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Hope your Fourth of July holiday was a safe and happy one. I think I said several times that the week of the 4th could be an explosive one. Unless you have been unplugged all week, which by the way is not a bad thing at all, you know that this not a good week for many of us. I did have access to TV news all this week and I watched until I could watch no more. By Friday I had to turn it off. I was about to mentally explode.

I have several wonderful friends but only my mentor types provide me with what I need mentally in times like these. They are able to view things from a different perspective. Gratefully my boss invited me to lunch with her on Friday. Like many of us, the events of last week struck and emotional blow.

I came away from that lunch date with a new perspective. She pointed out there is nothing we can do about what has happened no matter where you stand on these events. They ways we can respond are endless. She said there is really only one thing to do and I do believe she is right. That one thing is: find the lesson for me.

What I take away from these terrible events is totally up to me. My choices are endless. So are yours. I promise not to judge you for anything. If your lesson is not love and understanding, I will hold space for you until you are ready.

I have said several times before that this summer is going to be a difficult one. We are just getting started too. Hold on to your hats, this ride is just beginning. I hope you are able to remain open minded away from the grasp of fear and anger. Focus on the heart. Focus on love.

The GOOD news this week is that Venus and Mercury will both be moving into the big hearted, fun loving sign of Leo. The Venus ingress will take place late Monday night or early Tuesday morning depending on your time zone no doubt some are already feeling this shift of energy especially if your Venus in is the late or early degrees of its sign in your chart.

The Pluto Sun opposition continues this week but by the end of the week the Sun will have moved out of orb of this opposition. You would be well advised not to try to be in control of anyone or anything but yourself. Other wise things could backfire in a BIG way.

One way this aspect plays out is within us. Sun is the self and Pluto is the psyche. It likes to go deep, discover, destroy and make us let go. This energy ties into what I said or what my boss said Friday. What is our lesson here? What is what is going on around us teaching us about ourselves. You know I talk about our evolution quite a bit. This aspect is just one more that his helping us evolve as a species and transform into who we came here to be.

Look deeper into the things you don’t like and try to decide why you don’t like them. What part of you is reflected in the actions of others and how can you change that. That is if you wish to change at all. Some folks are happy to live in a box and not change. I am a more curious person.

With Saturn trine the Sun this week the energy could also involve some power struggles. Choose your battles wisely and think before you speak.

Mars is trine the Sun this week. This aspect is lending action to our personal work. In some ways there will be no escaping the drive to examine ourselves to some extent. Mars is in Scorpio and the eight house, both ruled by Pluto. Mars is also a lower version of Pluto. Therefore you can expect to feel a pull to self examine something this week. There seems to be a theme running here. Some of us will not be afraid to face it and some will be stuck like cement in their old patterns of avoiding their truth. It is all good and a personal choice but sooner or later we will all have to face these unpleasant things, whatever they are. I choose to face the darker parts and it has been a struggle but I am pleased with the progress over the past decade or so.

Moving on the Wednesday…..this is when Mercury enter Leo. This combo makes for more confidence in our thinking and we could find we are more focused on our goals especially if the goals are big and flashy. Leo is theatrical and loves to be in the spotlight. Mercury in Leo will lend more expressiveness to our presentations and story-telling. Look for some of these traits to show up in the National Conventions. They could be surprising or at least entertaining. On the other hand, they could get down right nasty! Regardless, I think we are in for some very persuasive speeches in the coming weeks. The shadow side of all this talk is that our listening skills are somewhat diminished under Leo.

Thursday Mars is semi square Uranus. This is fortunately a short lived aspect. Be aware that you could become tired easily on this day. Stay as flexible as you can too. Something could come up quickly thanks to Uranus that requires a schedule change of some sort. This in its self could cause the energy drain.

Saturday the Sun and Uranus square off. Don’t plan on anything except the unexpected. Good ole Uranus, the planet of quick change will be in charge today. Once again, flexibility is what is called for today. You might feel like there is something you need to be doing but Uranus is not always sure where he is going. He can start off in one direction and change his mind as fast as you can say “Bob’s your Uncle”. This sort of shift is enough to test the patience of Jobe but you are almost guaranteed not to get bored in the process. Enjoy any new direction or shift in plans. It could be just what you or I need but don’t make big, long lasting plans just now.

Also on Saturday, Mercury and Venus meet in a pleasant conjunction. Happy, sociable conversations are a good thing today and balance the uncertainty of the Uranus-Sun aspect. While we might be able to express ourselves easily, we are not disciplined when it comes to work. Hopefully you don’t have much work to do this Saturday and take advantage of the drive to enjoy a conversation with a friend than work. But if you do have to work, the money could flow. Lets just hope it flows in rather than out.

Over all this week could be an explosive one like last week was. Let’s all take a deep breath and relax. Remember our biggest enemy is our fear.

Wishing every one a great week. I sure am looking forward to mine. Till next week….take care and remember to be kind.