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Wow! The world is sure an interesting place isn’t it?Yesterday was a hugely energetic day. Not only was there a Full Moon in Sagittarius but the Sun moved into Gemini. This is quite a different type of energy from Taurus. Now that the Sun has moved into Gemini, are you feeling a difference in energy?

If not, you will probably will in the days ahead and who knows how this energy will show up in the news and on the world stage over the next few weeks.

Keep in mind, what ever happens, good and bad, right and wrong, it is all for the best and for our awakening as new humans. Don’t be attached to an outcome and realize that the universe is on your side but also takes its own time to do things in perfect order. We will get all the things we want in this life but we can’t take bets on what these things will actually look like once we get them. A new car is a new car even if it is only new to you. See the difference? We humans make this so hard when it is such a simple concept.

Speaking of being human, I learned about humans and humanoids this week from a book I am reading.

Here is a little chart I created to explain:



Enjoys live the way it is and always has been. Wonder how to do things better.
Are opinionated. Adept at multi tasking.
Judgmental of others. Judge themselves.
Enjoy drama. Wonder why they are not happy with what is normal.
Resist change of status quo. Feel like they don’t fit in.
Find fault in others. Enjoy change.

In short, humans are happy with the way things are whether it is themselves or the world is. Things are the way things are, I am the way I am, life is what it is, and there is no way to change any of it.

Humanoids are always seeking ways to make things better whether it is themselves to the world around them. They won’t accept “ that is just the way I am” or “that’s the way ___ is” as an answer. They see possibilities instead of blind acceptance.

All this is the brainchild of Access Consciousness founder, Gary M. Douglas. The book is “Magic. You Are It. Be It.” Gary is in a sense, helping the universe to help those that are ready and willing to work be the best version of themselves they can be. Not everyone is ready or willing but the universe won’t wait on these folks. It has to evolve even if some of us don’t.

This week and for the next two weeks we will be feeling full_moonthe energy of yesterday’s Full Moon. Being in the polarity of Gemini and Sagittarius means this was a mental Moon. Gemini is one of the lower six signs and presents self or lower mind and Sagittarius is one of the higher six signs, representing the higher mind. Through this energy we are being asked to think in a logical way while using our intuition to think big and go outside ourselves.

There is a definite battle between logic (Gemini) and faith or spirituality (Sagittarius) going on. This could explain some of the things we are seeing in the news. The Full Moon always shines light on some part of our lives.

This Moon was also conjunct the retrograde Mars. He is the planet of action and only concerned with you. When he is retrograde the self aspect in more pronounced as his energy is directed more inward.

The Moons light could be shining right on something in you that is trying to be revealed. Just don’t be too hasty making decisions right now. Putting things off is something we usually try to avoid in life but there are times it is beneficial. This is one of those times. Just know that you will have to complete what ever you put off eventually. Focus on where the Moon’s light is shining on your life.

Venus makes a sign change on Tuesday, May 24. She will enliven things as she transits the sign of the twins. For her this is a flirtatious and chatty transit. I just read in one of astrological sources that Gemini is the astrological version of a social media. It is inventive, fun, amusing, and at the same time detached and neutral. This will only add to this months interest.

Thursday the second square between Jupiter and Saturn perfect. As you probably know, squares are difficult aspects. Jupiter is retrograde but this doesn’t mean much when if come to easing the difficulties of this aspect. Saturn is the planet of standards and commitment, rules and regulations. Jupiter if the great benefic and looks to the future. This square is helping assisting our evolution by asking us to examine our balance between what we are, or think we are committed to, and what our view of the future is.

downloadFriday, retrograde Mars moves back into Scorpio. Weakened by the retrograde or not, Mars can still execute and hefty sting in Scorpio when you aren’t paying attention. You will want to keep your eyes open from now till the end of June when Mars turns direct again.

This week also brings us several oppositions. The first one is Sun opposing Mars today. Notice impulsive behavior. Not knowing what we want can be an issue that is sure to spoil the day.

Venus opposes Mars on Tuesday. Passion and jealously could be strong for some. Be cautious when making financial decisions or decision that deal with relationships. This is an aspect the likes drama and stir some up just for the fun of it.

I think this may be enough to think about for this week. I have a full week ahead of me as I usually do. Somehow I don’t feel as if I am making much progress though. This week I feel I have a renewed sense of direction but looking forward to what the weather hold does not make me happy at all. We had nice low temps this past weekend and face upper 80’s and low 90’s by mid week. YIKES! ! !