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Happy Father’s Day! Happy Solstice! Happy Summer!

I my town we celebrated Solstice yesterday with our 12th annual Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival in adjoining parks, Lindley Park and the Arboretum. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cool and sunny all day.

Would you believe it if I told you that the Full Moon on Monday is a Blue Moon of sorts? It is not a blue moon in the traditional way of being the second Full Moon in a month. It is a blue moon in that it is the second full moon in Gemini. Both of them have been in Sagittarius.

The first Gemini Full Moon was on May 21st and was in the early degrees of Sagittarius. It asked us to look more inward. Monday’s Full Moon is in the last degree and possibly giving us the final word on things as well as asking us to look ahead and at the world around us and beyond. There is also an energy of letting go of things both physically and mentally. Express yourself and let you emotions out of your system. If you feel a need to bring something to a close or make an announcement of some sort, this would be in line with this energy.

Monday is a day packed with energy. It’s not just the Full Moon, it is also the first day of Summer, the longest day of the year. Talk about shining some light on the how we relate to the world.. The Sun also changes signs that day and shifts from mental, slightly scattered, fun loving energy to nurturing, home, and security loving energy. Cancer is also the home sign of our country. Fits right in with all the sayings about home and country, mom and apple pie doesn’t it?

This Full Moon, the time of endings, joins the Solstice to join our personal endings with Universal endings. It is said this is the time when the forces of light win over the forces of darkness. Being the Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun is in Gemini, this is also a mental moon. Gemini represents the lower mind and Sagittarius represent the higher mind.

We have four retro grade planets in the sky right now. Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Mars. Mars is going very slow because he is stationing to turn direct at the end of the month. All the energy of these planets is turned more inward now. We are dealing with our selves and our relationship to the world in way we never have before.

I certainly am feeling these energies in several ways. One is that I am beginning to ease my grip and let go of things around my house. Things I may have one day done something with, or maybe not? Creative people are great collectors it seems. I am also learning to let go of my insistence of being self sufficient.

There are some things I can simply no longer do like lifting bags of dirt and bales of hay. You know, heavy things. Now I need to ask for help. It is a hard thing for me to do. I am beginning to think accepting help is the lesson this house is teaching me. This is a hard lesson for me. It is very hard to let go of my ego and who I think I am supposed to be or who I thought I was. But it is part of my evolution.

These are the kinds of things we all must learn if we are going to evolve with the planet. Otherwise we will stay in the lower vibrations of the old earth. I believe we are on the verge of this shift. It will not be instantly. It will take time. The shift will leave us all helping each other and full of peace and love. (Reminds me of a song.) Those that do not shift probably won’t understand what has happened.

Moving on……We have come out from under the Grand Cross that seemed to hang on for a long time. I spoke about this in some detail last week so check there and the week before for more info on that.

Besides the Full Moon, I mentioned the Sun would be moving into Cancer on Monday too. Cancer is ruled by the Moon so you can expect your emotions to be deep and be more deeply affected by the Moon during this transit. This means you could more deeply feel the Moon’s energy as it transits the various signs over the next month.

Venus has just entered Cancer and is also contributing to Cancer’s nurturing energy. You may notice yourself feeling more protective of those around you including yourself. You could also go through some ups and downs in the area of romance. After all there is a great deal of sensitivity and susceptibility with all these Cancer energies.

Our love in Cancer is dedicated, attached, tender and warm. We are perhaps more devoted under this sign than any other and we love to show it with cuddles and lots of care.

Now although we are out from under the influence of the Grand Cross, there are still a few squares to make note of and a couple of oppositions. First lets go over the squares.

Uranus are definitely within orb of square at just 1.5 degrees from a perfect 90 degrees. Mercury is also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn adding some communication challenges to this already interesting square. You will want to think extra long before you speak.

While this is good advice anytime, you will want to be extra careful this week. You don’t want people to feel as though you are drilling or provoking them. This is something I have to pay close attention to because of where Mercury is in my natal chart. I have a tendency to say what comes out regardless. I am learning to not be so quick yet there are still times the tongue doth wag.

Focus this mental energy more on research, teaching, writing, or sharing wisdom with others. You may be aware the Pluto helps us uncover the hidden. This can go for secrets too. With Mercury’s help you could uncover some hidden secret you never knew about. One that might apply to you too. Some of you will use secrets to gain power. Oh My! Do we see this playing out on the current news media or what?

Regardless, be aware of the power of words. Since you can’t control others, you can control yours. I hope you will do your best to use your words to edify others and improve the world in some way rather than tear it down. The ease of which this can happen always depends on the individual natal chart.

I know I did not get to every aspect of this week but these are some of the major ones. I will add that the end of the week there are three nice trines that will smooth things out from the early part of the week. Don’t get too comfortable though. The first few days of July hold more difficult energy for us with the 4th of July having 5 oppositions, four of which involve our personal planets, the Sun and Moon, and Mercury and Venus. Anyone want to bet on how explosive things could get on the 4th? Not Me! 

These are the at least some of the highlights of this weeks astrology. I wish you all a good week. If you are traveling, I hope all your travels are safe and uneventful. Should you have a traveling event, I hope the conclusion is fast and inexpensive. Remember to be kind. We are all the same under the creator. Love one another please as you love yourself.

Carley cropped

Carley Sassman Carter aka”Mother Earth” 2016    (used with permission)

Carley has dressed up and been body painted by “Living Brush” every year of the Greensboro Solstice Festival  except perhaps the first two. This year she is pregnant with her her first child and chose “Mother Earth” as the theme for her costume. Her baby is due in November and I look  forward to meeting Baby Carter in the coming months.