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Here were are at the beginning of the month known for love and relationships. After the previous month or more of souls leaving this physical plane, I wonder how this month pan out. Will the soul parting continue or will souls find mates and  will love relationships grow? I am will be grateful no matter what happens.

The Chinese New is near. It actually begins next Sunday, February 8, 2016.  But I want to talk about this and more today. I also want to talk about the Iowa caucuses tomorrow night. These are the first political measure we have. The outcome really has little meaning in the long run but in the short run is a good indicator candidate potential.

Caucuses are really just a meeting of people of like minds. The Republicans and the Democrats don’t hold their caucuses exactly the same either but in general, there is a lot of talk about candidates and then a vote. A winner is announced but that doesn’t mean all that much either.

One thing most Americans don’t get is that a caucus in the winter in Iowa only brings out about 15% of voters for either party. That isn’t very much. I mean it’s WINTER in IOWA! And the caucuses are held at night. I don’t know about you but I might have to be pretty darn motivated to get out in the cold on a Monday night if I lived there.


I am not trying to start a political debate here so please, no comments along party lines.

This year both parties are running a neck and neck race between two main candidates. On the Republican side Ted Cruz is about five points behind Donald Trump, with Jeb Bush nowhere is sight. While on the Democrat side Bernie Saunders is just three points from Hillary Clinton. The others are trailing somewhere behind these four candidates. This should be an interesting campaign year anyway you slice it.

All these candidates seem to have love hate relationships with their public for a variety of reasons. Trump is all business and drama. Ted Cruz is not a real American, Hillary used her own email server, and Bernie is a socialist.

These four people pretty much sum up our country when you think about it. Most of us love good drama, unless you are Native American you aren’t a “real” American either, we all say things in emails we shouldn’t, and more of our current government is somewhat socialist than most of us are willing to admit.And we probably can’t blame Obama for this, although many have and will continue to try. Regardless of where you stand when it comes to the candidates, there is little denying that this campaign season has been and will probably continue to be the most unusual and interesting in our country’s history.

John Hogue of http://www.hogueprophecy.com/ has taken a good look at Donald Trump’s astrology chart. He seems to be the only candidate whose birth information is completely public. John has written a e-book on Trump’s chart and what it could mean. In case you are interested in reading this book you will find it very inexpensive here: http://amzn.to/1nGyzfd

The planetary aspects through out the year will have an effect on all of us collectively as well as the physical planet. I for one will also be very interested to see how the Chinese sign for the coming year affects us. Get your fireworks ready as we usher in what I feel will be a year for the history books.

This is the year of the Fire Monkey reminds me of Uranus in some ways. The Fire Monkey can bring change very quickly in political, financial and virtually any arena. Those who are quick on their feet may find a few new opportunities but you must act fast, be daring and imaginative. I can hardly wait to see what comes from the scientific world this year! Not to mention any new information they gather on Planet X. The discovery of Nibiru is probably not far off either.

There are twelve signs in Chinese astrology just as there are in Western astrology. The Chinese however, also assign one of five elements (fire, water, metal, water, and wood) to each sign. Each sign comes around every twelve years and each sign and given element comes around once every 60 years. The last time we were in a Fire Monkey year was in 1956 or 60 years ago.

The Monkey is the ninth sign in the Chinese zodiac. Nine is the number of completion in numerology. No doubt we will see more endings this years. My gut is telling me this will involve finances in some way. I have been feeling things lately that I can’t explain. Many of the things that crossed my mental pathways have turned out to be true. I hope this gut feeling turns out to be good news for finances. Regardless of what happens, we can’t do much about it but deal with it and realize that it is all part of our soul contract and human evolution. Do your best to keep your vibrations high and seek joy in all things, pleasant and unpleasant.

Monkey years are usually good for finding order in the chaos. This Fire Monkey is particularly active and will hopefully help push us toward greatness. Some of our old patterns and ideas could splinter apart too. This is no time to duck and run or hide your head in the sand. Not if there are things you want to accomplish. Get out there and take action. It will be a great year to learn, to be merry and for all my preforming art friends, this year could be extra good for you!

However, this is by now means a peaches and cream year either. The El Nino weather pattern will most likely continue to cause extreme weather around the globe. You have probably read recently about an expected earthquake off the coast of North Western states. A friend of mine wrote last week about awakened by a 7.1 earthquake while visiting in Anchorage, AK.

Many of  you probably know there are many volcanoes around the globe, especially in the pacific ring that seem to be on the brink of erupting. There is just no telling what could happen during the year of the Fire Monkey. It is sure to be exciting! I am not looking forward to high heat and floods or any sever weather but will find ways to deal with what ever comes my way.

One other thing I am not looking forward to is continued battles over whose Creator/religion is the best. This is something that has gone on for millennium. But why does mankind still wage such battles? Most of us know that all our beliefs are closely paralleled when we pare them down. The Fire Monkey is a trickster of sorts and these battles and wars will continue.

The Monkey is also capable of solutions. Monkeys are crafty, ingenious and can find subtle ways of dealing with problems where other feel things are nearly impossible.

One of the areas I am hoping to see the Fire Monkey really work is with our sustainable, clean energy development and pollution issues. Health care issues could be big news too. I think we have a big start on both of these with some lies and incompetence that has come to light in recent weeks. There are more but the two that come to mind now are the poisoning for Flint MI residents and the lies and indictment of those that rallied against women and Planned Parenthood. Again, I am not starting a debate.

Up in the sky Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars and Mercury are putting quite a show for us. Mercury is not direct and things should be moving along faster now. The retrograde rest was just what we needed after a long string of holiday activity.

When is come to aspects for this week, we have Venus, Mercury and Pluto all huddled up in Capricorn. Uranus is forming a square to these three. The Moon is our emotions, Venus our relationships, both with female energy are crammed into a conjunction with the male energy of Pluto in Capricorn squared by the male energy of Uranus in fiery Aries. Aggression could the theme this week. I am going to stay out of folks way this week.

At week’s end we will be nearing a New Moon in Aquarius. It won’t be completely New until Monday February 8, but this will be close enough to count when combined with the energy around the previously mentioned conjunction and square. Plus this will be Super Bowl Sunday!

I am not a big sports fan but even I take notice when one of the two teams in from my home state!  Blend the game with the energy of the planets and aspects and I believe we might be in for a really interesting game! Maybe even one for the books!  

If you are planning a Super Bowl party, a New Year’s party,  or going to one, get that designated driver booked. It is just not worth risking your life or anyone else. And if you insist on driving, be sure your life insurance is paid up and active. With that I am moving on to editing an article for a friend on that very subject.

Have great week! And brace your self for a year of monkey business.