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I apologize for not posting a report last week. I felt like I needed some down time to do nothing. The week before last was busier than usual for me and on Saturday I went to a gathering to celebrate the life of my nearly, lifelong best friend, who transitioned last April. One of our dear friends welcomed us to his place in the country for a late afternoon potluck and remembering. I was accompanied by my oldest friend in the world and another nearly life long friend. We told stories and remembered on the trip there and back too. It felt good to have nothing to go when Sunday rolled around and I am glad I chose to take the day off.

Now on to this week’s report.

downloadThe big news this week is Monday, August 22, 2016, Mercury begins moving into his shadow period, or begins slowing down to turn retrograde. The actual retrograde date is August 30-31. Most of us know this means communications suffer, along with travel and technology. It is also a time to re-do, re-view, and renew. When planets retrograde, they are not moving forward but backward. My friend and astrologer, Shelly Overton, suggests this means opposite energy. In this case, Mercury will retrograde in Virgo, a sign it rules. The sign opposite Virgo is Pisces.

Mercury also rules Gemini, the opposite of which is Sagittarius. So Mercury could display either Sagittarius or Gemini characteristics during this retrograde. However, Shelly feels Mercury will display more of a Pisces energy than anything. Although there could some Gemini characteristics and a few Sagittarius ones that filter in from time to time. Of course, how this affects you personally will depend on how your personal chart is triggered.

This is one of those times that astrology gets complicated. So let’s pick it apart a bit.

Masculine Mercury deals with all types of communications. The telephone, computer, speech, and the internet are all under his rule. He is the part of us the lives in the here and now. He works through all our senses. Mercury causes us to realize opposites like day and night, North and South, near and far. If you know where he is in your chart you can learn a great deal about how you move through the world, how you communicate, and how you express yourself to the world.

To give you an example, my Mercury is in Aquarius and square my Saturn in Scorpio. This means I pretty much say what I think; sometimes in a brutally honest way. No doubt, this can and has been at times, hurtful to those around me, without meaning to be. Over time I have learned to think more before I speak. Still, sometimes things come out of my mouth in a less than gentle way.

So what can we expect from this Mercury retrograde? Well, since Pisces energy will be a main influence, this means we could be more intuitive, and our thoughts could be more dreamy and very download (2)un-Virgo like. Virgo loves detail but Pisces is distracted and cares more about the illusion, creativity, and dreaming. This might not be a typical Mercury retrograde but then again…..it could be just what we would expect a Mercury retrograde to be.

Since early this year, I have been saying mid-August was going to be an interesting time and that I expected something big and perhaps ugly to happen then. I think the floods in Louisiana and the fires in Cali are definitely two of those big events. Add the terrible news from Syria, the political scene in this country and yes! Mid August has been full if devastation.

I don’t think we are over this rough patch either. Hurricane season is not over yet. I heard the water temps in the gulf are around 90 degrees. This was a contributing factor to the heavy rainfall in Louisiana. Temperatures this high will not be cooling down fast. I am willing to bet this year’s hurricane season will be longer than normal. Of course, we will have to wait and see.

Moving on……….This week the Sun changes signs late Monday. We can expect our attention to be more focused on details, health, and work as we transition into Virgo’s influence. Quite a shift from the past four weeks of Leo’s demand for attention. This is perfect energy for starting school.

imagesMonday holds several good aspects for us to take advantage of. Communications and love could benefit from the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo with Venus not too far away.

The Sun will trine Uranus Monday and Tues. This gives us an incomparable approach to life in general and all things Virgo. The Moon joins these two on Monday when she conjuncts Uranus. This is will help us create harmony and compatibility with the minor things and lead us to prosperous, successful outcomes.

The whole week is affected by a conjunction involving Mars and Saturn. You could notice feeling blocked in some ways. This is because motivated Mars has run into the brick wall of Saturn’s realism. However, this is good energy for work and you could see progress and good results from your efforts. You could also have a great sense of responsibility, purpose, and organization. This is not a good time for alternative methods but you can always try. The results could not be what you would like them to be. They could be absolutely frustrating, so traditional methods are likely your best bet this week. The Mars/Saturn conjunction perfects on Wednesday and this is when it will be its strongest.

This Mars/Saturn conjunction is similar to a retrograde Mercury. There can be delays that are very Mercury retro like, and you could run into more obstacles than you would hope. My biggest warning is not to let any frustrations this week grow into an outward expression of anger.

You might watch the news for expressions of this energy. I am sure the collective will be on edge in many ways. This conjunction takes place in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules foreign travel, higher education, religion, and athletics. I wonder how this will affect the war energy in the world?

Mars/Saturn also squares Neptune this week. Neptune is fairly low energy as compared to enthusiastic Mars. He doesn’t like confrontation either. This square could help soften the effects of the Mars/ Saturn conjunction or it could make them more frustrating.

In my last blog, I told you that Venus is not very comfortable in Virgo. Well, Saturday she meets up with Jupiter for her once a year tango with the great benefic. Mercury joins them both next Sunday. And this brings an otherwise wild week to a promising end.

I hope you enjoyed Carmen Eckard’s last post as much as I did. I can hardly wait for her next one. I hoping to get some face to face time with her before the end of the month. I am also about to publish my first book. It is a cookbook called “Hong Kong House Cookbook”. It is full of stories and recipes from a restaurant that was home away from home to many folks between 1972 and 1999. Next week I plan to share the cover with you as well as the actual publish date.

Until next week I wish you all laughter, love, and safe travels wherever you go.