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Happy belated Valentines day! I hope you are able to spend some time with folks you love.

This is the last week of the Sun in Aquarius. I am sad to see it over because I love this time of year and Aquarius so much. I won’t be sad however for us to move out of what has seemed to be a season of death. Perhaps the best thing to come out of transition is a renewed desire to live life to the fullest instead of drowning in grief. Grieving is am important part of the healing process but when we stay in that spot it’s not a good thing for anyone. It isn’t the life our dearly departed want for us either.

So Friday we move on from Aquarius to Pisces. We leave the “rebel with a cause” energy behind to take on a more altruistic energy. I see nothing wrong with that at all. We want to do less and feel more. (I do plenty of that already).

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces energy is about creativity, imagination, planet-neptune-380x235and dreaming. Pisces also rules empathy, commitment, and wisdom. The shadow side of this sign is victim energy, passiveness, self pity, and unclear. Thoughts, words, and ideas often get fuzzy when Pisces energy is involved. It tends to send us into day dreamland. As much time as I spent day dreaming as a child, you might think I have a lot of Pisces in influence in my chart. I don’t. Pisces is void of planets for me. Only the asteroid Vesta resides there. As a side bar………here is what Wikipedia has to say about Vesta:

This asteroid is second largest in size, fourth to be discovered of which it is the fastest to travel the zodiac and the last asteroid to be counted as a planet. In mythology Vesta the virgin goddess, the Roman version of Hestia, though she was of higher importance to the Romans, was regarded as one of the most important goddesses of all, though ironically she never was depicted in any visual art (in Greece, some vases with her image however have been found), or at least none of it has ever been found. She was the goddess of hearth, when a baby was born she was the goddess they would ask to bless it and protect the home. In every city and home in Rome there was a sacred fire made to Vesta that was protected and not allowed to go out. Astrologers use Vesta to determine what it is that you are devoted to and how your sexuality will develop. Vesta, having been a protective virgin goddess is said by some to be an influence of the sign Virgo, this is accepted by many in the astrological community, but many prefer to instead of calling the influence an outright rulership an “affinity” or simply do not support this claim. It also seems to bear influence over Scorpio.

Before the Sun moves into Pisces, Tuesday Venus follows Mercury and moves into Aquarius. This will be love and beauty trying to be free and spontaneous. Venus becomes aware here that being a great friend is equally as important as being a great lover.

Wednesday Venus semi-squares Saturn. This energy can cause us some problems with others. We might not relate as well as we might we usually do. Some may seem to be more distant emotionally and cold. This is not good energy for love. Break ups are more common with this energy thanks to Saturn. He likes to put us our place and often we will feel less willing to be our vivacious social selves and take on a more reserved social profile. If there is something you are looking to put money into, beware. This could cost more than it is worth. This day could be best spent contemplating life.

Also on Wednesday, Mercury is semi square Chiron. Our words can wound and it can be difficult to read the intention behind an email, phone call, text, or other action. This energy can also lead to some impatience with authority, guilt, and unwarranted debate.

Chiron is an important asteroid that I don’t talk about much. Mostly because I haven’t studied asteroids much. I am slowly learning more about all of them. Knowing someone who is quite interested in them is helping and pushing me to learn.

Chiron is the wounded healer. He was discovered in 1977, the year Star wars and the death of Elvis. Mythological Chiron is said to be the only civilized centaur while the rest were violent, libidinous drunks. Chiron is somehow able to control his beastly nature and not go to extremes l like other centaurs who are known for addictions. Chiron did not abuse then and instead he used drugs to heal. It is good to note that Chiron rules ancient healing practices like acupuncture. He is into herbs, healthy organic foods, and herbs. Being half horse and half man he holds the energy of both Saturn (man) and Uranus (horse/beast). These two aspects give him characteristics of a structured, civilized man, and the progressive, spontaneous, sometimes impulsive direction of the horse.

chiron (1)The symbol used for Chiron is a key. This is for unlocking things that are often off limits to us. Some say Chiron unlocks the wisdom of the ages, mysteries of the ancients, even helps us access different dimensions. Uranus, our outer most planet is called the entryway of the solar system into the trans personal. All the outer planets relate to our transformation and evolution. This internal change is known to cause us lots of pain and suffering, especially when we resist it. Chiron helps us transmute this into spiritual strength.

There isn’t a whole lot more I want to talk about today. I know this is a day late and I apologize. But there is one last thing that concerns Chiron. This one comes Saturday the 20th when Chiron is semi-square Venus. This could throw some blocks into our closest relationships. We tend to see our differences more prominently than our sameness. Chiron always asks us to transmute and heal or conflicts and differences.

Wishing you all a great week ahead. It has been quite cold in my area the past few days and we are expecting sleet or freezing rain tonight. Tomorrow should be much better when the temps rise above freezing and get into the 50’s.

Be safe out there!