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How is everyone enjoying the Pisces Sun? My dream time has been off the charts. I admit to not being the best dream interpreter in the world but a few have had easily discernible messages while others have left me wondering. I wish I was disciplined enough to keep a dream journal. My discipline goes toward other areas or nothing at all.

Last week began with a Monday morning call from a friend who lives in Indiana. He had one question: “What are you doing for lunch?” I happened to be free but even if I wasn’t I would have done what I could to meet him for lunch. This guy is one of my favorite dad’s in the world and I used to take care of his and his lovely wife’s three children. This is one of the most amazing families I have ever known. I am honored and humbled they still want to keep in touch with me.

Monday evening I met up with another long time friend who was in town from Boone, NC for a conference. She and I go back over 40 years but seldom spend time together. We keep in touch over the phone and via social media.

The rest of my week was calm even with the storm that came through on Wednesday. My area really lucked out and missed much of the heavy winds, rain and other weather. Much of the eastern U.S. Was not so fortunate and suffered great loss due to tornado and straight line winds. Damage ran across the Gulf coast states all the way up the eastern seaboard all the way to New England. I watched the Weather Channel at work and wept for all the folks that suffered loss of homes and livelihood.

This was a very unusual storm, especially for this time of year. Tornadoes in NC are rare. Tornadoes in N.C in February are more rare. This will surely make winter storm Petros one for the history books! I am not at all sure however how this was showing up in last week’s astrology. What ever it was, I missed it big time.

This week brings us an extra calendar day. Every four years we add one day and call it “Leap Year”. Tradition says on this year women are allowed to propose to men. Of course if I ever wanted to ask a man, I would not let one day stand in my way.

Today the Sun is conjunct Neptune. Don’t be surprised if you find you are extra sensitive to the emotions or moods of others. You intuition should be high today and all decision should feel natural. However when is comes to our goals, we are more uncertain. Pisces can cause us to lose our perspective of reality and reason. At the same time our awareness of the spiritual, imagination, and inspiration soars.

Perhaps the big news this week is the eclipses are coming! Not this week but next. We will begin to feel it later this week however, especially those with strong Virgo and Pisces connections.

Eclipse energy is felt a full six months. The recent Full Moon was at 3 degrees Virgo and the New Moon and solar eclipse on March 8 will be in Pisces. Virgo is the sixth house of work, health, perfection, order, and service to others. Pisces is the 12th house of secrets, illusion, seclusion,addictions, intuition, things hidden, and large institutions. These are the sorts of issues and things we will be dealing with in our lives over the next six months, or at least issues related to these characteristics.

Perfectionism is sure to be one and one we may not recognize as perfectionism in ourselves or others. We will see it more as being picky, critical, and analytical. As one with a Virgo Moon, I can be critical at times. While I try to be aware and give others the benefit of the doubt, I don’t always succeed. Gratefully I am much better at letting go than I was but when I have reached my saturation point it is best for me to steer clear and remember that nothing is perfect. This has also been something I have dealt with the past few days.

This brings me to the next Asteroid I want to talk about; Ceres, which is also considered a dwarf planet. Ceres is about the nurturing in our early life and how we nurture others. Food and clothes are in its domain. This is also one that reflects on some of my recent events and feelings.

I have Ceres in Libra in my chart. This is about being tasteful, subtle and doing small things for people. I’ve always said I liked the little things and getting to know Ceres has shown me why that is.

Right now Ceres is transiting very close to Neptune. This may lead many of us to find nurturing in creativity, day dreaming or meditation, and spirituality. The coming New Moon will however be opposing Neptune and this could cause some confusion and abandonment feelings which is the opposite of feeling nurtured. This could also stir up our addictions and addictive behaviors. I hope these feelings don’t last for six months. We will need to exercise personal strength no matter what.

Later this week, Mercury will be exiting Aquarius and entering Pisces. Our thirst of knowledge and out of the box thinking gives way to more objective thinking. We might notice making decisions more intuitively and use creativity to express ourselves. Anything that raises our consciousness is bound to draw us in as well. Pisces influence can be dynamic on many levels and no matter what planets are involved. I hope you will make the best of this opportunity.

Venus is still transiting Aquarius. Enjoy its detachment and freedom while it lasts. Of course this can lead to some unexpected breakups too. Sorry if that happens to you and it is unexpected.

Mars leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius the same day Mercury leaves Aquarius, March 5. We begin to feel more idealistic. Routine can feel old, especially if we have not had a break recently or a small vacation. Most of us won’t be able to give in to any desire to travel so getting out for a walk might just ease any itchy feet. Any big projects we begin, might end up on the shelf or altogether abandoned before the get finished. Mars is Sagittarius can often set his sights higher than he can realistically manage.

It is funny, now that I have come to end of this post, I am feeling rather spacey myself. I am hoping this is due to Pisces and not something else. Although, I don’t know what else it could be. Wishing you a wonderful week.

Don’t forget to help those in your area that might need some help after last week’s storm. I would say send money to the Red Cross but personally I don’t feel they often get directly to a problem like a local group or religious group might. I have begun sending money to food Feeding America or looking up churches and service organizations in locations that are in need. These groups are often have greater knowledge of need than some of the more well known national organizations. Here is a link to send funds to the Lancaster, PA area.



From what I have read, monies sent will help everyone not just the Mennonite or Amish, but English too. 

Pensacola Fla was also hit hard by tornadoes and I am sure there are many other towns and cities I don’t know about. If I am not mistaken the area of Pensacola that was hit is among the most disadvantaged in the area. I am sure these folks could use some extra help about now. The United Way of Pensacola is located at 1301 W. Government St., Pensacola, Fla 32502

 Even if you can not help right now, consider sending something later. Even $1 each from my readers will add up. Even the poorest among us can almost always come up with $1 if not $5.