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Today we are on the heels of last night’s New Moon. The Grand Cross both Carmen and I have been talking about remains strong through Tuesday but with one planet change. The Moon has moved out of this mix so our emotions will not be as involved as they have the past day or so. However, as the Moon has transited Gemini yesterday and today, you may have noticed your own duality.

Gemini is an air sign like Aquarius and Libra but her position is mutable or changing. Have you noticed your mind racing with different thoughts? Perhaps you tried to fit too much into your day and end up over booking? If so this may have kept you from engaging in the darker energies of Gemini, the bored side.

A bored Gemini can be quite interesting and not necessarily in a good way. Bored Gem’s tend to make up big tales (they love a good joke anyway), and they sometimes become quite the gossip. Boredom also leads them to fantasy. This is all fine unless it goes on a long time and the fantasies become the Gemini’s reality. Gemini’s fast mind can get us out of mental jams but she can also propel us deeper into them.

My best friend who transitioned in April, was a Gemini and I loved his mind. It was always turning and thinking, and brilliant. He was a walking library of music knowledge, extremely creative, a great cook, and had a huge heart for his friends and others. I never ran his chart but I sure would like to now that I understand astrology more. His birthday was Friday.

Last night’s New Moon has us firmly in the Gemini Moon cycle. This cycle is about thinking and making conscious choices. It is asking us to find balance. Couldn’t we all benefit from taking a look at imbalance in our lives?

This is a good time to start or finish up that spring cleaning we have been meaning to get to. But this is not as much about cleaning and balancing our material stuff as it is clearing the clutter of our mental lives. Now this is right down my alley!

The Gemini Moon cycle is prime time to look at how we communicate, and at our work and social lives. What are you angry about, what grudges are you holding? What are you daydreaming about? What are your obsessions?

The obsession thing is huge. Folks aren’t usually ready or willing to go far with this one very often. The layers tend to run deep. If there is a thought or perceived reality in our lives we feel the need to defend, we less likely to go very far into the depths of the obsession. The Gemini Moon is asking us to let go of in general. That can be a daunting task for many and the Gemini mind can take a nose dive into the dark side if they can’t resolve some of these things. Do what you can to find balance before Summer Solstice.

I realize that the theme of balance and letting go is a recurring one ever since I began this blog over three and a half years ago. I believe this is one way the Universe is helping us to evolve along with the planet into the new Age of Aquarius. This sounds cliche’ I know but the Universe is changing, raising it’s vibrations and evolving into a higher version if its self. This includes us and every culture on Earth teaches about this. We are here! Stop fighting it and embrace it. If you need help, I am here and so are many, many other people that can help you navigate this shift in consciousness.

Monday there is a lot of love going around as the Sun and Venus meet up in Gemini. This energy can be a bit superficial but good commutation is the main focus with this transit. Some could feel a strong desire to express their affections, be diplomatic, and driven to find compatibility. By compatibility I do not necessarily mean compatibility in love, but in the work place and the our social lives as well.

Gratefully my current work life, as in my paying job, is not and never has been an issue for me. I could not be happier. The owners of the company are two of the most ethical, fair, accepting, honest, and open people I have ever known. I have worked for some folks that turned out to be real scoundrels before. My present work life is so far removed from this. Grateful, grateful, grateful!

Monday there is also a sweet trine between Neptune and the Moon. This involves our emotions and our intuition.

For those who think the last Mercury retro grade is not over? Well it isn’t until Tuesday when Mercury is fully out of storm and traveling at full speed again. Thursday Mercury and Mars, both of which are in stubborn signs, are headed for an opposition. They are actually close enough to that aspect now that many of us could be feeling the tensions building. Mercury is in Taurus and stubbornly opinionated as can be. Diplomacy will likely not be our strength this week. Watch out! Watch your thoughts and words.

Mars, the planet of war and action is in Scorpio and has his snarky side out. This energy will last all this week and a bit into the next. Watch out that you don’t bite your self in the rear by saying something you could have said differently if you have stopped to think about your words. Can not wait to see this energy playing on the world stage. With all the angst already out in the world, this energy could be the fore bearer or catalyst for some crazy things to come this summer. Time will tell.

Besides the Grand Cross energy remaining with us this week, there are remnants of the Grand Trine still up there. Two of the three sides remain in tack at least through Tuesday. The two sides are the Jupiter/Pluto trine and the Pluto/Mercury trine.

Tuesday and trine between Mars and the Moon, could soften some of the oppositional energy between Mars and Mercury. Of course this won’t be true for everyone. It all depends on where these fall in your chart. Keep in mind the Moon moves fast so any softening will be short lived.

Thursday there is another Moon trine. This one involves a Cancer Moon and Pluto. Pluto loves to go into the psyche and figure out why we do the things we do. This trine energy is more or less easy energy dealing with home and family, freedom and impulsivity and where these come from. For some this is a very dangerous combo because they are drawn to the unknown. Others, hopefully most of us, can use this energy to transform our inner world and learn to understand the emotional roots of the problems others have. Some will be able to fix them too.

This Pluto/ Moon energy can bring out a bit of the drama queen in us. Both the Moon and Cancer are associated with women and female energy. As I said above, Pluto likes go deep and bring out our feelings around others. The Cancer energy wants these feeling to be real and for there to be no secrets between us. This sure resonates with me.

By Friday the former Grand Cross is whittled down to two T- squares. One focuses on Neptune and the other is focused on the Sun and Venus conjunction. The Neptune focus is asking us to look at how we are using and expanding our intuition, creativity and balancing it with traditional rules, authority, love, finances and beauty in our lives. Now if that isn’t a lot to consider?

The second T-Square has who we are, our finances, love and view of beauty as the focal point. Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter are guiding this ship. In some ways this T-Square is not that different from the other one. The same energies after all are involved. It is the focus that is the main difference since the Sun and Venus conjunction are the focus. Don’t forget the Gemini duality when thinking about either T square. This energy is also triggered by these t- squares.

Lastly for this week is:  Neptune slowing down and close to retrograde. Hoping I remember to talk about that next week.