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Friday night’s Harvest Moon was beautiful. I heard some folks were wondering if it was a Supermoon. The Moon was close yet full perigee for this month will take place on Monday, September 18. For those that are interested, the next actual Supermoon will be the Full Moon of November 14, 2016.

I have been loving the lower temperatures this week. It is still warm in the afternoons but mornings a nice and cool and it cools down faster in the evenings. I have sure enjoyed some porch time this week.

Last week was also on the difficult side for many or us. The coming week is going to be an unusual one too. Parts could even be intense. Remember, you don’t have to allow any of this to get to you. Focus on what is possible not what is happening to upset you. Each upset is actually a lesson we need to learn, so be grateful for the upsets as well as the easy moments.

The news everyone has been waiting for, come Thursday. Mercury will turn direct!  mercury-goes-direct-day

The planet of communications will still be moving slow for a few more days. This time, the storm period is quite short and he should be back to full speed by September 26th. One week from now, communications and Travel schedules should be back to normal.

We will have one more Mercury retrograde this year. It will fall during the winter holidays. Oh, Joy! Just in time for those big family gatherings. At least now you know and can prepare to be on your best communications behavior at that holiday dinner table.

While I am on this subject, I had a travel disruption experience last week, or to be more exact, a friend did. I was only involved as her car park and airport taxi. A friend was scheduled to fly back to Alaska for some work related training. She has taken a year’s sabbatical from her job there to work a family matter here in North Carolina. Last week she messaged me saying the trip was canceled. So typical of Mercury retrograde!

Mercury does something pretty interesting this week when he trines Pluto twice. Tuesday, while he is still retrograde, he trines Pluto for the first time. On Friday, he does it again, only this time, he is direct. This double trine is rare and does two things for us. First, it gives a boost to our intelligence, and secondly it adds a burst of power to our thought processes. I am all in for both of these, how about you?

imagesMore changes are in store this week as the Sun moves into Libra Thursday. Libra energy is feminine and concerns herself with balance and relationships as a mirror of self-awareness. The past month’s energy has been about redoing, details, and health. The focus now it is on balance. We will find that balance through art and relationships. I find it no coincidence that this is also the beginning of the festival season where these two things go hand in hand.

Thursday is also the Fall Equinox, one of two days a year when there are equal amounts of light and dark. The Sun is directly over the equator. If you are up early enough you will notice the Sun rising closest to due East as it can rise. It will also set due west or as close to that as your latitude allows.

This time of year reminds us that there is not much time left in 2016. Look at the goals you set last January for this year. Do you need to get busy completing them? Or, are you on target? Good for you if you are on schedule.

Venus has been bringing Libra energy to us these past few weeks. This is one of two houses ruled by Venus. On Friday she leaves Libra for Scorpio. This is a sign that brings out her shadow side. This can be very intense territory for the planet of love and beauty. Not to mention this being quite an emotional transit.

Personally, I love Scorpio for what he brings to the surface for usdownload-4 to examine. With the Sun in Libra’s mirror effect, this makes the next few weeks a great time for self-examination. This is something I have really been feeling a push toward more so than in the past few months. I have been making plans to spend some time devoted just to me, myself, and I. Maybe you could plan some time alone in your thoughts too?

You don’t need to get fancy with any of this. However going on a nice hike alone or sitting by some moving water would be nice. You can accomplish just as much by being alone at home. Being outside in your garden if that is something you enjoy, or just taking some extra time with your cup of coffee or tea in the morning or afternoons on the porch or deck is just fine.

I highly recommend any music you listen to be of a classical or ambient variety rather than rock or whatever popular genre you usually listen to. Ambient and classical as more conducive to creative brain function and deep thought than other types. That is the purpose of taking this time-out after all.

Another aspect of Venus in Scorpio is jealousy and resentment. Oh, My! During this transit, it will be nearly impossible to talk about any issues concerning your love life or finances. The Air signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra will have the most difficulty with this. Air signs insist on verbal communications. That is so me!

Scorpio is a water sign and water signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are all really emotional and don’t like to talk. Therefore, the best way to navigate this transit is by finding the current and going with the flow. This really applies to me since I have a Scorpio ascendant. I have learned to talk however but there is still a somewhat non-verbal streak in me as I am sure some of my friends will tell you. Learning about this aspect of me is one way learning about astrology has been beneficial for me. I still have lots to learn but I so understand myself far better than I did before I dove into this science.

I hope this info helps you navigate your week better. Before I go, I want to tell you something I have not talked about much if at all in this blog.

On August 30, I published my first book. It is a cookbook and has nothing to do with astrology. The recipes are not mine. They are the recipes of my dear friend Amelia Leung, owner of the long close Hong Kong House in Greensboro, NC.

Amelia created such a wonderful, welcoming, home-like feel to her restaurant, that lingers in the hearts and minds of her customers 17 yrs after closing its doors. Many have waited for her recipes to be available.

Family comes first with Amelia and food is love. Getting this book finished, took six years of starts and stops but the wait and patience it took have proven to be worth it all. I am well pleased with the final product and pleased to produce this book for Amelia as her legacy to everyone. If you are in the least bit interested, here is the link to the book. I hope you will buy it directly from Amazon. Wishing you all a great week ahead and happy Fall Equinox.