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Welcome Spring 2016! It has turned cool here in the Piedmont area and I have read reports of snow or freezing rain in the mountains. The last frost date here is April 15th so these cool temperatures are no real surprise to me. However this is also the earliest Spring since 1896 and a very busy week astrologically as you will read.

If you would like to know more about this early Spring, check out this page at Earth Sky: http://bit.ly/1MutP1M

Today, March 20th, the Sun moved into Aries and it is the offical start of Spring! Aries, the first of the twelve signs and is ruled my Mars, the god of war. This sign represents youth, impulsiveness, and fierceness. Those born under Aries are not known for being patient. To them, the shortest distance between two things is a straight line and any obstacles be damned.

Aries energy is known for being childish, direct, courageous, and often hotheaded. Aries people are often great at starting projects but seldom finish; a quality sometimes shared with the astrological neighbors, Taurus. Most Aries people do well with lots of competition, exercise and hard work which helps them relieve stress. Otherwise, they turn inward and can become depressed or develop addictive behaviors.

Venus is conjunct Neptune on the 20th. Like Spring, this means fresh, new beginnings. These will be more along creative lines but also expect increased sensory faculties concerning the visual, the spiritual, all things romantic, social, and beautiful. With this cool weather, cuddle up with yourself, a cup of something to warm to drink and what ever you like to read, write or create. Good day to spend some time in meditation too.

Monday, March 21, Mercury in Pisces, will square Saturn in Sagittarius. The very last degrees of a sign are said to be quite powerful and Mercury will be in the very last degree of Pisces on this day. Saturn in the middle degrees of Sagittarius will be shaking the Pisces/ Mercury energy into reality one last time. This will no doubt be a mind changer whether we like it or not.

images (2)Wednesday brings us the Full Moon in Libra and a lunar eclipse. If you pay attention you will see the Sun rise exactly east and set exactly west. Read more about that here: 


The energy of this Full Moon will be quite different energy from the recent New Moon and solar eclipse when they were in the mystical, dreamy, emotional influence of Pisces. This Full Moon and lunar eclipse will be in fiery, active Aries and balancing, ethical Libra. What changes could this energy bring us in the future?

Also on Wednesday Mercury moves into Aries To join the Sun for a few weeks. You could notice that communications and decision making become faster than they were under Pisces influence. If this is your natal position then you are likely known to be rather spontaneous in your actions and dislike spending time mulling over things.

Mercury in Aries can be fairly aggressive, direct, earthy and mars-aries-300x300sometimes vulgar. Getting to the point quickly is the norm and this combo really dislikes opposition to its opinions. They tend to think they know it all and can be very defensive about it. On the flip side, they can be very sensitive and sweet. Regardless of nature, Mercury in Aries is almost always direct and seldom gets down with the details. 

Mercury and the Sun will be conjunct shortly after Mercury enters Aries. Thinking and communications combine with the ego, Oh My! This will magnify the Aries energy and get Spring off to an very energetic start. The level of aggressiveness that some of us could see may be explosive. It might be best to lay off the caffeine this week and stay away from the alcohol too. You want to be able to think clearly before you act or speak. Staying flexible and focused is key.

Jupiter will square Saturn on Wednesday. Jupiter loves to see things grow whether is mental, physical or spiritual. Saturn can be a hard task master sometimes as he wants us to tow the line, do things by the book, and re-structure things instead. Saturn not one for taking short cuts. He will hold Jupiter at bay and tell him he just needs to take another look at things and work with systems and plans that are already in place.

Moving on tho Thursday when Mercury trines Mars. This aspect helps us keep all the energetic Aries energy at a good pace. Creative thoughts can become viable projects. Communications might not be so compassionate but they might be refreshing and to the point as our mental processes are fast and sharp.

Friday Saturn stations to turn retrograde for about 5 months. This is one of those do over time periods. Use this time to go back over decisions and commitments you have made or projects you have started in the past. I will write more on this soon.

Friday we also have Venus opposing Jupiter. Love it strong but can go to the extreme. Be sure that you are not being sold a bill of over stated feelings or dishing them out to others either.

Remember that Jupiter loves to expand on things but when it comes to feelings this is not always a good thing. If you find you are in the mood to party, go for it. But be aware that this energy has Drama Queen written all over it. It can also lead to over indulgences. Be sure to drink lots of water to avoid hangovers. Most of us probably need to drink more water anyway. I learned this week that I am for sure under hydrated. This means I need to reach for the water first thing in the morning be sure I am drinking more all day long. The stainless water bottle is going back in the car too.

The last aspect for Friday is again with Venus as she squares Saturn. Look out! This one can bring on some no so positive vibes. Venus could have us reaching for more than we can have. This aspect can bring on social discord and feelings of rejection. Saturn is such a tough guy to deal with at times. He sure isn’t almost the opposite of Venus in some ways and when these two square off there can be emotional trouble and upset.

lido-de-paris-new-year-s-eve-dinner-and-show-in-paris-46872Venus loves beauty and loves to spend money but watch your spending the end of this week. This coming weekend can be a real money pit in more ways that just being a holiday weekend. You will do well to be frugal.

Saturday will be a better day for spending but still avoid extravagant spending. Venus will be sextile Pluto. This is a good aspect. Passions rise but are not of the negative or offensive sort. Being focused, positive, and self assured will help us understand our authentic and deep feelings for others.

Easter is coming up. Lots of folks travel during this holiday. If you happen to be one of them, please be careful where ever you roam.