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This week….the eclipses are coming! First up is the Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Pisces on March 8 and a Lunar eclipse on March 23 with the Full Moon in Virgo. Get ready!

Solar eclipse energy is about endings and beginnings, closing doors and opening new ones to new opportunities. I would say the approach of spring would be a perfect time for new things, wouldn’t you?

This also reminds me of what my college friend Corrine tries to do. She never brings anything new into her house unless she is getting rid of an equal of greater number of things before hand. If I lived by that philosophy, my house would be immaculate and very organized. It is never too late to start new path however and this eclipse period might be a good time for me to begin this practice.

Margaret-614x264Eclipse energy is great energy for setting goals and intentions. You simply need to be clear as a bell about what you want. Examine what is holding you down. What weighs heavy and holds you back will need to go so you can easily carry what you need to bring with you. Some of us will be pulled to toss it all. Oh MY! Talk about change! This is really scary! But you will be so much better off if you heed the call and just do it! Let is all GO! ! ! There is blank page ahead waiting for you to write a new story on it. Let the eclipse energy drive you there and enjoy the ride and the change of scenery.

Resisting will mean you might begin this new chapter empty handed. Sometimes this is the best way but it is seldom the way we hope to face change. Regardless, eclipse energy often takes us exactly where we

need to be even if we can’t see this at first. They truly assist our evolution no matter what changes.

This Solar eclipse will be in Pisces, the 12th house of spirituality and intuition. Pisces is all about our subconscious. This is certainly of the highest vibration. Getting an idea of where this can lead us? Some of you will and some won’t. It’s all good. No worries. Pisces energy can be interesting and difficult for some of us to deal with. It is deep, introspective and addictive. It can bring up the deep, dark depths of our soul for us review.

Pluto will be sextile to the Sun during the eclipse. Pluto also deals with the depths of our soul or psyche. Pluto is also transformative. When we combine these energies, our lives can really be in for some changes. Fortunately the sextile aspect is in harmony with the eclipse energy so any thing it excavation and transformation should be mild and easy.

I should also point out that this coming Full Moon will also be a Super Moon. Seems we have had lots of them in the past year. Chalk this up to a cycle where the Earth is closer to the Moon than usual. Astronomers us some cool fancy words for this closeness. The words are “perigee-syzygy”. Expect the moon to look bigger upon rising and if you are at the beach, the tides will be higher than usual. This trend of Super Moons over the past year will continue this year. There will be six in all.

Jupiter is opposing the Sun during the eclipse. If your birthday is a day or two on either side of the eclipse, this could be a big year for you. Jupiter is the planet of surprises. Just try not to make any important decisions on Tuesday, the day of the eclipse. Roll with the eclipse energy for the day and don’t worry too much about what is going on. You can have the rest of the week for that.

The end of the week brings us the singular conjucntion Johnny Carsonbetween Mercury and Neptune for this year. This conjucntion is interesting. It can help open our psychic abilty and see beyond the veil, which seems to be getting thinner and thinner all the time. But is can also turn us towards a lie or two or three. I detest lies so I will be on alert this week and do all I can not to petrate one.

Venus will be joining in the Pisces party on Saturday, March 12. Watch your wallets. Venus loves to spend money on things, especially pretty things. For the next four weeks you might want to freeze those credit cards and focus on paying things off instead. I know for some of us this will be a most difficult task but it will be for the best.

The last thing to talk about today is the time change. We go back to Daylight Savings Time next weekend. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour next Saturday night.

Have a great week and don’t forget to let go of what you don’t need. This can be people, places or things. Let it all go!