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Good golly Miss Molly! 2016 has started out with a lot of upset and endings. It seems like the entertainment and creative sectors has been hit extra hard as one musician, entertainer, or otherwise creative person after another has passed on. I am sure I am not alone in my pondering the topics of death and dying stirred up by these transitions. But here we are at Chinese New Year! This year I am viewing it as a New Years do-over. After all, Mercury was stationing to turn retrograde just 5 days after our traditional New Year and that brought is to a screeching halt. But it is this whole Fire Monkey thing that has me wondering about the year ahead. What tricks and treats, surprises, mischief, and misdeeds does it hold for us? 

Now that Mercury has turned direct again, we feel the nudge to move forward again. This is part of the Fire Monkey energy too. This is also a Nine year and nine in numerology means completion. Completion is part of letting go. If you have been reading this blog since the beginning you might recall that when Saturn was in Scorpio, the cosmos was asking us to let go of what no longer served us. Relationships, jobs and all sorts of things came to an end. People moved that had no idea they were going to. This nine year and year of the Fire Monkey is not so different. It is time to let go of all sorts of things, even our loved ones who are crossing or have crossed over.

Now I am at a point where my mortality is staring me down. It is time to let go of things including my debt load. If I begin reading the obituaries, then you know I have gone over the edge with the mortality thing. But I have a plan for my year. It is not too late for you to devise a plan for your year too. The New Moon this week will help us with moving forward.

let-goAll this letting go is cathartic. I believe that what is going on now is part of the awakening process of humanity. Keep your eyes open and to how this plays out in your area as well as on the world stage. I think there will be a lot of letting go this year and not all of it in ways we welcome. Some of it will be forced either by the environment, economics, or other powers beyond our control. Don’t thank Obama. Thank the Pluto/Uranus square. I know you thought this was over with and it is as far as the exact square goes but these two planets are still dancing around at just one or two degrees from perfectly square. Just enough to have a huge effect on us.

Most of us know that our current systems are broken.  We have seen our systems rock and sway ever since Pluto and Uranus began their square dance in 2008. This will continue through most of 2018. Then things level off and ease up as they begin to separate more and more. We probably won’t see much real change until the mid 2020’s or closer to 2030. But change is on the way!

What has been interesting lately is that Venus and Mercury have bunched up in Capricorn and triggering this square energy. Notice break ups and issues around money, sex, women and love. I would say the recent indictment of anti-abortion activists, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt would be a possible result of this energy. Pluto loves to go deep and uncover things. Secrets come out. We’ve also seen some economic news lately too. It seems the China market is having troubles, unrest continues in the middle east, our country is displaying a large division across the board. And on and on….and on……….

I love that we begin this week with a bang and fireworks

Golden gragon statue with fireworks, Phuket Thailand

Golden gragon statue with fireworks, Phuket Thailand

and ends with hugs, kisses, and expressing of love. There is nothing better than the feeling of being appreciated and loved. I felt this today when someone I did not recognize or know very well at all, spoke to me. It was good to know I had made an impression worth acknowledging nearly eleven years ago. Even though I did not recognize the person how spoke to me and might not ever recognize her again. I even asked that if she saw me again to please be sure to speak to me.

This week the Sun is still in Aquarius. This is a humanitarian sign and one that seems to be driven toward knowing. It is also rebellious, innovative, and original. Aquarius is loves trying new things and enjoys changing things up and stimulating change in others. It is my sign and I love it.

Today, as the country prepares for the 50th Super Bowl, the Sun is squaring Mars. This energy is volatile. Mars is the planet of war and rules armies, guns, and confrontations of all sorts. Wit this energy in the air, we could see a very exciting football game. Well you might. I won’t be watching.

Monday brings us a New Moon in Aquarius. New Moons as you know, represent new beginnings. This New Moon in Aquarius gives us a double shot of Newness. I’m feeling like all the energies are pointing us to the real beginning of 2016.

All of the Capricorn planets,Pluto, Mercury, and Venus will be trine Jupiter this week. Look for surprises, expansion and addiction when it comes to love. Get out those old Robert Palmer records and play “Addicted to Love”.

Finances, finding lost items, or secrets coming out will also be part of the energy this week. It will be a good one for socializing but use caution when it comes to spending money. Venus and Jupiter energy can cost us when we aren’t on top of it. Regardless, I can hardly wait to see what happens in the news and around the world this week. The Sun/Mars square energy from Sunday could bleed into these expansive trine aspects and intensify them in negative ways.

All three Capricorn planets will semi square Neptune this week at some point. The Mercury semi square is Monday. Expect daydreaming and avoid presentations if possible. Technical facts

pWednesday marks the beginning of lent. This six week period is a time of reflection, fasting, making amends, and meditation. And, yet another new beginning of sorts. Are you planing to give anything up for Lent? You certainly don’t have to go all 40 or 46 days, depending on how you count it.  I will commit to for 21 days and see how it goes. I’m pretty sure I will be able to make the whole 46 days if I just allow it. Maybe I will share more about this in a week or so. 

Mercury leaves the serious sign of Capricorn on 13th and moves into the more fun loving Aquarius. This might enliven your Valentines day plans a bit. Mercury will now be fully out of his mercury-trine-marsshadow period and back to full speed. Venus will follow Mercury into Aquarius three days later, on the 16-17th. The slow start of this year will finally be over and we will be finally moving forward again.

Having both Venus and Mercury in Aquarius will snap things up a bit for sure. We will feel more like having fun than we did under the serious influence of Capricorn. Just remember that Aquarius loves to shake things up and have fun. Allow that rebellious, daring side to come out some. It will help you let go of those things we talked about earlier. Just be aware of the aspects with Neptune and Jupiter. These can bring out addictions to love, money, feeling good and having too much fun and cause us to have a bit of cloudy thinking. Balance, as always is key.

I am off to find balance in my kitchen. It seems I am always trying to find something in there. Balance is probably top of the list and most often lost. Then I am also going to finalize my Lenten plans so I will be prepared to begin Wednesday.

Wishing you all a great week ahead! Happy Year of the Fire Monkey. It’s going to be interesting.