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Welcome to Memorial day weekend! As record numbers are traveling this weekend, I hope all your travels are safe and happy. Tropical storm, turned tropical depression Bonnie, made landfall about 8:30 this morning just east of Charleston South Carolina. Heavy rains are expected along the east coast all the way up to New Jersey. Please be safe where ever you are and get ready because June is about to bust out all over! 


Many of you are aware that a guest blogger has joined me here at “Indigo 2 Crystal”. If you have not already read the first post by Carmen Eckard, I invite you to do so now and don’t forget to hit the “like” button and leave a comment or question for Carmen. I know her posts on Asteroids are going to be educational and enlightening. To make it easy, here is the link: 


This week’s astrology outlook starts off with some difficult aspects forming not one, but two mutable Grand Crosses aka Grand Crosses, practically on top of each other. The word mutable indicates a close change of seasons.

There is also a Grand Trine in practical Earth signs to help balance the difficult energies of the Grand Square. I love how nature and astrology always balance themselves.

The Jupiter/Neptune opposition has been with us for a while. These planets move so slowly that they stay in the orb of an aspect for much longer than the inner and faster moving planets or, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. The aspects are based on specific geometric angles.

For example, when two planets in square aspect, they are within 45 degrees of each other. The orb is a generally accepted number of degrees on either side of the exact aspect angle where strong influence is said to occur. The degree of orb varies from 1 degree to 10 degrees depending on the aspect and the type of chart you are working with. Transit charts tend to use a tighter orb than natal or compatibility charts do. Maybe Astrology is the real reason I took drafting all those years ago?planet-square-380x235

The Jupiter/Neptune opposition provides us with two of the corners of the square. What makes this a “Grand” square is four planets (or more) that are all 45 degrees from each other and form and square in the chart. The other corners of this Grand Square are created by the fast moving Sun and Mercury’s opposition to Saturn. This is an opposition worth paying attention to. This is you against authority. If you are going to break the rules, you are going to pay for it. Or as Barretta used to say on the 1970”s TV of the same name, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”.

One side of the Grand Square or Grand Cross is formed by the square aspect between Saturn and Neptune. Neptune has been transiting his home sign of Pisces since February 3, 2012 and will remain in Pisces until 2025. How we used the energy of this transit will in a large part determine whether or no we will sink or swim. Whether we remain prisoners or break the chains of darkness hold us is up to us. Neptune in Pisces is throwing us a life line to enlightenment if we are willing to grab it.

The Neptune/Saturn square brings up issues of disease, liquid (Neptune) toxins, environmental health, and pollution of our oceans and water ways. Did anyone catch the news about another Gulf oil spill in the past couple of weeks? Yes….that happened! This time the company responsible was Shell Oil. http://www.nola.com/business/index.ssf/2016/05/shell_oil_spill_gulf_of_mexico.html

Two days ago Shell was also responsible for a 20,000 gallon spill in Central Valley, California. I was interested to find no mainstream media sources carrying this story except the LA Times coming to the top of my Google search for this. Most sources were environmental or health info site. Either 20,000 gallons is not worth the time for CNN, Fox, or the three major networks, or they don’t want us to pay attention to something else. Regardless, this sort of pollution event falls under the rule of Neptune square Saturn.

Another side of the Grand Square is formed by Neptune square the Sun and Venus. Neptune is full of fantasy. Under this aspect we are more in love with love and somewhat unable to see romantic relationships for what they really are. People with this aspect in their charts are more likely to be disappointed by relationships because they have a dreamlike idea of them than a realistic one. They might also tend to hold onto relationships long after they have ended.

This aspect holds a strong energy of illusion for us in the imagesromance, beauty, social, and finance departments. Venus rules love of course but also beauty and finances. Neptune is going to dampen our clarity of these things for a little while. Don’t go nuts shopping a holiday sale or anything. And don’t try to change yourself to attract a love interest either. Just relax, have fun, but don’t get too involved with things right now. As someone who has aspect in their natal chart, I am seem to be in constant battle with my spending. Fortunately this square involved fast moving planets and won’t last long but it will affect us this week and into early next week.

The third side of the Grand square is formed by Venus/Sun square Jupiter. This offers up even more inpulsivity in the area of finances. I can not stress this enough. It is important for us to be paying off our debts now instead of adding to them. Again, this is a constant battle with me but I am happy to say that I am making great progress in this area and I am very proud of my accomplishments. Now that you know what to look for, you will hopefully be able to do the same.

The last side of this Grand Square is formed by Jupiter square Saturn. Anytime I think about Saturn I wince a little because he has strong aspects in my natal chart. This transiting square is putting our faith and optimism to a task as we are being pulled in opposite directions. One minute we’ve got a new long term project idea in mind and the next minute we want to chunk is all and hope a freight train. Do people do that anymore and get away with it?

As opposite as these two planets are, they could not be as effective as they are without each other. Jupiter relies on Saturn to help him show up in the world and do what he does best. That is being the great benefactor of the Zodiac. Like wise, Saturn would yin yangnot be as effective without Jupiter. Saturn’s authority, rules and regulations would have no relevance without Jupiter. Jupiter is the guy with the imagination and Saturn is the stability to turn the imagination into reality. Brings us back to the word “balance” doesn’t it? How interesting!

So that is the Grand Square info. On to the Grand Trine.

A Grand Trine brings us the path of least resistance. It is all about peace and compatibility. The Grand trine currently in the sky involves Jupiter…..(he is a busy boy isn’t he?)…….Uranus and Mercury. Jupiter is retrograde and doesn’t have as strong an energy as normal but he still has a lot to offer us with through this trine.

This falls in the earth signs and earth deals with health (Virgo), wealth (Capricorn) and happiness (Taurus). Jupiter is in Virgo and this makes him a bit more practical than he might otherwise be. Since he is retrograde, he is more focused on what is going on personally than what is going on outside in the world. Virgo has him interested in learning about health and wellness, as well as practical skills like sewing or gardening.

Uranus in Capricorn is another corner of this triangle. This sign is not a comfy transit for spontaneous Uranus. This placement lends a more ambitious, responsible, and serious energy to him. Can you feel him squirm? I can! But that probably due to my close relationship with Uranus. He rules my natal sign, Aquarius and this transit is in opposition to my natal placement too. But this trine is having a calming effect, so no worries.

The last angle of this triangle is Mercury in Taurus. This sign slows down Mercury a bit. Our thoughts and communications are often clearer than usual, we are drawn to the basics, and process information effectively as long as they can see how it will be useful to them in the future.

It seems to me this Grand Trine is going to help us keep our heads and offset some of the difficult energies of the Grand Square. I hope so. Almost every week I find myself thinking back in the weeks post and thinking….” Ah! So this is how that aspect is showing up for me this week”. I would love to have your comments on how these energies show up in your lives too. Just leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to check out Carmen’s first post. I am looking forward to her next one and hope you are too. Again….comments are appreciated.


Finally, this week ends with a New Moon in Gemini. This is the time of new beginnings expressed in the dual energy of the twins. Use this energy to listen to understand others better and move away from the Taurus “how can it help me” energy. There is a lot going on out there and everyone deserves to be heard. Your point of view is not the only one. If you detach from your views a bit and allow this energy to assist you, you might find something interesting, or not.

Enjoy your week ahead. I wish you all the best!