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This week I have been most grateful to have a great workplace to go to and get away from everyday life for a bit. My focus, when I was not at work, has been around a dear and nearly life long friend who is now in hospice care in an east coast hospital. I always enjoy my workplace, or my happy place as I call it, but this week it provided me with more of a respite that usual. Thank you!

While I am deeply saddened by the condition of my friend’s health, this has been a stimulus for some deep, personal reflection and I don’t think that is ever a bad thing.

Mars takes center stage this week. This is sure to be an action filled week. I hope all the action is positive for you. 

Tuesday Mars connects with Venus in a sassy, fiery hot trine. Anything on your agenda that might involve love or money are likely to sizzle with creative energy and fun. Get out there and enjoy this spark wile you can. This fiery energy won’t last long. Mars will be turning retrograde on the 17th of April. I am working on a piece that addresses this Mars retrograde and hope to publish it later this week.

The Sun has another week and a half in Aries. The New Moon of April 7th was in Aries so now we are fully into Cosmic Spring or the beginning of the celestial year. Between now and the next Full Moon is a good time to plant. I hope the we have just seen the last of this spring’s frost but it can frost into May sometimes. With the crazy weather patterns that we have been experiencing, I would not be surprised by anything.

Joining The Sun in Aries are Uranus and Venus. Uranus is about change. When he is in Aries, change can come fast. Uranus also rules weather so this can explain some of the crazy weather events we have witnessed since he entered Aries back in May of 2010 including earthquakes and volcanoes.

We are now about two-thirds the way through this transit which will end in March or 2019. I believe this transit is one of major aspects that is assisting our transition to the next dimension. No matter what you personally believe, Uranus in Aries is a big player in the world today.

Jupiter is still in opposition to Neptune. This aspect has been with us more or less since September 2015. The last time we had this influence in the sky was in 1849. This was close to the peak time of the gold rush. Hopefully this current transit will bestow some gold nuggets on us this time around too. There are indeed current events that we could probably connect to this energy.

Neptune is about faith, big faith and spirituality, especially when he is in his home sign of Pisces. This placement also brings us compassion, love, empathy for others, and good values. Jupiter is a co-ruler of Pisces and currently transiting Virgo. Jupiter loves to do things big. He expands almost everything in his path in some way.

When in Virgo, Jupiter is more organized and duty bound. Neither aspect is particularly a strong suit in my opinion. But many might disagree. This can create some imbalance in our lives such as increased substance abuse, not following the laws of ethics, and social issues move to the front row for inspection while at the same time being caught up in the distortion that only Pisces can bring. These sorts of things have certainly been in the national and local news lately. It is of critical importance that we stick to the truth but of course what is true for me is not at all true for others.

Jupiter is square both Mars and Saturn this week. When square Mars, we often feel rather confident and successful. This confidence could get out of hand and cause problems if we are not cautious. The old adage of “ all things in moderation” could be this week’s motto.

This is a motto I am personally taking more seriously. I am gluten sensitive or even allergic and have been as close to 99% gluten-free for at least the last 16 months. Even before that I had been on a highly reduced , maybe 90-95 % gluten diet for nearly six years. A little over two weeks ago I gave into the craving for apple fritters. That lead to a breakfast biscuit the next morning and a slice of Tres Leches cake later that day. The next morning, I woke up and turned over in bed to discover that the act of turning over caused me to be out of breath. That dive I took into the deep end of the gluten pool caused fluid to build up around my heart. I am admittedly not in great shape anymore but to that date have had no previous heart issues. You can bet that wheat of any sort is now something I will avoid 100%. Wheat also causes me to cough a great deal too.

This sort of ties in to Jupiter square Saturn. This aspect can bring some conflict between our need to grow and expand and our desire for structure and following rules. Our awareness of areas where opportunity lies is high. At the same time things often show up to make us aware, sometimes painfully so, that there is only so much we can do within our limitations.

Pluto will be square the Sun, Moon and of course is still in orb of square with Uranus. This energy can stimulate us to go deep into our deepest, darkest places and examine what is hiding there. This is where we find things that need to come to light so we can grow and evolve. This is sort of thing I believe we are here for anyway.

I gratefully embrace the things that have surfaced in my life recently. I have no idea where they will lead me or how they will affect me in the future. I am staying positive and believe all these events will lead to more of my personal evolution and growth.  

Once more, I wish to thank all my followers and readers. You keep me motivated to continue learning astrology and writing about it.

Wishing you a wonderful week as always.