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cropped daffoldills 2016

Spring officially arrives this week! But the past week has sure felt like spring is already here. I’ve done some weeding and enjoyed time on the front porch, not that I let temperatures keep me from enjoying some porch time too often. The heat and the humidity will keep me inside far more than the cold will.

A couple of this on my calendar for canceled this week but the best parts were a long conversation with a friend as she was driving back from the mountains and a very lazy lunch and afternoon with another wonderful friend at one of my favorite spots in town.

Day light savings time began today. Did you make it to church or where ever on time today? Did you remember to set your clocks ahead one hour? I did but that doesn’t mean I got up any earlier than usual. I’m very grateful the neighbors dog didn’t wake me at 9 am today.

In this post I am going to talk about the asteroid Pallas, but first, let’s get to what this week possibly holds for us.

On Wednesday this week we have a fabulous trine alignment between Pluto and Jupiter. This can mean some positive global economic shifts are on the way. Pluto represents worldwide power and Jupiter represent finances. We will get a second shot at this energy in a few months as these two planets trine once more in June. Possibly what is being set up now will bear fruit then? Time will tell.

Regardless of what happens on the economic scene, this trine will help us welcome Spring next Sunday. In the meantime we have reflections on the Ides of March and St. Patrick’s day to keep up engaged.

For those of you who don’t remember studying Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar” in school, a soothsayer warned Caesar to “beware the Ides of March”. Before then the “Ides” was the Roman way of marking the 15th of March on the calendar. It had no dark meaning until it also became the day of Caesar’s death and Shakespeare’s wrote those well remembered words in his play. 

SaintPatrickIreland_240x320px1St. Patrick’s day honors the death of a Roman British priest who returned to Ireland where he had previously been held as a slave for six years in his late teens and early 20’s. St. Patrick is credited with driving snakes for Ireland but the truth is there never were any. What he actually did was try to convert the pagan Druids of the region to Christianity. It was the Druids who changed the story to be about the snakes.

This coming week will be the last full week the Sun and Mercury will be in Pisces. Venus will remain in Pisces until April 5th. Universal love is the theme of this Venus Pisces combo. The Sun and Mercury have us more focused on altruism, selflessness, wisdom, creativity, intuition, and imagination. All this will shift beginning next Sunday, March 20, 2016, when the Sun exits Pisces and enters fiery Aries. Mercury follows the Sun just three days later.

Other aspects this week of note are Mercury and Saturn in square orb early in the week. This energy can cause some obstacles in getting from here to there this week. Communications can also be challenging, delayed or blocked completely but this energy. Negative thoughts can cause some problems too. Just be aware and take care in your both your thoughts and words.

Venus will be square to Mars on Tuesday. This energy is full of passion. It also leans toward competitiveness and some sexual tensions could flare up. Impulse purchases can be a problem too. I made a impulse purchase just yesterday that got me in some financial stress for a few days. Please don’t follow my example. (I pledge to do better). Use any competitive energy that pops up in positive ways. It can invigorate and stimulate creativity.

Mercury will be in opposition to Jupiter early to mid week. Jupiter is expansive and like to magnify things. Mercury is about communications. This energy often leads us to exaggerate and overestimate things in our lives. This could seem bigger and more important than they really are in some ways and it can be easy to miss some important details due to our grand thinking. You may also need to exercise and extra strength and disciple when it comes to staying on task. If we can focus, we are likely to see great progress. Jupiter aspects are always so interesting to me.

Now I am going to jump ahead to next Sunday which I seldom do. This is because there will be several tough aspects that day. The Sun will enter Aries and Spring begins. It will also be the Spring Equinox, he day when there is equal day and equal night hours.

This is a time of balance. This is a good time to check your life for balance. I know recently in my life things have risen up that are causing me to rethink a few areas or reevaluate some of my beliefs about things. Reaching a personal saturation point has been a recurring theme in many of my conversations lately.

When we become saturated with too much of something, whether it is attention, someone’s tardiness, lack of respect, or whatever, we get out of balance and are forced to find a new balance point. Typically I want to analyze the situation and try to fix it but that doesn’t always work and isn’t always a good use of anyone’s time and things get frustrating.

A friend of mine says he doesn’t have time to figure out why balancepeople do what they do. It is impossible to know those things anyway in most cases. There is no point in trying to fix something or understand it.  He simply has to deal with the results of other people’s actions and go on with his life. well this hit me in a thought provoking way! I will surely be pondering this during the coming week as I continue to adjust and more balance in my life.

I spoke with another friend this week who moved to Texas from Arizona just a few weeks before Christmas. The day after Christmas the worst tornado in over 100 years hit her town and her neighborhood. Her house was unharmed and the whole family is fine but all around them there is destruction. Talk about finding your balance. 

Any move is a balancing act in more ways than one but when your new home town goes through such incredible changes,  finding the new balance can be daunting yet crucial. I was glad to hear that she seems happy and in a good place in spite of all these changes. 

pNow I want to change course and talk a bit about the asteroid Pallas. She was the second asteroid discovered and named after Pallas Athena, the warrior Queen and the goddess of strategy, skill, just battle, wisdom and courage. She is said to have no mother and to have been born from the head of Zeus after he began having headaches. It seems Zeus ate his wife Metis, after she became pregnant because he believed a prophesy that said his first born, a girl, would be his equal in strength and wisdom. What a threat to any man or god. The headaches were so bad that a friend took an axe to his head and Athena popped out of the wound, fully grown, swinging her sword and shouting battle cries. Talk about a dramatic entrance!

Pallas is one of the largest asteroids that orbits in a particular area of the solar system. Her path is between Jupiter and Mars. Like her sister asteroids, Ceres, Vesta, and Juno, she was discovered in the 19th century but largely ignored until recently.

Pallas is said the the asteroid of astrologers and often holds a prominent place in their natal charts. This means she is often within a degree or two of an aspect and often close to an astrologers Sun or Moon which represent one’s character, or Uranus and Aquarius (astrology), or Saturn (thought). I was surprised to find that Pallas is conjunct my Moon in Virgo.

Pallas also represents the father-daughter relationship. You might say she is daddy’s girl. Aren’t most of us? I came across a chart someone generated for this asteroid based on when it was discovered. In case you were wondering, you can do charts for all sorts of things, even when you ask a question.

Here is the chart for Pallas.



You can clearly see the daughter Venus conjunct the Father Sun, in opposition to Uranus the rebel. Now you begin to see her war like rebellion.

I am not sure I get the whole asteroid thing yet. There seems to be thousands of them and one for about anything you can think of. Sometimes I feel like this is too abstract for me. But I am learning and so far things seem to fitting in place quite nicely.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.