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I know it is too late for you to get here this year but the National Folk Festival is in my town again for the second of a three-year stint. I can not tell you what a wonderful event this is. There are nine stages spread out in downtown Greensboro and all the music is FREE! Most downtown businesses and restaurants are also open and there are food trucks galore. Something for everyone to be sure.

Getting to and from the festival is a piece of cake. City busses are free and there is a great shuttle system that runs all weekend from two large, volunteer manned parking lots on opposite sides of downtown. For those that need a little help getting around, there are golf carts to help you. SO if you like all kinds of music, this is an event you will enjoy. Make your plans to come next year and if you live in the area, please consider volunteering.


This week in astrology, the Sun and Mercury come together at 7:41pm on Monday, September 12. This is an inferior conjunction which means Mercury will be passing between the Earth and the Sun. Mercury is also retrograding back into Virgo. Any bits or details around the job that need to be cleaned up would be best taken care of early this week.

We are also closing in on the end of the year and many are thinking about healthcare issues. In my state the only company left selling healthcare insurance is Blue Cross Blue Sheild. This is going to leave many folks in a healthcare crunch. Again, This week is a good time to begin looking at our health care plans and preparing for adjustments.

This conjunction is un-retro like and will assist our wants and our minds to be in agreement. Communications could be quite clear and open. Of course, this could be a problem for some, especially those who are rather single-minded and stuck in a particular pattern of thought and belief and of a less flexible mindset.

images (1)Mercury retrograde,  in general is known for causing problems with communications. I keep thinking about a conversation I had on Friday with some folks that are moving into our office building. In their minds, the conversation was about their clients. I was actually talking about something completely different. Whether or not this was Mercury retrograde sort of thing or not, I can’t be sure but it sure seems like it to me. The trick is to not allow any glitch in communications to get your knickers in a twist. Things have a way of working themselves out given time. This point  made clear to me on another front this week. Humans can be so impatient, can’t we?

Speaking of impatience, Monday, also brings us a difficult square aspect between Mercury and Mars. Try not to make decisions without thinking things through well. This is not a great time for meetings, new projects, or proposing new business ideas.

There might be a lot of us that feel like we cant say anything without putting our foot in our mouth. Mercury is all about communications and this square aspect is probably going to make some us wish we had no opened our mouths, written that letter, sent that text, or made that phone call.

On the flip side, you will want to be aware that the other guy or gal is facing the same energy and influences you are. Be flexible. Give others the benefit of the doubt. It might also be wise to end communications early this week if we see conflicts arise and wait for another time when these potentially harmful influences are not so strong.

This could be a week of controversy. One of those where you wish you never got out of bed. Then again, it could be just what the doctor ordered. I mean, you might need this energy to help you deal with some difficult things you may have been putting off. What ever happens, I hope you will try to be kind to others.

The Sun squares Mars on Tuesday. You knew that was coming, sun-square-marsdidn’t you? If you are feeling restless today or early in the week, this aspect could be the source. Some of us will feel like we just have to do something even if we have no clear intent. We are given to impulse so be aware. We all know how impulsive flashes can lead to trouble, even disaster.

The energy of this aspect is also more defensive than most and competition can be a factor. Our ability to cooperate is weak and our negotiation skills could seem off the mark. You will want to be cautious in all your activities today through about Tuesday; maybe beyond. This aspect has a high likelihood of injury and accidents. I want all my readers to be safe healthy. The good news is, that if we are able to hone in on this energy, we can get lots done.

Thursday the Sun is opposite Chiron and Mars is square Chiron. The opposition drives us to develop via experiences and learn from others. A lack confidence or fear of not fitting in could hold many of us back. Don’t give into this. Have faith in your thoughts and decisions even when they don’t mesh the ideas of the other guy.

Mars square Chiron can cause difficulty when we want to share our wants and our frustrations. Resentments and frustrations rise to the top like cream. Some of us will go into real defense mode. Look out! Things can get touchy for those whose charts are hit by this aspect.

path-760Friday brings us the Full Moon and a lunar eclipse. The eclipse will not be seen in the US but if you are in some parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, or South America you can see it. If your birthday is is on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, this eclipse could mean that there will be an event of great importance in your life sometime in the next twelve months.

This could be an intense week for many of us, whether we have a birthday this week or not. As I mentioned, Mars will square the Sun, but that means he will also square the moon. This will be smack dab in the middle and possibly obstruct any good vibes the Pisces Full Moon might bring. From what I am reading, this might be a week we see hostile events take place around the globe. This means both in our own country as well as others.

The best news of the week comes on Saturday when there is a fire trine between Mars and Uranus. This could be just the energy we need to push us to take a risk. This is full of creative, original, expressive energy that helps us focus on what is possible. I just love this one!

I want to leave you all with this link below. It is a neat interactive of the Earth taken from over 100,000 feet above. It is a fun diversion for a few minutes. Enjoy!