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Carmen Eckard has laid out some excellent info on the Grand Cross and Grand Trine I mentioned in this week’s post. Of course there is some great asteroid info in this too. I am sure you are going to enjoy reading this and after your read, will be able to use the energy in the best way possible. Thanks Carmen! !


Can we talk about tomorrow? Crazy things happening in the stars!

I highlighted the things I’ll talk about in purple.


First, see the purple square? That’s a Grand Cross. It ties the energies together in a very powerful and intense way. It’s stressful though. Much can be accomplished but it’s hard and the energy is all very tense. Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, then Sun, Moon and Venus are all part of this. Those are all major, important planets, and for them to all combine in this way is a big deal. Those energies are, in a grossly simplified manner: Responsibility and limitations, Intellect and dreams, Intuition, our whole selves, our emotions and love. See what I mean? That’s a lot of energy, all tied together very strongly, and fighting a bit. Harness this energy for the best effect!

Part of that was the Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction. This is also exceedingly powerful and this part isn’t stressful at all. Everyone today should have tremendous access to their emotions, and they’ll be nicely integrated into ourselves, with a focus on love.

Then we have a Grand Trine, which is always my favorite. It ties energies together as well as a Grand Cross, except without the tension. This is EASY flow, and it feels so good. When we look at people’s charts, it’s the grand trines that make people truly exceptional, and tomorrow should be exceptional too. This one uses asteroids more than planets, and as such, it isn’t as totally overwhelming. The points are: Ixion, Vertex, and Uranus/Eris. Ixion is usually about destruction to a point. It’s called our “conflict with self”. I’ve noticed in Indigo Children or adults, Ixion is always right next to Quaoar, which is about mad genius, but it isn’t tomorrow. So, it’s standing there alone representing our conflicts. It’s about the difference in “what i am” and “what i should be”. Vertex is all about luck. Uranus is about rebellion, transformation, and it’s partnered up with Eris, which is my favorite warrior goddess. Eris is always important in Indigo charts as well. I’m mentioning this because I think tomorrow is likely the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, and the stated purpose of the Indigos is to help bring this age into being in a peaceful, not painful manner, so it makes sense that the same planets would be activated. Combining Ixion, Eris, Vertex and Uranus provides a very rebellious, transformative energy. Tomorrow will be a perfect day to make the changes you want to make that are normally too hard. You have the grand trine energy flowing to make it happier, and with Vertex involved, luck is on your side. Let’s make a difference in the world tomorrow! I wouldn’t be surprised to see major things happen in the world.

Lastly, and I forgot to highlight this one, Nessus is with Pallas. That’s intense and unusual. Nessus is about abuse at times, but generally about where people are willing to break sexual rules. Pallas is all about creative intelligence.  So that energy is swirling with the Nessus energy, and I don’t really know how that will play out, but I bet it will be interesting.

The stars haven’t formed such a strong alignment in a long time. Be aware of it and you can use it.