While traditional astrology has focused on planets, the discovery of asteroids has changed the game. Asteroids are smaller than planets, which makes their pull weaker, but they add so much complexity and flavor to a chart. The study of asteroids is also cutting edge, because they are constantly being discovered, and it is the job of astrologers to discover their meaning. We must be careful with orbs, however, since asteroids are small…a one degree orb is plenty, but we should pay careful attention to chart patterns and shapes. When using asteroids, I especially look for Grand Trines and Grand Crosses, which highlight traits in a person that are outwardly visible and exceptional.

There are thousands of asteroids, and it’s awfully hard to choose the best starting place when describing them. Pallas is a favorite asteroid of mine-one of the first discovered, so it has a large body of research to go along with it. It’s large, so we feel its pull nearly as much as the planets. Pallas makes up 7% of the mass of the asteroid belt. It’s a little more than 300 miles across and we’ve been studying it since 1802.

Pallas is named after Pallas Athene, Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, war, strategy, math, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Known as the asteroid of creative intelligence, Pallas draws on all of the themes that fell under the domain of the goddess. Pallas is also said to represent the wisdom of the female spirit

If a person has a strong Pallas, you can expect for them to have several traits. Most of these will be obvious in a person, but some people display certain aspects of Pallas more than others.

Most importantly, people with a strong Pallas are creative-they are filled with creative intelligence which is outwardly visible, and they are compelled to make, design, fabricate and produce.

Pallas is a warrior goddess-she has a lot of fight in her, and so do people who have her heavily aspected or in a prominent position. Pallas people won’t roll over when they could fight, and they are talented at the fighting as well.

Pattern recognition is also very high-most astrologers have a strong Pallas, which helps them find patterns in the planets and personalities. Math also usually comes easily to these natives.

Pallas folks also have a knack for strategic thinking. They can easily see many steps ahead and plan accordingly. Creative thinking is key here; the Pallas native finds solutions others wouldn’t, and they execute them flawlessly. Think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Steve Woziniak, all brilliant minds heavily influenced by Pallas. It’s a very particular kind of intelligence-it isn’t logical in the normal sense, but holistic and inventive.

They have an immoveable sense of justice.

There are many placements that make an asteroid “strong” in a person’s chart. The first would be closely conjunct (1 degree, 2 tops for conjunctions) with sun or ascendant. Both of these placements fully integrate Pallas energy. Conjunctions with any angles, Moon, North Node, South Node, and the planets are also very important. When Pallas is part of a Grand Trine or a Grand Cross, it gets more focus. John Denver’s Pallas was square his sun, and her themes are obvious in his life. Bernie Sanders has Pallas sextile Mercury, meaning he brings the Pallas traits most strongly to his communication. Amelia Earhart had Palls conjunct her ascendant and square her sun-she personifies many Pallas traits.

New and exciting research labels Pallas as “the ruler of the digital age and anything that is digital.” That’s because Pallas rules logical thinking. Computers and software rely only on logical thinking, giving Pallas dominion here. That elevates the importance of this asteroid even further, as so much of the world is digital.

Pallas is also intrinsically linked to the pineal gland. This gland is vitally important for all of us, producing melatonin, DMT, and pinoline. The pineal gland is our “third eye,” of great consequence to the Ancient Egyptians, who mummified it separately, and many great civilizations through time. It’s said that activating our pineal gland can connect us more to the spirit world, and Pallas is the asteroid that governs this connection. There are many ways to energize our third eye, and I’ve found that using various methods when Pallas is transiting my Neptune or my Pallas is extremely helpful.

You can find your Pallas by going to astro.com. Pay special attention to which sign and house it falls in, as well as any aspects. Pallas is asteroid #2. I hope you’ll share in the comments about the way Pallas influences your life.