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If you’ve spent any time reading about Nessus, you will read that it is an asteroid of abusers. You will read that if you have this asteroids elevated in your chart, you will hurt people, and you won’t be able to stop yourself.

This is utter hogwash. Nessus is dark and powerful, but so are Pluto, Lilith, Uranus and Eris, plus a host of others. There is no asteroid that causes a person to be evil or bad. Every planet and every asteroid can be expressed in healthy or unhealthy manners, and even very strong Nessus placements do not always lead to abuse.

Nessus has many themes, but each holds power and each holds a good bit of dark.

The first theme I see is a “stop the buck” kind of attitude. Strong Nessus placements result in a person who will take no nonsense. These people will not let you abuse them or take advantage of them. They also may go too far in the other direction, making other people feel a bit taken advantage of. That is a danger one should be aware of. Social warriors of the world often have a strong Nessus-it helps them put an end to outdated practices or just things that are wrong, because it removes some of the desire to follow the rules around whatever they are working with. The desire to follow rules is pretty deeply ingrained in us, and Nessus releases some of that.

The second theme is deep, overwhelming, pervasive want. This happens when our natal Nessus makes contacts with other people-these are people who will tempt you to the edge of breaking. In fact, these are the people we often break for. With long term couples with aspects here, it allows for long lasting passion and want, which makes marriage much easier, most would agree. Be careful of people outside of your relationships that touch your Nessus, and be careful of people whose Nessus you touch, because they are more likely to want you too much, especially if you are already coupled.

A third theme seems to be a certain willingness to let go of normal rules about sex. The stronger the Nessus, the less traditional rules matter. This also plays into the want-you want so much you aren’t afraid of breaking the rules, which can be problematic, but can be controlled.

A fourth theme seems to be about the cessation of religion, or the power of religion in our lives-the stop the buck attitude comes into play here, and Nessus forces us to look at why we allow our religion to take away our pleasure. My Christian Psychic, the biggest spreader of the “Nessus is only abuse” story, says that the only thing that can save you from Nessus is Jesus, and she says that over and over, in many ways. This makes me laugh a little because Nessus is not interested in Jesus. Nessus is interested in the ways you were hurt by religion, and Nessus is interested in helping you put your energy elsewhere. This is particularly apparent in the charts of people who were raised very strictly in church, and even more so in the children of pastors. When Nessus expresses this way, it seems to be particularly adamant that we not raise our children in the same way we were raised. This picks back up on the “stopping the buck” attitude.

And to be fair, I’ll add the fifth theme of abuse, particularly sexual abuse. This is truly an extension of the second and third theme…pervasive want and a willingness to let go of sexual rules can lead to abuse if your want isn’t reciprocated, but how far a person is willing to take that is based on the expression of the Nessus, plus other planets as well.

All of these themes are heavy-contrary to societal norms, but they do not mean you will be abusive and I’d like to yell a little at the ladies who perpetrate this myth. If your Nessus is strong, you’ll need to walk a little more carefully through life, taking great care to not push things into the realm of abuse.

You will be more intense than other people, and that’s ok. YOU are the only person who can cause you to abuse another person, and every astrologer worth their salt knows that while the stars inform and influence, they do not force, and there is simply no placement of the stars that would require you to hurt another person.
nessus2The mythical Nessus was obsessed by the desire to have Dejanira and he couldn’t control himself. He manipulated Dejanira when Hercules attacked him to put his bloody clothes on him so that he could love her forever. However, when she put his clothes on Hercules, it led to his death. But the myths that go along with asteroids are often bloody, and the themes don’t carry through so strongly-please know that you will not necessarily rape and pillage, but your desire will likely be something you have to work hard to keep in check.