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Photo by David Cline, Hickory NC

I am full of one liners and have songs rolling around in my head this morning. “What a difference a day makes”. “Changes”. “Baby it’s cold outside”. Yesterday it was a lovely 55 degree day and to-day it is barely above freezing and we woke up to a light snow fall. There is something about snow that always makes me reflective. This is amplified by the nostalgia around the turning of the calendar year and the loss of a few heavy hitters with celebrity status. I think this is usually the case as we leave one thing behind in exchange for another.

We lost a few folks with celebrity status as the calendar rolled over this year.

Natalie Cole died right before the new years got started. Now we are barely two weeks into 2016 and the world of entertainment has already taken a few more hard hits. Some of the names you probably won’t recognize unless you are in your 70’s or older, or a fan of their work.

Richard Libertinin played the doubting news editor in “Fletch”, Angus Scrimm played the “Tall Man” in the Phantasm series of horror films, Pete Harrington Jr. played Schneider on “One Day at at Time”, Kitty Kallen was a pop singer during the swing era, Pierre Boulez was a world famous French conductor and major force in today’s classical music world, Robert Stigwood managed rock bands “Cream” and the “Bee Gees” before producing a long list of musical films such as “Grease” and “ Saturday Night Fever”. Then this week began wit the death of David Bowie and later in the week we lost Alan Rickman. Yesterday I read Celine Dion’s husband and brother had both moved on. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our human existence goes on, until it is our turn. However, losing someone we love or value in some way is never easy. It is the often the ultimate when it comes to change.changes_ahead-300x300

I wonder what this means for the rest of the year, if anything?

What I do know is that cosmically this week begins with the Sun is in the very last degrees of Capricorn. We have been under an influence of our ambitions and responsibility with a side of respect for the law. All good ways to begin a new year don’t you think? The Capricorn Sun has probably been pushing you to finish some of the things you started a while back. I know it has pushed me and this has been a good thing. Now to continue the momentum as I still have quite a way to go with completing my list of tasks. What ever happens I won’t beat myself up about it but will continue to look ahead toward my goals. Capricorn can be a hard task master and for this Aquarian, it is a good thing!

Today, Sunday, Venus is semi-square Mars. Relationships could be filled with tension as Mars tries to assert himself onto Venus while she is attempting to address her sexual wants and desires. Venus is in the fire sign of Sagittarius and that is a good thing. But Mars is not all that comfortable in the water sign of Scorpio. Fire and water steam. Try to channel this energy into passion rather than allowing it to be explosive. Fortunately Venus in Sagittarius is looking for more fun that steam. This will help temper the steam created by Mars in Scorpio.

Monday Venus squares Jupiter, Mars semi-squares Jupiter, and Mars trines Neptune. Venus square Jupiter amps up our desire for joy and delight but this can get to the point of excess so be aware and don’t go too wild with things. Sometimes we can get quite carried away with our emotions be rather wild in our beliefs around our partnerships. (I think I know someone who lives here most of the time). No evil intent lurking here yet our excitement can over shadow our clear thinking.

Mars semi-square Jupiter is also expansive energy. This aspect can help us be excited about life and any new projects we might be working on. Jupiter however could cause some of us to be a bit too confident about things and cause us to be unclear about what we can actually get done. Our beliefs are very important and we might feel more like a fight than usual, thanks to a bit of competitive energy this aspect brings with it. (I can hardly wait to see how this plays out on the news). Be sure you take a good long look at how your actions might influence your world. Any misjudgments can cost us more than we are willing to give up sometimes.

Mars trine Neptune is about intuition and creativity. Of course there is also the sexual quality of Mars combined with the fantasy aspect of Neptune to spice things up a notch. Oh My! This can get a young girl to blushing for sure! Besides stimulating our passion for fantasy, this aspect also lends a relaxed feel to things and have us singing “Que Sera, Sera” as we sit down to doodle or do something creative.

aquarius_constellationMid week we get a big energy shift as the Sun moved into Aquarius. This sign is one that stirs up our thirst for knowledge. It screams originality and seeks to experience all it can especially those outside the restraints of what is normally accepted. Aquarius loves freedom is ready to bust right out of the confine Capricorn placed on us last month. Aquarius had rather be free than safe, leaving the safety to other signs.

Thursday a square aspect between Mercury and Uranus perfects. Uranus us quick to change things. Mercury is thoughts and communications. This aspect can bring us new ideas and insights for most of this week. Don’t expect these new ideas to be well received by all. Some could find them more scatter-brained than anything and therefore reject them before giving them a real chance. You might want to delay any presentations for now. Choose you ideas and battles wisely because this aspect will no doubt have some of us deeply challenged by our routine. For some it will be a big effort not to leave things unfinished. Sheesh! This is the story of my life!

But this aspect can also be stimulating at the same time as our minds discover new information, ideas, and ways of thinking. Some things could upset the current state of things but this is what change and progress are all about. None of it is easy. Enjoy the mental creativity and don’t be attached to the outcome.

Friday, Mercury joins up with Pluto in Capricorn. Since Mercury is retrograde with aspect will have a slightly diminished impact. Rest assured that our mental prowess will be intensified regardless of Mercury’s retrograde status. Pluto is a p[planet that loves go deep into things. Expect to feel this as a pull toward finding deeper meaning in things in the most efficient way possible. This is also accentuated by the Aquarian Sun as mind of the scientist.

Pay attention! This will be a wonderful time to observe your worldmarch_2013_-_powerful_month_of_re- and your mind. Go deep, investigate, seek the truth about things and about yourself. Some of us will be highly persuasive with this aspect and possess a strong sense strategy. This shadow side of this aspect can show up as manipulation, suspicion, and obsession. When used incorrectly, this aspect can leave us frustrated.

The weeks ends with a lovely Full Moon. Our First Peoples called this the Wolf Moon because it came when the wolves howled outside the villages from hunger. This Moon is also called the Old Moon.

This Moon will be in Leo. opposite the Aquarian Sun, this polarity is about the balance between what is personal and impersonal. This Moon asks us to find equal footing between romance and friendship, between self-expression in objective and non objective ways.

The Leo Moon is intense, individual and proud. She is not happy being simply a team member. She wants to be noticed. The Aquarius Sun is much more a team player, more about the group as a whole and more objective.

Allow the Moon’s light to shine on the balance between all your relationships, including the one with yourself. Allow it to show us where we need to change and let go. Embrace the changes, they are ultimately good even if the scare our pants off.


On a different note, one of my high school friends and a regular reader of this blog, Ken Allen, is in the cardiac ICU somewhere in South Carolina. He is having a rough go of it but is progressing fairly well. No doubt his recovery will be slow going at first but I want to wish him a complete recovery and hope he can get back on his feet and about his regular routine as soon as possible. He is a fabulous free-lance journalist so I expect a story on his experience with this in the coming months.

With that said, I wish you are great week ahead. Help me celebrate my 62nd solar return (which will take place at 7:30 am) on Friday. Do something kind for someone you don’t know on Friday. Buy the person ahead of you in line that cup of coffee or morning biscuit. Smile at everyone you meet and give the homeless guy on the corner a buck.

BTW….solar return is different from birth time.