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The heat wave seems to be subsiding some now. According to a recent report from my local weather guy, the end of this week we should see temps in the mid to upper 80’s. Weather Underground is showing the chance of rain being higher also. Better get the yard mowed Monday or Tuesday.

This week I see the Mercury/Uranus trine is still with us but it will be over by the end of the week. One last chance to use this energy for creating thing outside the box. Misunderstandings continue to be high however so remember to be chill.

The Sun is now transiting Leo. This is a gregarious sign, full of pride, drama, and fun. It is also a fixed fire sign. Fixed signs are stable, determined and persistent. The fixed signs are Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus. The shadow side of these signs is rigidity, being single-minded and stubbornness. And I can attest to this stubbornness thanks to the influence my own Scorpio ascendant.

Saturn is exerting some influence on us Monday through Wednesday as he trines the Sun. The Sun in Leo is all about a good time and being in the limelight and Saturn is all about rules and responsibility. If you are like me and there are things you have been putting off for a while, this trine could be just what we need to get things done.

To me, this is a difficult aspect because my Aquarius self is in naturally in conflict with authority. Fortunately, my natal Uranus is retrograde just as Uranus is now, so I was not very daring when I was younger. I was more interested in avoiding any conflicts with authority and the best way to do that was to lay low. When is came to pushing the envelope, I was fairly cautious.

Tuesday Neptune opposes Mercury. Our thoughts and communications can suffer under this aspect. Neptune’s influence can bring us more daydreams than logic. Daydreams are not a bad thing. They can lead us to wonderful creations. However, if you need to be focused Tuesday, this could be a problematic aspect for those whose natal chart is triggered by this aspect. Slow down and take your time. It will all be OK and as you probably know, Mercury aspects don’t last very long.

Neptune has been square Saturn since November of last year. These two are near a two degree orb of perfect. This means this influence is very strong now and will be for some time to come. The exact square will be in the September 10-11 times frame.

I had a very long and wonderful dinner visit last week with a friend who lives in Alaska. We were talking astrology and she asked me why the ephemeris is important. Finding when the Saturn/Neptune square is, is one example of how this tool can be used. It can also be used to go back in time to see where an aspect was repeated in the past. If you have need of such a tool I suggest you go to astro.com where you will find one that covers about 4000 years.

If this is aspect is in your natal chart, it can cause difficulty in realizing hopes and dreams, while at the same time giving strength and determination. This current transit is one of the factors causing extreme weather. Hurricane season is about to amp up and this Saturn/Neptune square could have a huge effect on this season’s severity. I sure hope not but this aspect is associated with disasters caused by extreme weather. It is also associated with disasters involving, oil, mining, and water/drowning.

Recently we have seen more than one instance of suicide massacres. This aspect could bring more of the tragedies. People all over the world are struggling for freedom from traditional rule while a traditional rule is trying desperately to hold on and take the collective backward toward increased control. Religious fundamentalism in many forms is battling each other and attempting to overturn basic human rights.

The square aspect orb is 7.5 degrees on either side of perfection. As I look ahead as this aspect I see it will remain with us through early October. No doubt is will influence that mid August time period so many have been looking at.

I know this might feel as if “feel good times” are few and far between but remember, life is what you make of it. It is difficult to stay focused on how these challenging times are for the highest and best for all humanity, but that is exactly what is going on. It is important to focus on our evolution and realize all this Saturn/ Neptune energy is perfectly on time. Remember that love conquers all. Regardless of our politics, I think this is one thing we all can agree on.

Tuesday is also the last day is in Scorpio. This planet heads back into Sagittarius just before 9PM EDT.

This takes the warrior planet from a fixed water sign where he created a lot of steam into a mutable fires sign ruled by Jupiter. Mutable means change and Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter means expansion. When these two join forces, lots of things can happen and as always…there are two sides to every coin.

In many ways, Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is about our future. Sagittarius loves to travel and Saturn tells us what to explore on our journey. I have read that some call this transit the “wisdom years”. This is where we learn about where we are and where we are going both personally and as a collective. This transit will hopefully teach us more about the impact our actions have cost us and what actions and points of view we need to end or make changes to.

Another aspect of this transit is land and territories. Remember Saturn is about rules, regulations and boundaries. Expect there to be more news along these lines are we see one country attempting to be free of another’s rule and the ruling country holding tight to its claim. Now for some better news.

Tuesday the Leo New Moon joins the Saturn/Sun trine. This is great energy for all our new beginnings.

Mars, now direct is at the same degree he was last spring. This is also bringing good vibes to finish those projects or anything that was put aside or left behind back then.

Thursday Mars is semi-square Pluto. It can be hard to fulfill our wants with this aspect. This can also bring power struggles and a tendency to bully. The key here is to be flexible, use your best negotiating skills and you will see your goals bloom.

Friday, Venus exits Leo stage left or right depending on where you are sitting, and joins Mercury in Virgo. Like Mercury, Venus is not so happy to be in Virgo. Virgo tends to be critical about affairs of the heart and everything else. The bright side of this is the opportunity to be good to yourself. Yes! Be your own bestie for the next month but this does not mean you get to forget others. Oh no! You must give them some attention too. Volunteer with a charity or something. There are many ways to help. This link shows how a young girl is reaching out to women experiencing homelessness.


Friday Venus aspects Neptune and the result is happily enthusiastic. We are not too concerned with details or imperfections of our circumstances and people. You would be wise to delay big purchases, however. This aspect brings a veil of illusion and dreamy state of mind to the masses. Don’t get too wrapped up in thinking a relationship is all that. You could be fooled by the illusion that Neptune is famous for. Use caution in all your legal dealings and contracts. Social engagements will be under this dreamlike influence as well.

Saturday Mercury is sesquiquadrate Uranus. This is a minor yet difficult aspect where planets are 135 degrees from each other. This energy can bring us brief flashes of wisdom or cause us to be rather simple minded at times. Communications can be difficult, tempers are less than agreeable and sometimes we might find ourselves and other communicating more negatively that we would like. The bright side of this is that this energy of good for creative, new ideas. Run with this and see what good you can create!