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Welcome to the heat wave of June, 2016. The mid west has been hit hard, especially in areas that aren’t known for central air. I have read this will be the hottest summer in 100 years but of course it is not a record until it is over. Until our recent rains, North Carolina was in a mild drought. The western end of NC is still in an abnormally dry to moderate drought state. The NC Drought Management Advisory Council strongly urges the implementation of drought response actions, for all water users located in or dependent on water resources from the areas of the state experiencing the following drought conditions:

  • (D1) Moderate drought conditions.

  • (DO) Impending drought conditions (abnormally dry conditions).”

We all know it is hot outside now and speaking of hot, I want to remind you that we are in the year of the Fire Monkey. I would bet you that we have not yet seen the Fire Monkey at his hot best yet. I’m not taking about the thermostat now. I am talking about the world in general. You know, politics, the rich and famous, wars, religion, life, and things like that. Here in the US we have political conventions ahead of us and I am sure they are going to sizzle. The news is full of things we have never seen before. I have also read that Chinese astrology is quiet prophetic? So let’s take a look.

The Chinese Farmer’s calendar uses two elements to symbolize the Fire Monkey. The

Yang fire sitting on top of metal. In the cycle of life or birth and destruction which rules the way elements relate to each other, fire melts or conquers the metal. This is a destructive phase or cycle. You could say these elements are in battle with each other similar to the way planets are at times.

fire-monkeyThe Yang fire represents a a quick tempered, frank person who is about to blow his top.

Could this mean even bigger international clashes are coming? According to the Chinese symbols, this year will be less violent than either of the past two. This is because the fire also represents the setting sun and the metal represents the west. So while the fire people are quick tempered, they also have big hearts and lots of compassion. Conflicts can be resolved with relinquishment and cooperation when the heat is cooling down or after sunset.

The Chinese zodiac has 12 signs and 4 elements. This means the calendar covers 60 years. The last time we were under the Fire Monkey was in 1956. The time before that was 1896. 1956 was the year the US tested the first aerial hydrogen bomb, Polish workers stood up against Communist rule, Hungarian students protested Communism in general, Egypt took control of the Suez Canal. Four months later the US and French troops invade Port Said on the Suez canal, and Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected to his second term as president.

This year the focus seems to be all the local, state, and national political races, how far back we are progressing, and a who’s who’s list of obituaries. I don’t think I have ever seen a year that so many famous people and not so famous have left this dimension. I could be wrong and this could just be a fact of my own increasing age but it sure seems like folks are leaving in droves. Some of them hit us harder than others and they all leave a mark on our hearts. I can’t end this train of thought without Muhammad_Ali_NYWTSmentioning Muhammad Ali. In my opinion, the world could use a few more like him. I thank him for being a beacon of love for all humanity. What a man!


Sunday-Monday depending on where you live in the world, we will see a sign change for Mercury. He’s leaving Taurus and heading for Gemini. This is a very comfy spot and in fact one of the signs he rules. He he is communicates very well in Gemini. His curiosity is high and he can be quite the social butterfly. Mercury in Gemini is not as interesting in going deep into information as he might be elsewhere. Here he is more into trivial bits of info, word play, jokes, and puns. Making his point and standing firm on his platform is a breeze. Watch for this to play out on our political and world stage in the coming weeks.

Monday Neptune turns retrograde. This will last through November 19th. What a great time for all my creative friends and all those with a creative streak in them. My healing friends should get a boost from this energy too. Review your creations during this time and seek out that internal muse that may have been hiding lately.

Tuesday the Moon and Sun form a nice trine in sociable Gemini and Libra. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get invitations to social events. My Tuesday already has me seeing three different people. Wonder what else can come up?

Friday brings us another sign change. Venus will move into Cancer. This sign is ruled by the moon and is the most family centered and emotionally oriented sign in the zodiac. This transit will last until July 12, 2016. Use this time to hatch from the protective shell we might be in and find a new way to nurture yourself. This can be by choosing new foods, a new vitamin regimen, new clothes, or finding ways to spend more time on yourself while still caring for your home and family.

Also on Friday we have the perfection of the Saturn/Neptune square I’ve spoken of lately. This is the first one of the year. There will be another perfection on September 16th. These two planets have been within about a two degree orb of each other since mid May and will continue to be in orb all summer long and into October. That is a long time for two of the most different planets in the cosmos to be at odds with each other.

This Saturn square Neptune is where status meets illusion. Structure meets creativity. Time meets timelessness. Saturn is the dry land and Neptune the wet water, the oceans, rivers and streams. Saturn is wise and very much anchored in reality. He is not much for religion, or spirituality in any form. He shows us where we need to grow in our responsibilities.

Neptune is the god of the sea and the cosmic goo we emerged from. He represents the essence of the world, its soul that connects us all. In our charts he shows us our hopes and dreams, thoughts, fantasies, and where we might be missing something. Neptune is where we escape and avoid the difficult times. He is our addictions and our victim hood. He is our spirituality and where we look for connection to God.

Difficult aspects like squares place tension between the planets and their energies. Whenever two planets are in difficult aspect to each other, they are asking us to find a way to work with both of their energies. The Saturn/Neptune square is showing us we can not live in the lie any longer. We must live in truth if we are going to transform and evolve with the rest of the planet. Of course the way you interpret this may not be the same way I do or another reader does. It all depends on what your view of truth and denial are. About now I feel like we might need to get out “don’t panic” button from “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

All in all I it will all be OK. Change and transformation is, as we know, never easy but it is necessary. No matter what happens keep in mind that everything is for the higher good. Sound trite and silly I know. But in the cosmic realm this is truth.

The last mention for today is of Mars. Mars has been retrograde since April 17, 2016. If you have been low of energy, tired, or discouraged you can probably thank Mars for that. Mars retrograde periods are sometimes fraught with lies, secrets, falseness, and substance abuse. Oddly, some people might function better in chaos.

Mars if currently moving at a very slow pace and will for a few weeks more. He is in the process of stationing to turn direct but this won’t actually happen until June 29. So hold on just a little longer. Mars will be back up to speed before you can say “Bob’s you uncle”. This will begin moving once he is out of his shadow and should be July 11.

For all my friends who work outside, please, please be careful in the heat. Everyone need to drink lots of water and stop when you get too hot. Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Neither should be taken lightly.

All the best to you!