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Honoring Cecil the Lion

In this undated photo provided by the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Cecil the lion rests in Hwange National Park, in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Two Zimbabweans arrested for illegally hunting a lion appeared in court Wednesday, July 29, 2015. The head of Zimbabwe’s safari association said the killing was unethical and that it couldn’t even be classified as a hunt, since the lion killed by an American dentist was lured into the kill zone. (Andy Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit via AP)

 (Andy Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit via AP)


I got quite a bit completed this week and felt good as I let go of material things a bit more. Company is coming Thursday and I have to kick it into high gear between now and Wednesday. I think I can get it all done too. The interesting part of the week was when I found myself in a most ungrounded state on Thursday evening.

When I am ungrounded, my words are not always as thoughtful as they could be. Most folks who know me well, know that I don’t fire off unless I really like you. I don’t usually waste my time on folks I don’t care about. Some people might blame Obama, but I blame it all on my natal Mercury and appreciate the understanding I get from studying astrology. It gives me a point of reference upon which to create change.

Mercury and Venus are in the limelight this week. The week begins with Venus joining in the Mercury/Neptune opposition. Venus is currently transiting Virgo. Virgo is a mutable sign, willing to change or adapt when called upon. She likes details and order. She can fix and troubleshoot all sorts of things.

Virgo1The shadow side of Virgo is being too critical. We all know how this can cause problems. Virgo can also be pushy and try to fix a problem as she sees it. I believe this has caused me some guilt feelings the past few days. Tradition (Saturn) is square Mercury and Venus, wants me to feel obligated to tradition. I’m taking a close look to see if my guilt is warranted and I am actually missing something or not? Opposing Neptune is throwing a veil of illusion over things so seeing clearly can be a problem.

Venus square Saturn can cause friction in our personal relationships. Keep in mind that “personal” is not limited to intimate relationships. Personal can also mean a work relationship or a just a close friendship. Some of us might be feeling we aren’t getting what we want or need in a relationship and this energy can actually draw these things to you. This could be interesting? 

Venus’s current aspect to both Saturn and Neptune make this an undesirable time to begin a new relationship. Of course there some who will have no choice. They will be starting a new job or moving to a new town, or find themselves in some sort of new situation. In these cases, we must make the best of things. It’s all good. We learn more through our struggles don’t we? This time next week , the tables will be turned.

Mercury is in a trine with Pluto all week with the perfect occurring mid-week. This holds the energy of deep and curious thought. You will feel more appreciative of your friends who understand the depths of your mind. Those with this aspect in their natal chart make good researchers or investigators. You could also be interested in the occult or the darker side of things.

Saturn is again involved in many of the same aspects he was involved in last week. He is square Mercury and Venus but his square to the Sun is now ended. He is also stationing to turn direct at the end of the week. This gives him some additional impact on us. It’s like we are getting an extra dose of reality or he is driving his point home. The actually station takes place on Saturday but because he is moving so slow right now, he will feel like he’s stopped in his tracks all week.

Mid-week, every planet is in aspect to another one or two except Jupiter. I am going to consider the lack of a Jupiter aspect a great thing. Saturn and the other planets are exerting enough of their energy on us and not having it expanded by Jupiter is a positive in my view.

The basic configuration that involves Saturn is a square between him and Mercury and Venus, and Neptune on the other side. Neptune is in opposition to Mercury and Venus. That is a lot of difficult energy and give the current political scene, it will possibly trigger some interesting events in the near future.

It just occurred to me that we are swiftly coming up on the mid-August time period I have long thought might be a very difficult time. Time will tell and that is precisely what Saturn is all about, being real. All of these square and opposition aspected planets are triggering each other.

Mercury opposing Neptune is working on the Neptune-Saturn square. This could bring some interesting and scandalous information to the forefront. Lies and lack of clarity around many issues are already big news topics, but could there be more? Of course there can be more?

Saturn is transiting the 12th house of our countries chart. This house represents the side of us, or the country, that appears in our most private times. This is where we keep our shadow selves and our fantasies hidden. Combine this with Mercury and Venus in the 9th house of legal issues, long distance travel, politics, religion and philosophy. Now if that is not a big plate full of potential, I don’t know what is.

Mercury is about youth, travel, and of course communications. The later seems to be in short supply lately. Everyone is misunderstood and it trying to. There simply are too many to mention and I don’t want to focus on all that negativity anyway. You can do that as you see fit, or not. I and trying to find more humor in it all. Laughter is good medicine.

I think it is important to mention that Saturn is also opposing Uranus in the country’s chart. You know Uranus as the planet of technology, quick change, rebellion, revolution, weather, explosions, and aircraft.

With this, I am reminded of recent articles I have read about coming earthquakes and volcanoes. And just for good measure, let’s not forget that Neptune who it wet as water can be. I sure hope more there will not be more floods but I would not be surprised either.

Yes! I am beginning to see why I have felt like mid-August was going to be interesting.

Now let’s talk about Venus in all this. Venus is not just about relationships, she is also about beauty, status, comfort, our social lives, pretty things, and finances. She is will perfect her square next to Saturn next Saturday. Saturn is now awake and beginning to move forward so this square will have some punch to it.

The Venus opposition to Neptune will add an energy of disillusionment and confusion. Relationships and money, along with self-esteem can suffer. Those if use with addictive behaviors might need to take extra care this week and into next weekend. If you feel yourself falling too far down the pit of darkness, please reach out to a trusted friend to help guide you.

I am expecting big things this week. This probably seems a bit dark to some of you but I hope that you at least see where you can shine and what to avoid or what to look for in the days ahead. The good thing about astrology is the balance and things are always changing. Change is good. Without it, we would never grow or improve.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead and stay safe.