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This weeks post it short. Thanks to a glitch in my hurry up and get-a-long, I am way, behind on getting things done this week. Grateful for new experiences although they have been far from fun, I have a new appreciation for my hurry up and get-a-long when it is working well and the many ways to naturally support its healing.

This week the direct hits from the recent Grand Cross are waning and and the trine between Jupiter and Pluto conjunct Mercury is still going strong. Neptune is trine Mars. That is lots of action and water. Flooding is bad in several places around the globe. Parts of West Virginia were hard hit. I spoke with a relative near Charleston, WV today and she said as much as eight to nine inches of rain fell in one hour in the northeast towns of Clendenin and Walgrove. Between eight and eleven counties are claimed as Federal Disaster areas. This is being called a 1,000 year rain.

Most of the state has declared disaster status. At least 24 have died and untold numbers are homeless or stranded at home. Please take a moment and send some good energy to all the folks that have been affected and help financially if you can to Feeding America and specify West Virginia aid.

Cosmically, the big news this coming Wednesday is a big day as Mars turns direct again. He is nearly motionless at the moment and will be all week but before we know it he will be back to full speed again and finishing his tour of Scorpio that ends in August. You should notice things getting back on track in the early weeks of July.

Later in the day on Wednesday Mercury moves into Cancer. Communications are likely to be emotionally driven. That is sometimes not a good thing and can create lots of drama. This is especially true when it involves women and children. Good old cancer is full of this energy.

Some of the best husbands and fathers I know are Cancer men. They seem to have an extra helping of patience and understanding when it comes to women and children. These men often have an increased ability to listen or perhaps they just pretend well. Either way, Cancer men are usually gentle, kind and protective. Just don’t forget that every thing has its shadow side and Cancer men are no exception. This shadow side can be down right nasty so beware.

There is a lot of water energy in the sky at the moment. The Sun and Venus are in Cancer with Mercury soon to follow. This is being, loving and speaking with emotion. Neptune is of course in his home sign of Pisces and making our dreams, fantasies, creativity and spirituality fluid. Then there is Mars in Scorpio. Mars is action. That is half of the galaxy in water signs. Juptire, the great expander is in an Earth sign and so is Pluto. Uranus and Satrun are both in fires signs. No wonder there is so much flooding and forest fires raging this past month.

Besides the weather and this year’s political campaign, the big news was the Bresxit. I won’t be taking time to look into the astrology around this just now but I feel in my gut that this will prove to be a major catalyst for change. It won’t be easy or fun. Change seldom is. But we will survive although I can’t swear every man, woman and child will make it, I am certain that humanity as a whole will.

Next weekend, I may or may not be posting a blog. It is a holiday weekend and I have a few things going on so I may not be able to get to a post. Regarsless of whether or not I do, I wish you all a safe a wonderful week ahead and if you are traveling over the 4th of July, please be safe. Drink lots of water and don’t get over heated but have a GREAT time whatever you do!

Peace and Love to one and ALL!