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Wow! I can’t believe just typed “2016”. Another year is GONE! ZOOOM!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the past week or weeks of festivities and are looking forward to the New Year. My gut is telling me this coming year will be a mixed bag of good and not so good. But isn’t that always the case?

Specifically, I feel like this year will be good in the sense of our awakening to our reality and evolving as physical beings. Community connections will grow and spread, perhaps out of necessity or some sense of need to do so. This is a really good thing. However the economic scene might not be so bright. I am hearing rumblings of the first quarter being slow and resulting in corporate trimming and layoffs.

These are all things lead to increased crime, desperation, hunger, and ill health. All good reasons for us to grow our community connections. I am very grateful to for my good neighbors and our growing, supportive, caring relationships. IF you don’t know your neighbors, it just might be time to have a chat or take them some sweet treats.

Christmas Day in my area began with double rainbow. And did you get to see the Full Moon Christmas night? There for a while I thought I might not ever see the Moon or the Sun again. It seems like it has been raining for weeks. At least we had rain, a ew claps of thunder, and not snow. Christmas day was unusually warm. There were so many of us around the dinner table that we had to turn on the AC. The thought of thunder has led me to feel like we are about to get hit with something really different. Yes! A winter wave might be on the way soon. But first we have astrology to talk about.

The Sun moved into Capricorn last Tuesday. For the next month the theme will be responsibility, respect, and results. This sign appreciates structure, and understands what it possible and what might not be. Sometimes all the structure gets in the way of dreaming big dreams or allowing for spontaneous creativity. I fall right on the cusp of the back side of this sign and while I tend to lean far in the other direction, I will admit to feeling more safe when I know what to expect and have good boundaries. How does Capricorn show up in your life?

Mercury had been in Capricorn since December 9. He will move into Aquarius on January 1 and at the same time he will be heading into his shadow as he slows down to turn retrograde on January 6, 2016. He will spend one week in Aquarius before moving back to 15 degrees Capricorn. This will take us back to where he was on December 20, 2015. Any loose ends not tied up since Dec. 20 can be during this retrograde.

Venus will leave Scorpio for Sagittarius this coming Wednesday. During Venus’s transit through Scorpio, our ideas on love, our values and our money have been deep and psychologically probing. The shift into Sagittarius brings us a great deal of optimism and fun. What perfect timing this is, just as we approach New Year’s Eve. Perfect sign for festive parties, making noise, and having a great time with fireworks, poppers, and sparklers. But please, be careful!

Also, be cautious not to spend too much money during this transit. I don’t see the financial landscape for some of us being all that secure in the coming months. Keeping an eye on our finances will be even more important a couple of weeks later when we move into a square aspect between Jupiter and Venus.

Mars has one more week in Libra before he moves into Scorpio. For now, our charm factor is high and we are prone to use it to get what we want. There can be some indecisiveness however due in part to our ability to see all sides of a given issue. We want to be seen in the best light possible so any passive aggressive tendencies are sure to come out in this transit.

One of the important aspects this week is Mercury square Mars. Mercury square Mars. The characterization of this aspect are impatience, and being quick to draw conclusions or hasty when making decisions. Relax this week and leave those big meetings until later. These two planets can add some fuel to any already tense situation and tempers could flare. You may find your self saying something you wish you had not if you are not careful.

New projects can wait until after the New Year is well under way. There is no need to hurry. Use the last of 2015 and the first month of 2016 to form solid plans. Then jump in and get going. Of course if you have to, you have to but there will likely be conflicts and agitation. These two planets are strong all by themselves. When they square off, sparks can fly and I don’t mean New Years Eve fireworks either.
Enjoy New Years’s Eve! Please be safe in what ever you do. Please don’t drink and drive. It is just not worth it!