I hope everyone is above water today and will remain safe and sound for the remainder of hurricane season. There is no way to describe the devastation in Haiti, a county that has yet to recover from the earthquakes of 2010. My thoughts are with those struggling to recover after the hurricane Matthew’s visit the past few days.

This week the Sun is in its third week transiting the sign of Libra. How many ways are you seeing balance in your life and relationships? I am sure some would not call what is happening to them anything close to balance because whatever is going on is upsetting in some way. This could be an upset in any area of life such as physical, mental, health, or financial. It is hard to see the balance brought on my hurricane Matthew when he traveled up the east coast of the southern United States last week, but we need to keep in mind that sometimes destruction or letting go is the only way to achieve balance. If this is not something you understand,   that is OK too. Don’t concern yourself with it, just move on to the next paragraph.

The Sun in Libra is about meeting others half way. Harmony, compromise and negotiating are qualities we find in Libra. This an artful sign and symbolizes conflict resolutions and peacemaking.  There is a process in all this and that process can take a very long time.  Libra wants us to look at all sides of an issue or problem and she takes her time doing it too.  Libra doesn’t wants to be the last one to cause a problem with anyone so she is tactful, patient and tolerant.

Conversely, Libra’s shadow side can be pretty ugly. She can be selfish as heck, hard pressed to make any decision or move forward.  The shadow side of Libra can also be very shallow and passive aggressive.  Not exactly characteristics I want to deal with but they are part of life and are indeed characteristics we all possess and display from time to time.  I am sure you are probably noticing these characteristics played out in the national news lately in some form or another.

Mercury is also in Libra this month. His transit only lasts about three weeks but in that three weeks his influence is friendly and tactful. All of the characteristics I mentioned above when talking about the Sun in Libra, also apply to Mercury in Libra. One difference is that we might attempt to go further to accommodate other’s opinions than we usually might under another influence. Mercury’s biggest desire now is to be fair. Stirring the pot now might cause us to end up being seen as the bad guy and that is not how we want to show up.

Venus is transiting Scorpio and passionate relationships are in the spotlight.  Venus is not interested in anything superficial or shallow. We can leave that all for Libra’s shadow side.

Venus in Scorpio is pretty emotional however. Scorpio is passionate and sensual. Venus is all about love and beauty. These two go together pretty well but fear of being helpless and defenseless can also be fairly strong during this transit. Scorpio is often impatient and wants everything his way or asks you to hit the highway. This can put our Libran influenced relationships on somewhat of a wild ride.

Monday  Mercury is semi square Venus. This affects communications in our social and romantic lives. But, we tend to make very attempt to communicate and use our good manners. You might notice some mental wanderings early in the week, along with a some lack of focus and concentration.

Tuesday Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. This meeting is good for travel, feeling positive and upbeat, and being able to see things through a wide angle lens. If you are looking for a job or submitting a grant, this energy could be a positive influence.

This same day, Venus is trine Chiron. Take advantage of this aspect if you have personal relationships you wish to heal. Many, if not most of us have these types of relationships in our lives but some of us prefer to let some of them go instead of healing them. I feel that letting them go, can be a healing move. It is important to  examines these situations carefully.

Also on Tuesday, Mars is sextile Neptune. This energy will strengthen our intuition. Activities that involve water, dancing, being creative, or some form of entertainment will also benefit from this energy.  If there is anger in your life this energy will help us let go of it. Something we all need to do if we want to raise our vibrations and evolve into the higher dimensions.

Wednesday Venus aspects Uranus, the planet of quick change and independence. Watch your spending. The big question today might be about our need for freedom in our relationships. Venus could make us feel like we need more excitement but overall but try ride this wave and not sabotage a relationship.

Thursday Mercury squares Mars. Slow down today and take lots of deep breaths if you need to. This energy can cause us to make decisions without thinking things through. We can also notice a tendency toward impatience and being somewhat argumentative. If you have any meetings scheduled today, you will want to be aware of these aspects to avoid disagreements. Various forms of controversy will be the norm of this day.

The week ends with an opposition between the Sun and Uranus on Saturday. The is our center, our self in conflict  with our need for freedom. Conforming is definitely part of the agenda of this aspect. We want change and can come across as being unstable. But this is Uranus isn’t it? He loves to push us to explore new experiences and new ways of doing things. He does not like to be bored but can lead us to making decisions faster than we should for the best outcome. You would be well advised to postpone big decisions for a few days.


Lastly, Saturday holds a square aspect between Mercury and Pluto. Communications in conflict deep thoughts and emotions. This is what suspicions are made of.  Try not to push your thoughts and ideas on others. While this is seldom a good idea, under this influence, the tendency is strong and can lead to make a big to do about nothing.

Going deep into thought or compulsive with our thoughts is probable next weekend. If we plan ahead and really use this energy, we could find it to be very productive on a spiritual level as well as assisting us to have really good, deep conversations. This is really exciting to me.

This covers this week. I hope it helps you navigate your week. If you happen to live in an area affected by hurricane Matthew, my thoughts will be with you in the coming days and weeks are you work to recover and rebuild.

We’ve got a Full Moon coming next Sunday. I will try to post a little about it before Sunday comes so you will be ready for that.

Peace to all!