunday for the regular weekly post.