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Welcome to the last week of April. Another year is going by fast. Last week turned out to be big one for transition. Lot of folks leaving the physical plane. While this is always sad for those who are still in 3D, this makes way for others to step forward and breathe new life into our world and continue the work started by those that have moved on.

This week I was reminded of the Pluto Uranus square as I read an commemorative article in my home town news paper on a man I had long admired. He passed away Wednesday at the age of 65. Pluto and Uranus , the two planets that bring change and rebellion were last aspecting each other in 1965-1966. The effects of this conjunction were felt as early 1958-1959 and a late as the early 1970’s. This was the time period this man was growing up. Civil rights was a big issue in this country but it seems it is today too. The difference between then and now is, back then it was about blacks and whites. Today it is about the LGBTQ community and their rights.

VW BusIn the 1960’s and 70’s if you were black and willing to take your fight to the streets, you were called a “militant”. Today you are called an extremist or a fundamentalist. The man that died Wednesday was one of a few in our town that was willing to fight for their civil rights in very public ways. I was too timid in those days to act out but I greatly admired this man and have thought about him often over the years. He became a police officer, a lawyer, and never stopped fighting for what he thought was right. He was a man of truth.

Aspects between Pluto and Uranus are almost always a catalyst, opening doors to some sort of big change. The change is not always in a forward motion. Sometimes life and events go in the opposite direction and this is what I think we are seeing now. There seems to be a movement to regress rather than progress. Ultimately this will work in favor of progression. The planet and all life on it can’t evolve without this back and forth. So as much as you might like it or dislike it, it is all for the best.

If you would like to read more about Pluto and Uranus in history, check out the link below.


This week the Sun is settling into its transit of Taurus. This energy is earthy, sensual, and hospitable. This time time when plants take root, begin to grow, and so does our need for security. Taurus is at its best when in defense or resist mode and is loyal as can be until pushed to the point of no return. This is also a trait of Scorpio. The shadow side of the Taurus energy is stubbornness. Oh, how stubborn they can be! They can also have a possessive aspect to them but those that a secure in who they are usually don’t show this trait too often.

Wednesday, the Taurus Sun forms a very productive trine with Capricorn. If you want to get a lot this week, this will be the day to work hard. You will have the Universe at your back so plan on a busy day.

You are probably already feeling things slow down some since snail-frontMars has turned retrograde but don’t forget that Mercury is in his shadow now too. He will be stationing to turn retrograde on Thursday. Please don’t freak out! Consider this to be just a recess period or timeout.

Since this retrograde occurs in Taurus, this will slow our financial activity too. Besides the usual communication slow down you can expect any financial dealings to be slow or even non existent. Use this time to make adjustments to your budget and reevaluate your spending. Take a look at your romantic life too. Where or how does it need adjustment? Don’t sweat all this too much though. These are just areas you might consider taking a look at.

Things begin looking up somewhat on Friday when Venus follows Mercury into Taurus. You probably know by now that Lady Venus can get us into financial strains sometimes. When she is in Taurus she is happy as can be. Under this influence Venus can have a positive and stabilizing effect on our money and our love lives.

No aspect, even good ones, are without some difficult or shadow characteristics however. In this case be on mindful of being more possessive. Like Mercury retrograde, this Venus transit will be best spent looking over our finances and being cautious with our spending. I was personally feeling the shift to not spend this past week. At the beginning of the year I set some financial goals for myself. I have not done as well as I had planned but it is all good. A few unexpected things have happened and funds have gone to those things out of necessity. I am very grateful to be able to take care of them. Barring anymore unforeseen events, I should be able to make good use of all these retrograde energies and Venus in Taurus, and get back on track with my financial plan very soon.

Mercury-RetrogradeFor the next two weeks we will be in redo and timeout land in a big way! From this Thursday to May 9th we have a total of five planets and one asteroid in retrograde. Jupiter was the first to go backwards on January 8th. Then Saturn on March 25. Mars turned back on April 17, Pluto on April 18, and Mercury will on April 28. That is quite a lot of backward movement and reflective energy. Use this energy to go inside and work on you.

I am finding that the behavior of others is helping me to see where I can make positive changes. I am seeing behavior I would like to incorporate into my life and behavior that is giving me pause to look deeper into how I can be a better person and live the best life I can. Thankfully my employers are wonderfully insightful women that are good role models for me. One of them shares the best books I could ever want to read. These women and these books are teaching me so much and I could not be happier about it. I call going to work, going to my happy place.

The only one of these retrograde bodies I have not talked about is the asteroid. The subject of asteroids is relatively new to me and I am finding it both complex and interesting. Juno is the asteroid we need to look today. It is considered one of the five main asteroids.

Juno was discovered in 1804, has female energy and is known as the goddess of true lovers, soul associates, and committed relationships. She went retrograde in early March. This asteroid shows us the true nature of both possibility and problems in our important relationships. This covers all sorts of relationships from personal to our political leaders to countries around the globe.

Juno attracts real and equal partners into our lives and you might want to take note of her placement in your chart. She is about acceptance of what others believe. There is no need for argument or debate of an issue of difference. She is very accepting of you beliefs. She is secure in herself yet humble.

Juno stationed in Scorpio on March 2 of this year. Going back into this sign can lead us to closely examine how we use power in our closest relationships. She has no time for dawdling about and any relationship that drags or wears on her good nature becomes a thorn in her side pretty fast. Her great love can turn to great dislike in such cases. This retrograde period can be the tie that binds as long as we are completely and brutally honest about our selves. Juno is going to be asking us to take a good long look at our emotional baggage.

With five retrograde celestial bodies you might wonder if you should even get out of bed for the next few weeks. Actually this is a great time to do some things. Jupiter is not there to support you so flex those independent muscles and explore things alone. Take your self on a short trip someplace. Find the strength that lives inside.

Retrograde Saturn can stall that search for independence somewhat. It can make us feel psycho or cause us to doubt ourselves. To combat this, just be. Be in the moment. Breathe deep and relax. Meditate. Do some gardening, drawing or something that takes your mind off of thinking too much.

Balance the Mars retrograde energy with a good long walk, an extra trip to the gym, or anything that gets you moving. Your body and your mind will be grateful.

Pluto retrograde is wants us to love ourselves. Lots of folks take 116_10_mo__Makayla___85_26selfies. Many don’t. If you are like me and one who doesn’t, now it a good time to indulge. Look in the mirror and fall in love with what you see. This is so hard for some of us and not so hard for others. For those that find this difficult, I challenge you to do this once a day, every day for the next three weeks. I will if you will.

And lastly, Mercury retrograde is about communication. Communicate with yourself. Revise your 5 year plan or make one. Journal daily. Make a list of things you want to accomplish this year. Journal. And did I mention journaling? One last thing…..try not to be so attached to you phone. Focus on you for the next few weeks but be careful not to be narcissistic about it. Be reflective. We all have things about our selves we would like to change. Many of them are inner things and have to do with the way we show up in the world. Right now we have five cosmic rocks that are doing what they can to support our personal evolution. Just do it!

Now I have an announcement! In the near future I have a guest blogger. Her name is Carmen Eckard and she is very much into asteroids. I am not sure when she will have her first contribution ready but I hope you will join me in welcoming her when she does. I am very excited! ! !