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First of all I want to say how much I appreciate my readers. I am honored by each of you, especially those the let me know they are out there by hitting the “like”button. A few of you feel this blog is worthy of re posting and I am very grateful.

When I got up this morning, it occurred to me how fast time is passing. I can hardly believe it is 2016 already. The 1970’s seem such a short time ago. Each years seems to zoom by faster and faster. Can you believe it is April already? I am just glad my memory is still good even if I can’t always remember exactly when something happened.

The planets are another thing that seem to be moving fast. We have another big week ahead of us and it could a rough one for some folks. Hang on but know that within the rough places, valuable gems are found.

Today we begin with Mercury trine Saturn and Uranus, and Mercury trine Mars. This is some strong energy involving some strong planets. The good news is, a trine is a gentler aspect for them to be in than a square of opposition.

Mercury trine Saturn will benefit the structure of our thoughts, assist you with your life plans, and help solidify your dreams and ideas. This energy can lead to some serious and otherwise dry conversations, but that need not be considered a bad thing. In fact it could the just what we need about now.

The Mercury-Uranus trine is quite intellectual. You might notice your ideas are more unique and inventive than usual. Some folks will be very perceptive and intuitive under this aspect. Trust this intuition and it will lead you in the right direct. However if there are more harsh Mercury aspects in someone’s chart, things could become volatile. I thought it might be neat to see what famous people have this aspect in their chart. Turns out to be folks like Farrah Fawcett, Tracey Ulman, Sheena Easton, and Marilyn Manson. (Marilyn used to freak me out but now I really love how he expresses his uniqueness).

This week also begins with Jupiter opposing Neptune. Expansive Jupiter is blowing our expectations right out of the water. We can feel quite confident about things and this overconfidence can sometimes lead to taking absurd risks. This aspect can also increase our level of compassion and desire to help others in some way. The risk here is in attracting energy suckers who are more interested only in what they can get from you. This too will end once you learn how far it is safe to go and when to say now. Historically, I am one to forgive over and over again until I get to that one time that breaks the camel’s back. There is no turning back. I simply repeat the Ho’ Oponopono and move on.

Ho’ Oponopono

I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thanks you.

We learn in baby steps don’t we?

Tuesday we have a big energy shift. The Sun and Saturn also enter a fiery trine. The characteristics of this aspect include, a sense of duty, obligation, self discipline, being practical, reliability, honesty, and determination. Saturn’s need for structure and demand for caution can cause us to sometimes miss an opportunity, but over all, this energy could be an advantageous ally for our dreams and ambitions. This is definitely a good time to put your best foot forward.

6a0133f538e9e4970b017c37f7b16a970b-500wiThe second part of Tuesday’s energy shift is when Venus moves from Pisces to Aries and Mercury leaves Aries for Taurus. Expect a new focus for love and money in the coming weeks. Venus is not very comfortable in Aries. This sign is a bit to self centered for her. She is typically more of a giver than a receiver. Her transit through Aries will provide an opportunity to learn to accept gifts that come your way. I think perhaps I got a jump on this because lately I have spent a bit of time thinking of how grateful I am for all the great friends and co-workers in my life.

Just as Venus heads into Aries, Mercury will be leaving Aries for Taurus. Taurus is a grounded, slow, and earthy, sign. Mercury’s communication style will take on a more rhythmical, thoughtful, character during this Taurus transit. Mercury transits usually last about three weeks but this one will 9 weeks due to a retrograde period beginning the end of April. Slow communications will continue throughout this time. Nothing to do but go with the flow here.

Wednesday the Sun squares Pluto. Try not to be too impatient with structure and authority. You may feel almost driven to get to the root of but avoid being to insistent. Forcing things is hardly ever a good choice and this week is no different. Trust the Universe.You will find that if you do things unfold in their own time and in amazing ways. We might even discover our own power. Not a bad thing huh?

The energy of Sun squared Pluto is short lived so we can all take a deep breath and relax on Thursday. This is when the Moon is New in Aries. Use the days before Thursday to get those new plans and projects going over the coming two weeks. Remember, New Moons are all about new beginnings.

Now the last big aspect for this week comes on Saturday. This is when the Sun has its sun-conjunct-uranusannual meetup with Uranus. Uranus definitely marches to a different drummer. Being conjunct the Sun this make the march personal. I can only hope some of this energy wipes off on some of the more narrow minded folks in my state. This energy is progressive, independent, and loves change. It is about accepting things we view as different and being more willing to allow your own uniqueness shine brightly. Gosh! I love this kind of energy.

This energy can also bring unexpected events and consequences. Uranus is the planet of quick change. Being an outer planet, he usually has more affect on the collective than the individual. When he is conjunct the Sun, the changes can become personal. Again, roll with this. If things change in your world it is probably something you have been resisting and you are in need of some outside assistance. Be grateful.

This is all I have for today. I was a bit late because I was having a great dinner with some of my dearest friends and celebrating one of their birthdays. Come to think of it, those folks are some of the best cooks I know so no wonder it was so good. A great end to the weekend for sure.

Hope all you have a good week ahead and keep an open mind. Doubtless there will some challenges for some of us. Roll with what comes as best you can and don’t forget to be grateful everything that rolls your way…..the good, the bad, and the ugly!