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It feels and looks like spring might be close, even early this year. I am not going to hold my breath however because I know how quickly things can change. My daffodils began to bud over a month ago and are still in the bud state. The almanac said this winter would be wet and it has and is. It is raining now and will be through Wednesday. I need to read the almanac my friend handed me the other day to see what summer will look like.

We are firmly footed in Pisces energy now and several Pisces1people around me have commented on how much more calm they feel. They also comment on a feeling of being dazed, fuzzy headed, or in a dream like state of mind. All these are characteristics of Pisces. For me sleep has been important and I have felt the need for lots of it lately too. I don’t mind really. I have learned to go with what ever my body seems to want to do.

Pisces is a good sign to indulge in self care. I plan to do just that. I have am working on some new healthy drink combos. Some are teas with antioxidant spices and herbs added and some are juice and veggie drinks. I am totally enjoying my aromatherapy diffuser pendant. If you like oils, I suggest you get one of these. Just don’t add so much oil that it leaks out all over your clothes like it did for one friend. And I suggest staying away from the clay ones unless you only want to own a bunch of them. You will need one clay pendant for each scent or oil blend.

Full-Moon-588x441This week begins with Full Moon energy. This is when we see the fruits of our labors from the last New Moon. It is also a romantic and emotional time. This Full Moon will be in Virgo. It urges us to find a balance in our every day lives. Our health, whether physical, mental or spiritual, are seeking balance right now. This might be the reason I am not concerned about sleeping more than usual.

Virgo rules ways and means we use to deal with our daily lives and routines. Pisces rules how we deal with our spiritual lives. Finding a balance between them is key. This can manifest as a balance between work and service to others, being critical or accepting things/life.

Other driving factors currently are Mercury in Aquarius. You might notice you are feeling rather inventive the past week and this coming week. We also might feel the urge to learn. Mercury wants to know things so he can communicate better. Aquarius energy makes for some rather spontaneous thoughts and communications. Aquarius will also lend a more liberal tome to out thoughts and communications. I just love the inventiveness of Aquarius.

Venus is also transiting Aquarius right now. Love is unconventional and we might feel like we want some independence and freedom when it comes to our social lives and relationships. Aquarius can be as faithful as any sign but can also be quite unattached too. Aquarius is about being friends and lovers. He is also known to experiment, so look out honey. If your partner brings home some fuzzy handcuffs, you know might want to check their chart for an Aquarian trigger. It is good to know the Aquarius is an equal opportunity sign so he probably won’t get bent out of shape if you decline experimentation of any sort.

Mars in is the water sign of Scorpio but Scorpio can be quite hot too. Mars is a bratty child at times whose ability to delay gratification is weak. He wants what he wants and he wants it now. At the same time he is very interested in going deep into and experiencing the depths of our emotions. This can also be aggravated by Pisces Sun influence. This energy can pull you into exploring why others do what they do. Why they repress or express. This is a given with me since I have Mars in Scorpio in my natal chart. We might also feel drawn to a crisis. These crisis events can be interesting, even exciting and trans formative in some ways. Scorpio loves the intensity. He had rather feel strongly than anything. All else is simply unsatisfying. All three of the above themes will be with us into early March.

In other aspects this week, Sunday the Sun is semi-square Uranus. This energy triggers us into action. Things could end badly if we are not sure of our direction. Lately I have felt as if no one knows where they are going. Lots of folks seem to be in flux but I don’t think we can blame this transit for this. I’m not sure what to blame here. Anyway, This transit can lead us to a new path. Be sure to avoid making decisions too fast. Remember how spontaneous Uranus can be and that is not always a good thing.

Last week I talked about Chiron. This Tuesday Chiron is opposing Jupiter. This energy will have u thirsty for knowing but connecting with a personal belief that reflects our values might be difficult. We can actually be lead off our path by others and end up questioning our beliefs. Personally I think this can be a good thing. I like to question but this is also reflective of my natal chart.

Those around us might not understand our vision. Our relationships could face the challenges that differing beliefs can bring. Some of our decisions now don’t seem so well planned. Chiron usually is asking us to look inside to find answers. He is not about going blindly into the night.

All in all this week is going to be calmer than most. I hope you enjoy what ever it is you do this week. I have a couple of good books to get into, thanks to a really cool friend. I will also continue a string of one on one visits with old friends tomorrow night when one of my dearest old friends from my early 20’s comes to town for a conference. The rest of the week who knows? I am sure with all the creative energy about now, I will come up with something interesting.

A big shout out to all my new readers. I hope you find info here you can use. Welcome aboard!

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Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead!

Here is a video I found entertaining. Hope you see the humor as well.