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2016 Election to Further Test Astrological Theory

Traditional astrologer doesn’t deliver the best of news for Republican challenger

Written by: Edward Snow

An astrological predictive method that dates back four millennia to the ancient Sumerians will once again be tested as votes from the 58th quadrennial U.S. Presidential election come rolling in on November 8 – from sea to shining sea.

In an article for the October/November 2016 issue of Mountain Astrologer Magazine Los Angeles astrologer Nina Gryphon presents her thoughts on how one of the most contentious elections in modern American history will play out. She doesn’t deliver the best of news for Republicans, but it could have been worse.

Democrats will retain the White House in 2016. But 2020 will be the year for Republicans to recapture the mansion, she predicts.

In her article Gryphon describes her research with Aries Ingress charts. Simply, this is a birth chart or horoscope created for the exact time the Sun enters the astrological sign of Aries. It can be prepared for any location on earth, including Washington, D.C.

Among other things Ancient astrologers used the Aries Ingress chart to predict wars and other seemingly fortuitous things, such as the fortunes of kings and their rivals (those in power vs. those who wanted to be). Gryphon reasoned that a similar situation might set up when titans from the major political parties duke it out in congressionally mandated elections every four years.

Actually, the predictive system she uses focuses on the political parties, not the candidates themselves. An Aries Ingress chart prepared for the capital city during an election year predicts whether the incumbent party will be turned out or not.

“The ancients thought of the Spring Equinox – when the Sun arrived at zero degrees of Aries – as the yearly anniversary of the creation of the Universe, the first moment of its existence. The Persians still celebrate this day as Nowruz, the New Year.

Respectable Pedigree

“So it’s a theory with a respectable pedigree that is worthy of examination,” she believes.

Gryphon works as an attorney for high tech companies and pursues a dual career path that combines law with her work as a traditional astrological teacher, consultant, financial astrologer and researcher.

Modern computer systems enable astrologers to create a sky map that exactly mirrors what planetary patterns in the heavens looked or will look like at various times and places, past and future.   Gryphon says her prediction for the 2016 U.S. election provides another data point for a research study that has tested the Aries Ingress for Washington D.C. in every U.S. election since 1880.

It took awhile for Gryphon to understand all the rules and subtleties that apply to the concept. But she says her research with Aries Ingress charts shows they have accurately predicted winners of U.S. elections about 95 percent of the time. The statistically small number of misses she blames on “operator error.”

If she’s right about this year’s projection the Never Trump faction in both parties can breathe a sigh of relief. The likelihood Democrats will prevail in 2016 is clearly indicated, she points out.

Profound Implications

“The idea that we can cast a horoscope for an election year, no matter how distant, which determines whether the White House changes hands, is very powerful. It also raises interesting questions about free will,” Gryphon said.

“If the Aries Ingress prediction method is correct, changes in control of the White House have already been set and the predicted changes are merely working themselves out, like a wind-up clock mechanism. This can be a difficult conclusion to accept.”

Gryphon says post-Enlightenment era astrologers believe in the possibility of effecting change, and transforming the potentials of a situation.

“One possibility is that, since the Aries Ingress shows the party that takes the White House in a given year but not the specific individual who rises to become that party’s nominee, there is substantial room for play. The party determines the nominee, but the nominee, especially if he or she wins the presidency, in turn shapes the priorities of the party,” she said.

Gryphon is one of 12 professional astrologers who will be describing the nuances of astrological forecasting at the 2016 ISAR Symposium scheduled October 13 -16 in Costa Mesa, Calif.   She will participate on a Presidential election panel with five other American astrologers in the symposium’s closing session. Six international astrologers will be on stage in a similar election panel earlier in the event.

In these sessions astrologers will make projections and describe the techniques they used to arrive at them, she said.