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Another interesting week  is past us now. It was a cooler week and sunny here in central North Carolina but other places had storms and were leveled by earthquakes. Syria and Turkey, of course remain hot spots of conflict. 

I wonder how many of you have had ringing in your ears lately? Or have felt more tired than usual? Perhaps you have had muscle aches and joint pain, easily tearful, or felt more emotional than usual? The Full Moon and eclipse last week brought with it an energy shift. I’ve read this was a big and important one. September will bring another energy wave our way. Hang on!

Personally, I have noticed my ears ringing for a few seconds to a few minute.  I have felt tired and needed more sleep. The whole summer has been wrought with muscle aches and pains.

The other day the bottom of my foot began to hurt like there was stone bruise. I was fine when I got out of the car but halfway to the front porch,  I felt this pain. I didn’t step on anything or twist anything, it just suddenly began to hurt. Strange, Really strange. 

One person I know had three migraines last week. She told me this was very unusual for her. Another said she was also feeling the need for more sleep and thought it might be just something going on with her. She was relieved when I mentioned the energy shift. 

I found a good article on this shift. You can read it here. 


This week, don’t be surprised if you feel pulled in different directions or even somewhat confused. Some of the planets are going in opposite directions and taking us with them.

Monday Venus moves into Libra. This is should be good. Our relationships could be more smooth and diplomatic. This is a good transit for the arts, and the legal system as well. Wonder if the politicians will take notice of this energy and change their tune? 

Mercury turns retrograde Tuesday. I think we all know 4045164203_9e5c653280what this means. Time to relax, redo, review, renew, recreate, re-evaluate, and so on. I hope you have all your technology backed up, contracts and legal documents are signed. If not, please be sure to look over them three or more times and it would not hurt to have another set or two of eyes to look at them too.

There is a New Moon and Solar eclipse coming Thursday. contradicts the retrograde because a New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Talk about being pulled in two directions? Take a deep breath and look before you leap.

The good news is, those if us in the northern hemisphere will not be as affected and the folks in the southern half. Normally this eclipse would only make things more intense. For some of us this will be good and for some, it might not. It all depends on if your chart is triggered or not. Those with a birthday on Sept. 1-3 could feel it more than the rest of us northern hemisphere folks. Those with planets in Pisces and Virgo or those with Neptune in aspect to Virgo might also feel it more. You can expect the next 12 months to hold an important event for you.

Who will be affected by the eclipse? It will be visible over Africa, Madagascar, and Antarctica. That is nowhere near me and there is not much that it comes close to in my chart so I might not feel it as much as others could. 

saturn-square-neptuneFriday, the Sun, Saturn and Neptune form a right angle. Mars is close enough to Saturn to make that two right angles. When I read about this configuration, the word “scandals” came up. I’m thinking we have seen a lot of them already but, I also feel like have not seen the worst of them yet.

All of these planets are strong in their own right. Neptune however, is ruling this roost. ?He is retrograde yet in his home sign. This makes him stronger than the rest.

This right angle configuration will also bring slow downs, cause delays, and mix-ups, both individually and collectively. Sounds a bit like Mercury retrograde, doesn’t it?

Saturn square Neptune shows the struggle between what is real and what is imagined. I feel like this well represents many of our current situations. For me,  it is important to keep and open mind and attached to no particular view point. Of course, this is nearly humanly impossible but I think this may be exactly what all the great spiritual leaders and teachers of the world have tried to teach. Or at least it is one aspect of their teachings.

I said last week I felt like September will be a hot button month too. This is just another gut feeling. Sometimes my gut is right and sometimes it isn’t. I never know. Over the years I have learned that my gut is pretty good when it come to knowing if someone can be trusted. I still am occasionally blonde blind sighted. Time is a great teacher.

I want to go back a bit now and talk about Virgo. If you have a Virgo or Pisces Sun, ascendant or Moon, or if you have planets aspecting Virgo you will want to take note.

The eclipse could cause us to discover flaws in some of the crucial systems in our world. This could be as simple as our day to day routine or as complicated as the tools and methods we use in our work. Virgo is detail-oriented and able to clearly see potential problems.

Virgo (and Mercury) will tell us to review and redo these things. Good ole Mercury is all about change and so is Virgo,  in a way. She will push you to re-work the parts of our lives that are begging for a new beginning. The New Moon also supports this shift.

Virgo is also about health and awareness of the body. It is time to pay attention to details, access every available resource, and aim for perfection. She doesn’t want us to get too bogged down in this however. She is not about stress at all. So don’t push yourself to the point where you feel guilty about anything. That is not the sort of change the Universe is pushing us toward with these planets and all these energy shifts.

Ithe Universe wants us to love and accept ourselves too. This is the only way will ever be able to love and accept others too.  I mean …….we all want peace don’t we? So be compassionate and find a balance with yourself. Let the opposite energy of Pisces help you to chill out and not be so critical.

The fact that both Virgo and Pisces are square Saturn and planet-square-380x235Mars in Sagittarius, means we could face some delusions. Adjustments to our dreams and our realities is at hand as we examine what is significant. Many times we think we know what is real when we don’t. For some, the veil has lifted. For others, it has not. The Universe is giving everyone the opportunity to see the truth. Open yourself up to the possibility and allow new thoughts and ideas to take form.

The cosmos is had given us a grand show this past month. The meteor shower was fantastic although it was cloudy here on the peak night.

Last night and tonight and tomorrow night you might look to the western horizon at sunset. There you will find Mars low in the sky with Venus and Jupiter close together just above and to the right a bit. Stargazing is a favorite pastime for me, especially in the winter when the Milkyway is over head.

I wish everyone a wonderful week ahead. There is a lot of Virgo energy with a stellium of five planets transiting her this week. I plan to take advantage of this time and soak in a hot tub of detoxing Himalayan salt and Epsom salts while sipping on some hot spiced Rooibos or herb tea. Wine will work too if that is what you prefer.

Till next time! Peace and love to all.

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