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The explosive energy we’ve seen over the past few weeks continues. Bastille Day ended in tragedy and now there is a revolution in Turkey.

Here we are at the pivotal point of the summer I have long been anticipating. The Republican National Convention begins Monday evening. I will be clued to my computer screen for as long as I can stand it watching the live stream. I am not sure what to expect but I bet there will a surprise or two.

The following week is the Democratic Convention. Again, there maybe some surprises in store. I feel as if we are building up to a crescendo that could reach critical mass about mid August and I am not sure if this crescendo is just around the US political climate or that of the entire world.

I wish to stress that while the many tragedies that we have seen of late is from the spiritual stand point just the Universes way for bringing the darkness into the light so it can be transmuted into light. If you don’t understand what this means or don’t agree that is fine. I will leave this all right here for you to consider or not. No debate needed or solicited. This is after all an astrology blog so lets get to that subject now. Shall we?

I am looking for Carmen Eckard to grace us with another guest blog soon. And I want to let you know that she does a excellent astrology reading! I got one this week and it is comprehensive with lots or asteroid info and so much more. If have ever thought about getting a reading Carmen is a great source and her readings are a great value for your money.

This Tuesday we have a Full Moon in Capricorn. WOW! Practical energy just in time for the RNC. The Cancer-Capricorn polarity is about the balance between our home life and our sense of duty in our public life such as work life, responsibility, and reputation. Conversely, Uranus is nearing perfect square with both Sun and Moon. The perfection will not be until Wednesday but it will be in orb or close enough for us to feel the energy on Tuesday. This is rebellious, quick change energy.

The Capricorn Moon has very different energy from the Uranus images (3)square the Sun and Moon. It is asking us to take a practical look at things, spend time talking care of numero uno, especially of you have been going full steam ahead like some people I know. Slow down and practice self care early this week. After you get some rest and rejuvenation you will be better able to move forward with your plans and goals for life.

Now back to Uranus…..he has been in Aries since 2010. This is transit can force us to make changes even when we don’t want to or feel ready for change. As I said above, darkness is being forced to the light. Uranus is bringing out the truth. It will be anyone’s guess as to how this affects the convention or conventions.

Uranus is moving slowly right now due to a coming retrograde at end of next week. His energy could be slightly diminished because of this but I promise there is still enough typical Uranus energy to make things interesting during the square. When the outer planets go retrograde the effects are more subtle and more on the collective than when an inner planet is retrograde.

I think these transits are a wonderful example of how the Universe is always offering us balance. The real test if in how these transits trigger you own natal chart. For example, I know that Uranus is retrograde in my natal chart. Since Uranus will soon be retrograde, this will be a a time that I can best use the energy of this planet in positive ways. This applies to me as well as how I choose to work with the collective. I also know that Uranus is transiting or moving into my natal sixth house. This is the house of work and health. I have a wonderful job, working with the best folks I have ever worked for.

By the time this transit ends in 2021, I will be 67. I feel certain that both this wonderful job and my health will go through some interesting, maybe even big changes by the end of it. I am working toward the changes, especially health related ones being positive ones. I also think work changes will be positive as well. There is a broad brush of opportunity as I learn and grow in my own way. I am grateful my employer is supportive of this and leading the way on a similar path and. I don’t think I could ask for anything better at this time. Well, except for peace on Earth and for love to prevail.

6a0133f538e9e4970b01901d582d4c970b-500wi (1)Venus in Leo is trine Saturn on Tuesday and Wednesday. Saturn exerts a rather reserved energy of the social and fun loving lady Venus. She is more formal and mature social settings and in her expressions of love during this transit. I’m wondering how this will affect the convention? Will it make it more formal and traditional or not? I can hardly wait to see!

Mercury will also be trine Saturn at about the same time Venus is. Our thinking could be clearer and rather pragmatic. If you need to get organized like I do, this energy will help. This is a good time for making decisions as we approach things with thoughtful consideration. Mercury’s communication will be shorter, more direct, and to the point now. Expect good results to follow with results you can be proud of.

That is about all I can cover for this week. The spouse of a dear friend is have a heart procedure this week. If you are so inclined you can send good thoughts and possitive energy to Mr. J.

I’ve got lot I want to get accomplished this week and am excited the planets will be supporting my efforts to organize. I’m also more eager than usual to tune in to politcal convertions this week and next.

I usualy am not very interested so this is different.

If you are in the heat, please use every caution, drink water and take lots of breaks. I don’t want to lose any of you to a heat related problem this summer.

Until next week my friends and readers……………..check out Carmen’s asteroid page at   asteroidology.us