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I wish that every mother in the world feels loved today and everyday. Without them, where would we be?

The sky is full of Earth energy this week. Today we have a Grand Cross up there and it involves the Moon so it won’t last long. The other planets in the Grand Cross are Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.

A Grand Cross usually means we are facing some very intense energy but this one is balanced nicely by a Grand Trines. Actually there are three Grand Trines, all practically on top of each other and all of in grounding Earth signs. Mercury, Venus and the Sun make up on corner of the trine and a very slow almost halted Jupiter, and Pluto.


Jupiter is halted because he will turn direct tomorrow. I mentioned recently in a post that Jupiter retrograde doesn’t affect us in nearly the same way Mercury or Mars does when they travel backwards. He still expands our world, it is just more on the inside than the outside as he withdraws our focus from worldly success and interests. This is a big deal from the standpoint of our evolution.

When he’s retrograde, he asks us to look inside. He is assisting our growth and understanding. Of course there are those that are still kicking and screaming and wanting to stay right where they are, but eventually even these folks will be forced to change. The Universe demands it because it is on a path of growth and evolution of it’s own. Humans ultimately have no choice in the matter but we sure to try to control don’t we?

Mercury and Mars remain retrograde for a while yet and this energy along with a great deal of Taurus and Earth energy, is slowing us down quite a bit. For me this is expressing in a need for more sleep and a need to be outside in the cool of the day. I love this time of year and this week has been one of the most interesting in recent memory.

I think we have had about any kind of weather this past week you can imagine. From warm sunny days to cold ones, we have had snow, hail, and lots of rain. The rain in combination with the subtle, Earth energy has a lot of folks longing for sunshine. I am grateful for the rain no matter when it comes. My area is teetering on the edge of drought right now and if we don’t make up for the lack of rain earlier in the spring and over the winter, we will be in real trouble by the end of summer. I will take the rain now and hope we don’t end up in a bad drought like we did a few years back.

Whether inner work or working indoors. Use this slow time to your advantage. The garden and yard can wait. And after Monday you will probably notice the energy beginning to move forward again as Jupiter goes direct. It will take until September for Jupiter to really move however. This is when his transit of Virgo ends and he moves into Libra. For now Virgo has him by the nose and is keeping him in check but he will be direct for the rest of the year.

Jupiter moving into Libra and free of Virgo’s constraints will come just in time for the last few weeks of the presidential campaign. I can hardly wait to see how this influence could affect the race. However, before that, I feel sure we have a very eventful summer to look forward to.

Also on Monday, Mercury will eclipse the Sun. This is a rare event and has not happened since 2006. Mercury will be seen as a small black dot moving across the face of the Sun. Check out this web page to learn more.


Mercury’s transit of the Sun on Monday will be the ultimate conjunction. Notice if your focus is on the process of thought and communications. Mercury is the planet of communications after all so this could be a busy time mentally for all of us and especially for those with strong Mercury influence in their chart.

Even though Mercury is retrograde, this will be perhaps the most favorable time to finish up paper work, write letters or emails, and take a short trip away. I took my short trip over the weekend and it was so nice to get away for the afternoon.

Other highlights of this transit could be a desire for conversations with like minds on topics of interest to both of you. Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun will make easy work of clearly expressing our thoughts. Our minds will be extra sharp.

I know a lot of people who have new ideas in the works right now and Mercury retrograde is not normally conducive to this sort of thing but this particular conjunction will make the beginning of this week a great time for business deals and buying or selling. You could even find a bargain here or there.

There is one last astrology lesson for this transit. Mercury transiting the Sun only happens 13-14 in a century. This particular type of transit is called an “occultaion”. This happens when ever one object blocks the view of another object. Mercury is of course so small that it will not be able to block out the Sun as Moon does from time to time but blocking is not important in this case.

Taurus energy is again a big consideration here. Spend the day pondering your life and home. Identify what makes you feel secure and the things in your life you value the most. This will help set the tone for the rest of your year.

The Grand Trine will be lending it’s hand to all these energies and aspects I am have mentions so far. I can only repeat that this is a prime time to view and review and go deep into ourselves. If there are areas in your life that have not been going smoothly, the Universe is asking you to look at these areas first. Sometimes we think the answer is in someone else but most often both the problem and the answer originate in us. A simple change in our point of view often does the trick. The next time you find yourself in slow traffic, try slowing down yourself. What is your hurry anyway? Surprisingly, you could find that once you slow down, the rest of the world beings to go fast again.

The Venus/Jupiter side of this trine is full of friendly optimism. Our hearts are big and full, and we have a cheerful outlook on our world. This is energy is sociable, indulgent, and can be a bit on the lazy side. Other characteristics are loyalty and integrity, both things I feel we need a lot more of today. If you have integrity and are loyal, you will no doubt win the trust of all you come in contact with. I think this is something to aspire to.

One of the other legs of the Grand Trine is Mercury trine Pluto. This is the energy of sharp minds. Our attention is focused and our insight is strong. Many of us will have clearer understanding and awareness of others and ourselves. No doubt there is a single theme to this week?

I know I said there are three grand trines on top of each other. The main legs are Jupiter trine Pluto, and Mercury, Sun, and Venus trine Jupiter on one side and Pluto on the other. Most of these aspects have been covered in some way. The only one I want to cover before closing today is Venus trine Pluto.

Venus trine Pluto is a good aspect for relationships. Our feelings can be intense but not devastating, mine usually are anyway. This not a great aspect for those that prefer to hide in their shells. This aspect asks us to go deep, maybe deeper than usual and certainly deeper than some like to go. After all, facing yourself can be frightening. This energy is gentle however and if we show ourselves and others some love we will be renewed. If we truly want to be happy and live the best life we can, we must face ourselves sooner or later.

The only real snag this week, if you can call it a snag is that there is only one brief bit of air sign energy. We are loaded down with earth energy between Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all in earth signs. There is also a fair amount of fire energy with Mars, Saturn and Uranus all in Fire signs. Neptune is the lone water sign. The Moon is the only one bringing us air energy this week. In spite of all the good energy aimed at communications this week, this will the one thing that might throw good communications to the wind. We might not be able to find our words without air energy.

This is what I love most about astrology. There is always a counter balance to almost every difficult aspect. This one is counter balanced with all the positive energy around communications. Besides, in two more weeks the Sun leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. We will get plenty of air energy with that transit. I wonder how the Gemini Sun will affect Donald Trump this year. Gemini is his native sign after all.


For anyone interested, the chart above was generated on http://www.astro.com/

This site is a great resource for all sorts of astrological information. Enjoy!

Wishing you all a great week ahead. Thanks for reading!