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WOW! What a week! Monday I was remembering a friend’s passing in 1988. I have not thought of her funeral for years. If you read last weeks post you will recall I mentioned my friend Ken was in the hospital and having rough time after heart surgery. Tuesday morning I learned that both he and an old friend in Detroit, Joe who was in hospice care, had both made their transition to the afterlife. Ken’s passing was a real shock to me.

I believe that when something leaves, something comes to take its place. I am pretty sure there are a lot of new things coming in soon. It will be up to us if and when we welcome them in. I know how difficult it can be to let go especially when we are in shock. Time heals but we don’t forget.

Nature does not like empty spaces and swiftly moves to fill them. It is too bad that most of us focus more on the loss and what was more than the future and what will be. We are often too concerned with ourselves and our ego, and not the realization that we are part of the whole. Change is difficult no matter where we are in our awakening. It is even more difficult when it involves someone we dearly love.

The past few weeks I have noticed more than one person trying to swim up stream. I contribute this and the many deaths in our world to Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Capricorn is an earth sign and very physical. The changes Mercury retrograde has brought us are very physical.

I have also noticed a number of people that seem to be swimming up stream. They are stuck or on a place of flux in some way and don’t know what they want to do. A couple of years ago they made big decisions but not don’t seem to be happy with what they decided. Some of them have not even investigated their decisions all the well or given them time to bear fruit. Others want to jump in the deep end of the pool before they know how to swim. We all do this from time to time.

man_in_the_mazeThis reminded me of , a graphic image of the Tohono O’Odham tribe of southern Arizona known as “the Man in the Maze”. It represents our connection to the Universe, the Great Spirit, the Creator. As long as we stay in the right path, the one that is connected to the creator, we are fine. When we get off the path, we end up in trouble.  It is law of attraction in it’s purest form.

Mercury retrograde is often viewed as period of trouble. I believe it is part of this natural order of things. When we learn to embrace it and go with its flow, our lives are greatly enriched. It is a time of redoing things, reviewing, going back over things and making a new start, or ending things. This is probably why we are seeing so many deaths over the past few weeks.

Mercury is now stationing to turn direct. Tomorrow, Monday January 25, 2016, he will be direct but still in his shadow for another whole week. This means he won’t beMarsRetrogradeSeenFromEarth back to full speed until February 1 so you will still need to go slow yourself. I;m sure there are a few thing redo things you have yet to complete.

This past week has been quite a reflective one for me. Perfect for a retrograde period. I also think it is common to take a trip down memory lane when someone dies but last Friday was also my 62nd solar return. The actual solar return took place at 7:30 am on January 2nd or 5 hours and 45 minutes after my actual birth time. I had a marvelous time with friends and co-workers who lavished me with well wishes, gifts, and lunches out. The week ended with my favorite winter weather, snow. I am a happy girl!

The Sun changed signs last Wednesday. Our Solar influence now is Aquarius. Gone is Capricorn’s influence around what about me, how things should be and our work. Capricorn is a what you see, you get kind of energy.

Now we are in Aquarius, the energy is about the group, helping our neighbor. It is also detached and separate. Aquarius likes to observe. It is hungry for knowledge, is innovative and daring, rebels against the inequality, inflexibility, and the structure that Capricorn enjoys. Individual freedom becomes very important under Aquarius and

we seek ways to free ourselves from limitations that make us feel more restrained than safe. It is a team player that can change its mind in a heart beat. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac and loves it when everyone around him is equal, happy, free, and at peace. Antiquarians also love piles and talking. This is SO me!

Mercury will be moving slow and conjunct Pluto this week and next. The perfection of this conjunction will take place on Saturday. For the next two weeks we can expect intense activity in our thoughts. We could come to some important decisions or discover some important information. Our thinking will be more of the probing, in investigative sort than usual. The shadow side is that we can be obsessive, manipulative, and suspicious. Some of us will experience mental battles and even turn these inward. This can lead to depression and addictive behaviors so be cautious.

Uranus is in the orb or square with Mercury and Pluto too. This can be interesting on many fronts. One of them is the weather. It is this energy that contributes to storms such as the one we had this weekend. I have read that my weather man is watching activity the could become another storm next weekend. I don’t mind snow but freezing rain is not good for anyone. Neither is the flooding this storm caused in New Jersey.

We do have Mars in the water sign of Scorpio right now. And Saturn is square Neptune. This could mean there will be some interesting weather events for sure. This is winter and the weather patterns have changed and continue to change so that we never know what to expect  from them. Clearly this storm did not bring us nearly the snow, sleet or freezing rain amounts predicted. This coming weekend and the weeks ahead are sure to be equally as unpredictable I feel sure.

I am going now to sit in the sun a bit before I tackle some of my many Aquarian piles around here. To the families of Ken and Joe, I send my love and most sincere hope for peace and grace as you navigate the emptiness and find loving new ways to fill the space these men left.

To all those that helped me celebrate my birthday I appreciate you more than words can express. Your cards, calls, gifts, messages, and lunches will warm my heart for weeks.

Wishing you all safe travels and a wonderful week ahead. Till next week…….peace!