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Welcome to May. 2016!


How’s that looking in the mirror and falling in love with what you see working for you? Forgot to do it you say? Well this is your reminder! ! !

Did you get to work on some of your unfinished projects this past week. I have not actually sat down with pen and paper yet and worked on my financial plan but I am going to do that before this day is out. A few extra expenses have popped up in recent weeks but none of it is related to Mercury or any other planet being retrograde. And none of it is life threatening or a matter of national security so its all good!

Expenses are part of this weeks forecast too and the news is good. The Taurus Sun will form two trines this week that could brighten and expand our economic outlook for a bit. I have to say that intuitively, I don’t think this will be a long lived event but it should be good in the short term. Intuitively I feel like we are headed toward a rough economic patch this summer and fall, and who knows what will happen after the election? The first one comes Tuesday when the Sun transits 60 degrees from Jupiter. Even though Jupiter will still be retrograde Tuesday, it does not mean Jupiter can’t be expansive, it just means his expansive impact won’t be as big or as strong as it could be.

floodThe weather in my area has been wonderful. We are in a bit of a drought but some rain late last week and over the weekend helped this. The weather has not been great everywhere however. I turned on the weather channel at work one day last week and saw how the mid west was getting hit with hail, rain and wind. The flooding in some areas have been bad and resulted in at least 6 deaths in Texas.

Around the world there are other big weather events taking place. Some parts of India are in a severe drought and there is also a heat wave that has cause officials to forbid daytime cooking between 9am and 6pm daily. Fires rage on the grasslands China near the Mongolian border. We do have an opposition between Jupiter Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. With Mars in Sagittarius squaring both planets. When looking at the weather we can say that Jupiter is expanding the water of Pisces and Mars is causing lots of action.


I’m grateful that my area has not seen so much bad weather. Everywhere I go people are talking about their gardens and what they plan to plant or what they have bought to plant. Spring is the time of plant festivals and special sales and I have done my share of shopping in that area. This past two weeks, being right after the full moon has not been the best time to plant. But this week all that changes.

Beginning Wednesday we have at least two good planting days. Friday brings us the New Moon and this is the time of new beginnings and said to be a good time for planting. There is however, conflicting and confusing info about when to plant. For example, “The Old Farmers Almanac” says seeds planted on Saturday could rot in the ground. sproutingseedGenerally, earth signs are for things relating to the Earth (planting) and (our) roots. I am choosing a more general approach this time. I think about any time you want to plant this month will be OK with Thursday and Friday two of the best days. I have not yet planted all of my new herbs so this is high on my “ TO DO” list this week.

The New Moon will trine Jupiter as well on the 6th. This is a good time to be bullish about yourself and work on your personal goals. But it is also a time to chill out and enjoy simple things like a warm breeze or and a walk around the block. Good food, good drinks and good company are also things to enjoy during the Sun and Moon’s Taurus transit. Pay attention to the things that make you feel good about you. Smell the coffee, smell the roses, become aware of what make you feel relaxed, comfy and OK with your world.

I have had the urge to take a trash bag around with me and throw things out. I can hear the cheers of some of my friends as they read this. Every one who knows me knows I have way too much stuff. I and truly feeling this Taurus energy though and evaluating my relationship with my “stuff”. This is going to take a while to complete but I am feeling more and more like the time is here to say goodbye to lots of things. This feeling could be strongest for me come Saturday when the Moon trines Pluto. Who wants to buy an album collection?

Venus has just yesterday moved into Taurus, joining the Sun and Mercury. She will remain here for three and half weeks, leaving for Gemini on May 25, 2016. While Venus is in Taurus we will be looking for all things secure and those things that hold lasting value for us. Our desire for joy is greater now than is might otherwise be. Venus is Taurus is sensory oriented. We seldom think of our five senses when it comes to astrology but Venus is all about feeling good and this is definitely encompasses all five senses.

The shadow side is excess and possessiveness. We’ve got all the Taurus planets in sextile to Neptune in Pisces this week and this can mean addiction. So, if addiction is a problem for you including and perhaps especially the addiction to shopping or spending money, you might want to freeze the credit cards and put the checkbook far out of reach for a while.

I know I said earlier that the Sun’s trine with Jupiter was a good thing financially but this could also be a bad thing for those of us that lack a great deal of financial discipline. Believe me, money is something I really have to pay attention to. It can get away from me fast and trouble follows. But I am determined to stay focused. I think after I sit down with pen and paper later tonight I will have a firmer grip on things.

images (1)When it comes to the shadow of possessiveness, it is important that those with partners are respectful of them. It is easy to fall into a trap of feeling like we own someone and to treat them like objects. Venus in Taurus is hungry for pleasure and can be demanding of it. This is perhaps stronger in men than in women as a whole. Just be aware and be careful not to take advantage of your partner or anyone who is close to you in some way.

To further aggravate the shadow side of Venus, she will be semi-square Chiron on May 6-7. This reminds me of the song….(link below)….because you have to be patient when it comes to love. This transit is a test of our patience and is not loyalty or commitment friendly at all. Some of us will feel estranged and reluctant to forgive ourselves. The good news it Chiron transits go fast.

Thanks for your time today. I hope this helps you navigate your week. For me, one of the interesting things about writing this blog is that I feel the need to try to live by it too. So after I get it posted I am going to put some laundry in to wash and then get out my pen and paper to work on some figures. I feel like that trash can will get filled up this week too. I know there are at least two small appliances going in there. I’m so glad the Vitamix is NOT one of them!

Don’t forget next week is Mother’s Day! !  ! 

If your mother is still living, plan a visit, a call or at least send her a card. That is assuming you have a relationship with her. If not, then honor yourself by doing something kind, safe, and healthful for yourself. This can be as little as enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in on the porch in the morning or allowing yourself to take a nap in the afternoon.