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This week is a big one in the cosmos. We have several big shifts to look forward to.  Plus, a Full Moon to look forward too.

Mars goes retrograde today, Sunday April 17, 2016, for little over 10 weeks and Mercury will follow him in 12 days. Mars retrograde is similar to Mercury retrograde in they both deal with the prefix “re” meaning “again” or “again and again”. We are entering a phase of redoing or doing things over again and when Mercury goes retrograde that energy will really be strong. Recreating, revisiting, remembering, reinventing, all words “re”. Relax and let go. It’s all good.

Mars is the planet of forward action. Going retrograde means we will be going backwards. I won’t be surprised by anything I see or read in the news in the next few months or for the rest of the year for that matter.

I wonder if this redo energy will help us repeal North Carolina’s HB2 bill or cause even more backward movement when it comes to discrimination and human rights? In the past couple of years there seems more darkness has risen to the top like the cream on my milk? I wonder if this retrograde period will bring even more darkness to the top? What ever happens, I know that it is all in perfect order and necessary for the evolution of mankind.

Mars will turn direct in late June but not clear his shadow until August 22. On August 24 he will meet up with Saturn in Sagittarius. This will begin cycle of forward movement and structure or rebuilding. It will be interesting to see what will be rebuilt during this time. I guess this could depend on what gets torn down before hand?

Monday Pluto turns retrograde for five months. Pluto is lord of the underworld, of things hidden and rules all those dirty little things we don’t like to talk about. This includes what ever usually flies under the radar like secret organizations. It also includes things like your local waste management system and power companies.

On the personal level, this means all those parts of us we don’t want to face. All those personal and family secrets could come out in the near future. Makes me wonder is we aren’t in for some interesting revelations concerning our political candidates and others. Time will tell, but I can almost guarantee that some secrets are about to come to light. Some of them are likely to not be welcome knowledge and sure to change our collective lives.

I don’t know it you noticed that there were several earthquakes this past week. Pluto affects the earth when he stations to change direction. This can cause not only earthquakes but volcanoes. Weather is more of a Uranus sort of thing but can tie in. Uranus and Pluto will surely be picking up their their square dance partnership at least this one last time before completely separating in 2018.

Tuesday, the Sun leaves Aries and enters earthy Taurus. We hopefully be feeling more grounded and creative under the influence of Taurus. Taurus is the fixed sign of spring and the time when our seed germinate and plants sprout new roots. We too tend to become more rooted in our homes where we feel the most secure. Taurus is another sign, like Scorpio and Aquarius that is loyal as can be but can also be stubborn as heck and can be possessive. As long as you treat them with respect, and are open and honest with them you are usually fine.

Venus is about half way through her transit of Aries. She is not at her best in this sign. This week in fact you may notice her being more moody than usual. Just a heads up there to all the folks that might have a woman in their lives with Venus strong in their chart or whose Venus is being triggered by this transit.

Thursday brings the Full Moon. I have heard the moon will be green but my research says this is not true. Each Moon does have a particular name and this one called the “Grass Moon”. This is because the grass is growing tall and getting green after the dead of winter.Virgo-Full-Moon

Any Full Moon is about balancing. This time it is balancing what is mine and what is yours. The Taurus Sun is concerned with security, material goods and possessions, and personal values. I don’t want to make Taurus sound like a snob because they aren’t. They like simple things, are earthy and like to feel secure and comfortable. Who doesn’t?

The Scorpio Moon wants us to look at the hidden things, complex things, and the story around the mystery. On a personal level, this can become uncomfortable. Seldom do we want to actually take a deep look inside. We usually need a great deal of stimulus to do this. Seldom do we really go deep because this most often takes outside help. Few of us seek it. Ego gets in the way and we think all we have to do is withdrawn and work things out.

Last week I wrote a blog on one of my other pages about this. My best friend since 1967 died on Monday. As memories came flooding in, I also thought a lot about how he avoided going deep to work things out in his life. One of our friends said he didn’t want to hear the truth, and that was true.  Instead he shut himself off from me, other friends,  and even his family in recent years. It is so difficult for some of us to face ourselves. But this is exaclty what the Scorpio Moon is asking us to do.  If you would like to read the post on my other page, you can read it here: http://wp.me/p1cQ1I-2k

I hope you find some value in it.

The opposition of the Taurus Sun and the Scorpio Full Moon is asking us to find balance between our need for security and our need to change. I know change seems to be a topic in almost every post but our world is about change. Still we resist it so. This does little but cause more problems across the board. For some reason we think we are supposed to be in control. While we can control some things in our lives, there are precious things in the grand scheme. If we could just grasp this concept with our heart and soul and the fact that we are connected to everything and not alone or apart, we might live more happy, healthy, fruitful lives.

The end of the week brings the perfection of a Venus/Uranus conjunction. You might get some surprises from this combination. Both of these planets sizzle and can be explosive. You will need to remember that Uranus is quick to change his mind and therefore unpredictable. Take care of your heart and don’t get too absorbed in any new relationship that might cross your path. You will also do well to keep an close eye on your spending. These two planets together can get us into financial trouble faster than you can say Zippidy-do-da!

That is about all I have for you this week. I was hoping for a slow week after last week but I will adapt to this one and make the most of it I can. My yard needs my attention and there is plenty to keep me busy for a long while. Unfortunately my body is no longer able to work as hard as it once was. Now that the pollen is gone, I can get out there, do the work, and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a GREAT week! !