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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

May the New Year bring all my friends who celebrate these High Holy Days, blessings of peace, contentment, good health, happiness, and prosperity.

This week looks like another high energy one, in a good way. But, besides a hurricane trying to decide how it will navigate its way up the Atlantic coast of the US, there are also a couple of cosmic aspects to pay close attention too.

The first one comes into perfection on Wednesday, October 5, when Mars and Jupiter square off. This could give us a peek at things in our future. All I can think of now is how nothing is written in stone and Jupiter is in Libra and helping to expand the balance Libra brings, to the forefront (or the lack of), in our relationships. Sometimes things can get a bit warped and out of focus. Go slow and take deep breaths when you feel yourself beginning to tense up.

mars-in-capricornMars is now in Capricorn but for many, it is good to be back into motion again with this solid shift of sign, direction, and energy. Those who have Mars well represented in their charts will perhaps be more aware of this shift than others are.

Mars is the planet of action. He is the one that pushes us to get things done. He is the youthful part of us that is full of desire and where our survival instincts live. He represenst man, at his most rudimentary and primal.

Mars energy when transiting Capricorn he is more relentless and intentional. Mars’ desire is to maintain tradition and standards as they are. Under this sign, he is forced to grow up a bit and consider the consequences of any actions he might take. Capricorn is loyal, reliable, and easy going. But when you make Capricorn mad…..look out! The shadow side of Mars in Capricorn is being stubborn and stiff.

Jupiter is expanding all these energies during this transit and Jupiter is in Libra along with the Sun. The current square aspect with Jupiter and Mars is going to deal with equality for all. Equality not just as far as human rights are concerned but also in relationships and partnerships. I’m guessing that before Mars leave Capricorn in a few weeks will be seeing more and more about laws that promote or restrict with equality in some fashion. Remember, Jupiter is expanding things, right and wrong, good and bad.

You will want to be sure you don’t overextend yourself this week. This expansive energy can cause us to promise more than we can actually do and stretch our resources too far. Ouch! Now that you know what to look out for, I am sure you will have no problems this week. Well……one can hope, can’t one?

Venus is close to half way through her transit of Scorpio. This puts the focus on our passionate relationships. We want to get down with the other person. Superficial encounters do not cut it now. We want to break the rules, get intense, and create moments in our relationships we will never forget. The shadow side is that our desire for deep relationships can take over rational thought. Fear sets in and we tend to give way to things we perceive as being stronger. Scorpio does have a rather all or nothing energy. Don’t lose sight of your own strengths and power.

All this energy is moving us toward a shift in consciousness. We will either learn to traverse it and grow into what we are meant to be or go down in flames as the old gives way to the new. Our news media stories today, contain lots of news about the struggles for equality around the world. I just wonder what this particular square energy aspect will bring out this week. It could be interesting to see, couldn’t it?

Mercury has been direct since Sept. 22nd. He was out of storm about four days later. However, Mercury is still in his shadow. This means he has not yet reached the degree he first went retrograde. This also means he is not completely back to his old self yet either. This Thursday Mercury will transit back over the degr3ee he first went retrograde and after that communications, travel and technology should get back to normal.

The next big aspect of the week involves the Sun. But first, let’s talk another Sun aspect that takes place on Tuesday. This is when the Sun will be sextile Saturn.

You might notice feeling more grounded. This energy can help us get done what we need to get done and we could find it easier to stick with our plans and complete those projects. Always glad to have the planets on my side when I have a project to finish.

The big Sun aspect I want to talk about happens on Friday. This is when Pluto forms a square aspect to the Sun. Squares are always difficult and when it involves the Sun and our ego, and Pluto the planet of destruction, you can bet your ships booty that things will be interesting. I could make a political comment in relationship to this aspect too but I am really trying to stick to astrology and let the pundits deal with the politics.

Some of us will notice  a distinct lack of impatience with rules and regulations. This might play out as an abuse of power or a certain level of compulsiveness. We just want to get to the root of matters. If we are too insistent, we will miss what we are hoping to find down there at the root.

One possible gem of this aspect is that we discover our own power. But if we don’t stop stirring up the dirt in one spot or take to manipulating folks into doing our bidding, discovering our power could be our reward.

Be aware that we can be compulsive under this energy. You might also be called to a situation where you need to trust someone or something you a not so willing to whatever reason.

I wish you all the best this week has to offer. Fall has arrived and it is nice to get outside again without feeling like you are in a sauna or an oven baking.

Remember not to take things personally and to let go of what is not yours.