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Ah! What an interesting winter so far. Just after Uranus went direct the weather patterns changed. I think winter is here to stay and not just teaseing us as it has for the past few months. My local independent and ameture weather guy says we could see from 2- 4 winter weather events before January is over. Fine by me. I have new snow boots and good tires on the car. I can get to work as long as the roads are passable. I love to see snow!

This week Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn. This placement is quite practical and focused. Just what we need to get back to business after a month or more of celebrations and festivities. This energy helps to bring our concentration back in line so we can deal with what is ahead of us for the month and the year.

This is not at all a bad place for Mercury to be retrograde and especially here at the beginning of the year. This aspect could actually serve us well in our business matters and our communications, as it lends itself to a more business like and practical character. Our conversations, whether electronic or in person will be more coherent and systematic. Just be aware that becoming too rigid can also be cause by this energy. None of us want to be viewed as being stiff, harsh or having a lack of feeling and compassion. Learn where the line is between being a realist and being pessimist.

The energy of Mercury retograde in Capricorn might also provide many of us with a great opporunity to do some deep cleaning and organizing around our homes. I have been working on this aspect of my life with more enthusiasim over the past couple of months. Last year I stumbled upon a web site devoted to home organization. It takes it all slow, just 15 minutes a day, and offers a weekly guide to get you focused. There are lots of printables to help you out too. Check it all out here: http://www.home-storage-solutions-101.com/

Venus is in Sagittarius until January 23, 2016. This causes our romantic energy to be less fucused than it was in Scorpio. Sagittarius love is more about the collective. It’s the more Universal kind of love and far less imtimate than the energy we had with passionate Scorpio. Similar to Mercury in Capricorn, Venus in Sagittarius takes a more direct approach and truth it far more important than it has been.

Mars entered Scorpio on January 3, 2016. He is concerned now with getting what he wants. This energy is more resolved and dilligent. Some of us will feel a strong pull to examine our emotions and expereinces in a deeper level. Personally, Scoprio is strong in my natal chart. I welcome this energy this year and in conjucntion with Mercury retrograde because it is asking me to examine, re-examine and go deeper into some areas of my life that I need to take another look at. One area that I am drawn to now is how crisis and past issues in the family, both known to me and unknown, have shaped me and who I am. Scorpio loves to feel deeply and enjoys going deep into emotional stuff. He is not interested in averages. To him it is all or nothing; extremems. Scorpio loves extremes can be somewhat draw to a crisis situation. Use caution not to create one.

Aspects this week are mostly squares, semi-squares, and trines. Today Mercury is semi square Venus. This is a tough one for communications around love. Our minds could also go awandering and being hypersensitive is also likely. Be aware so you don’t create drama where there needen’t be and at the same this use this info to help you avoid drama.

Monday, Mercury will be semi-square Saturn. Road blocks and red tape are likely with this aspect. Re-doing things we thought were finished is common anytime Mercury is retrograde but even more so when semi-square Saturn. So are travel delays, communication break downs, and thinking more negatively. Oh my! Not good!

Keep in mind that Saturn deals with our governing structures as well as boundaries, rules, and regulations. Astrology does not just apply to us as individuals, but us as a community, city, region, state, country and the whole world. There can be an energy of ultra sensetivity and critsism. This being an election year, we are sure to see this energy magnified. We won’t be needing Mercury and Saturn to trigger heated candidate comments soon. The chinese year of the Monkey is coming up. I think that might bring us some interesting shenanigans.

Tuesday, Venus will trine Uranus. We are more interested in taking risks now. Uranus loves all things new and different. I was just thinking of this last night and how this has played out in my past. Uranus is my ruling planet, so this energy is a theme in my life. Thank goodness for the other strong aspects and a number of retrograde outer planets that balance this out of the ordinary side of me.

Venus trine Uranus will have us seeking what is different and have us ready to experiment without commitment. We could even explore some financial ventures as well especially if they involve technology. I know this is counter Mercury retrograde but remember he is in Capricorn this time and that sheds a bit of a different light on our retro friend. Venus and Uranus ask us to be creative with technology, the esoteric, art and things of beauty, and have some fun socially. Just don’t go over board.

Wednesday might be the most important day this week. The Sun trine Jupiter on this day. Jupiter is retrograde too but if you read last week’s blog I mentioned that this had little effect on Jupiter, so this is still all about growth and expansion. The Sun’s involvement has us wanting to impress people but at the same time we are more aware of what is moral. Expect enthusiasim to be high and cooperation rather painless. I like the sounds of that, don’t you? Get going with those creative projects you have been holding back.

Thursday the Sun and Mercury meet up; the first of four times each year. This aspect brings up issues from the past. Since these two planets are in Capricorn, this could mean we will see some upset in the politcal arena. After all, part of what Capricorn rules is government and heads of state. This is sure to be an interesting political year. I don’t think I am going to sit back a watch it all unfold rather than get worked up about anything. This will be a good time to do some more personal review. Perfect for this Mercury retrograde too.

Saturday the Moon is square Mercury and Pluto. This will take up deeper into any review we may have already begun this week. I know some of this weeks energy sounds dark but I feel like it is perfect and is indeed assisting in not only our personal but our global evolution. More and more folks are becoming aware. It is so exciting. But with this awareness comes conflict too.

I read one a while back that the reason there seems to be more evil things now in the news, is because they are thoughts and beliefs that have been hidden in darkness. They are coming to light so that we can become aware of them and transmute them to light. Take the child abuse in the church, human slavery, or the abuse of females all over the world. The list of offenses if long and it is applauling! It has also been hidden as a part of a belief system for centuries. It is my fervent wish and prayer that these attrocities come to an end as soon as possible. I also know that all things will happen at the perfect time.

With this I wish you a good week!


Photo by David Cline, Hickory NC