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Happy Easter! First of all I want to apologize if anything I cover in the next few paragraph is offensive to my dear readers. My goal is not to offend but to educate others to the amazing possibilities in our universe.

I love the history of holidays. Their roots and their symbolism fascinate me. Easter is full religious symbolism but there are plenty that have nothing to do with religion. Probably the most popular of all Easter symbols are the bunny and the egg. Their origins go back to tens of thousands of years beyond any Christian connection. They go back even before the “Big Bang”.

Creation legends of many cultures tell us about Eostre or Ostara. Eostre was the goddess of the cosmic egg. The cosmic egg was what or is where we live now. It existed before this galaxy and the planets were formed. It seems each galaxy as we know them now, originated from a cosmic egg that floated in a cosmic ocean or plenum. Some might call this the primordial soup. Today it seems to be the space the planets and all galaxies travel in.

Sometime along the way, the bunny or hare, became the symbol for Eostre/Ostara. It all gets wrapped up in the bundle we call spring and also the time of year that this goddess was honored. The egg symbolizes fertility and new beginnings. The hare is connected to fertility and the Moon. Easter is a holiday based on the Moon. Go into this deeper and you discover that Eostre is the origin for the name of hormone estrogen.

I have no way of knowing if any this is true. We learn more and more about our past we uncover ancient texts and documents. I do know from my previous studies that legends, especially those found in multiple cultures tend to carry some weight to them. The story of the great flood is one of them. But for now, I am going to leave this all right here and again wish you al a happy day and if you are on spring break this week, I wish you happy travels and wonderful experiences. Now lets get on with this week’s astro outlook!

Last week was a big week astrologically. This week will be much calmer. Last week there was so much going on. We will no doubt be feeling some of he effects of last week for a while how ever. Eclipse energy lasts a good six months. But this week, all the planets are fairly stable in theirs signs and houses.

It is important to not that we have a lot of energy going on in the masculine and aggressive sign of Aries. This is often associated with destruction and war. Aries can also be a builder and peaceful too, so he is not all bad. Aries just seems to want something to do, something to focus his energy on. The hard work of building things is a good way to use this energy and make it more useful, peaceful, and productive.

But besides the Sun in Aries, we also have Mercury, and Uranus who has been in Aries for since 2008 or so. All of these bring a lot of stuff to the surface for us to transmute. I see a parallel here that relates to what happened last week in my state. In case you have not heard about the bill passed last Wednesday in a emergency session of the North Carolina general assembly I would be surprised. It has been national news ever since.

I was just listening my my friend Shelley Overton’s astrology show from last Tuesday and she was talking about Mercury and the Sun conjunct in the early degrees of Aries last week. She explained how this energy could lead us to say what ever we have on our minds without regard for the outcome. For me at least, this totally describes how the North Carolina legislature behaved last Wednesday night. If you want to know more I encourage to do your own research about this and if you are interested in hearing Shelley’s show last week you can link to it here: http://bit.ly/1SoZSoh

Moving on…….Monday the Sun in Aries trines the Moon in Sagittarius sparks a light that can ignite fires in the hearts of many. Sounds good to me as long as it is directed peacefully.

However! The other two planets in Sagittarius are generating some forceful energy. We are about midway into Saturn’s 2.5 yr transit of Sagittarius and at the same time Saturn has just turned retrograde. Being retrograde, Saturn is in the typical re-do period we know to occur with Mercury 3-4 times a years.

Saturn in Sagittarius is about the existence of our systems of belief, schools of thought, faith, truth and what they really mean to us. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to own what we believe. Right now we are seeing Mars in Sagittarius, and later this week Saturn in Sagittarius trine the Aries planets of Mercury and Uranus. This creates energy that simply has to express. The real question is how will it express it’s self in our world. How will it show up in world events?

Events like the one in Brussels, Belgium is one way it can show up. I want to refer back to Shelley Overton now as she described this energy. She used the word ”jihad” to describe it. While this word often instills fear in many and brings up images of terrorist attacks, the actual definition is two-fold. 1. a war or struggle against unbelievers. 2. a spiritual struggle within ones self against sin. 

I understand “ jihad” is strictly associated with Islam but when you take a closer look, how does it differ from any holy war or crusade carried out by any faith? Just food for thought perhaps? Or perhaps a warped attempt to be open minded? 

Wednesday brings a healing opportunity as Venus conjuncts Chiron. Personal relationships are in this spotlight. Learn from each other. See the beauty in mankind’s imperfection and love others for who they. Use this energy to build trust. Sometimes this can be a difficult process but it is well worth the effort and we ultimately reap the reward.

Also on Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto. Squares are always difficult aspects. This one is no exception. Try not to create problems where there aren’t any. This aspect is somewhat suspicious in nature. Use caution that you aren’t making things out to be worse than they really are and try not to be too forceful when sharing ideas with others. You could also notice some compulsive thoughts popping up.

Open mindedness is key. The positive side of this aspect is one I particularly enjoy. That is deep, probing conversations. Most people want to steer clear on me when I get in one of these moods.

Thursday Mercury is conjunct Pluto. This is another aspect I enjoy because of its intellectual energy. This aspect helps all of us more easily appreciate intellectual concepts. You could notice your intuition is pretty high today too. Don’t you love it when the you the right thought comes to mind at just the right moment? Just be aware that some of us can feel overloaded and become scattered, impulsive, and lack patience. On the bright side, out thoughts could be less one-sided, more imaginative, forward looking, and have more originality.

I am going to close this now and wish you a wonderful week. Having not felt like my usual self today, I think I will turn in early. Perhaps the combination of not eating as carefully as I usually do and the pollen has finally caught up with me. I’ve had a light headache all day and feel like some chicken broth or egg drop soup might be soothing.

It is a wild wacky world out there friends! Be safe and don’t forget to LOVE one another.