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Sorry this is late this week. I have had things to do and people to send off back home. It has been a great holiday!

I sincerely hope everyone of my readers had a safe holiday season this year. It was so warm here and hardly felt like winter at all. It is cold now though as the long forecast weather patterns have now changed. Some could see some snow about mid week, but for now, this seems to be forecast only for the northeastern part of the state. All the warm weather has caused the plants to think it is spring. My next door neighbor’s Iris are blooming and I have seen other plants and trees budding. Even the North Pole is experiencing summer time temps. My grandmother used to call this “pneumonia weather”.

According to a weather guy I follow, winter is indeed here and he is forecasting another winter storm for the 10th-15th. But I am more interested in the astrological weather right now so I need to take a peek at the week ahead. I have been busy and not done this before now.

First up this week is Mercury, Mercury, Mercury! This fiery hot planet of communications and technology moved into Aquarius in the 3rd . And he is now slowing down to turn retrograde on Tuesday the 5th. Nothing like starting the New Year off with Mercury in retrograde. IF might be a good idea to hod off on initiating the resolutions till after this month is over. Just take a deep breath and relax, it will all be fine.

Mercury will travel back into Capricorn for a while so we will have a second chance to tie up loose ends from the past few weeks. The Capricorn energy could make it easier to finish those left over tasks and make the best use of this time of re-visiting, re-doing, and re- fill-in-the-blank. Capricorn won’t let you use excuses either so you are bound to get some things done.

You will want to use caution with all your communications and technology however. Mercury retrograde is a prime time for misunderstandings and technology breakdowns. This will be the first of four of these this year. If happens. We have to deal with it.

Tuesday is the day The Sun and Pluto meet up, also in Capricorn. Watch out this week for power struggles. This meet up is only one contributor. Later in the week the Sun moves into a square aspect with Uranus. My best advise is to proceed with caution and avoid conflicts as best you can.

Jupiter, the planet of good luck, will trine the Sun square Uranus at the end of the week but even this won’t be much help. Jupiter in Virgo is not very strong and Jupiter will also be stationing to turn retrograde on Thursday, January 7, 2016. This retrograde is not a big deal like Mercury is. In fact it will be more beneficial than anything.

Jupiter retrograde is positive and can bring us plenty of personal and spiritual growth. Sounds good to me? How about you? There is also room for Jupiter to be his usual abundant self, even if he is a bit more subdued, success is sure to be in the picture for all of us.The biggest issue will be in the area of self-control. This is just a test. If we pass, little can stand in our way.

Whether it is a new love relationship, long distance travel, or increased health and over all happiness, Jupiter retrograde can be a good thing. It is nothing to raise and eyebrow about in most cases. Many will experience a lot of good growth during while he is traveling backwards between this week and early May.

Venus conjuncts Satrun this week. This can be some tough energy too. Saturn is going to make Venus take a good look at what she holds dear. Thsi could cause some kicking a screaming but as with most things, when we give in and give up, we are better for it. We grow and evolve.

This week ends with a New Moon in Capricorn. Usually a New Moon becons a new beginning. This one however is asking up to hold off until after Mercury turns direct. With the addition of four other planets in Earth signs, the overall energy is very slow. I suggest using the retrograde energy this month to revisit our plans for the future. Perhaps by the next New Moon things will be better for moving ahead and getting our New Year Started.

Besides, it is cold outside and a long run of holidays is just over. I think we can all use some time to rest and relax. The planets seem to be pushing us to the end too. Why not give in to this energy where we can. Surely we will benefit is we do.

Be sure to stay hydrated. Winter can dry us out and that can cause illness.

Untill next week………Have a great week!