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First of all I want to wish my mother a very happy 86th birthday today! Love you Mom!

In other news, Hanukkah is over and Christmas is almost here. The Elves are putting the finishing touches on things in the workshop at the North Pole. My wish is that no child or person goes without at least one gift this year and a full belly this year.

This week is not only full of holiday excitement but also celestial excitement too. The Winter solstice is tomorrow, December 21 and the Sun enters Capricorn. This is the marks the beginning of the last season of the year.

Ancient traditions had many ways to ward of the darkness of Winter Solstice and warm the hearths and hearts of the people. They set large feasts, bonfires, sang songs and would travels form house to house singing and dancing. I used to enjoy this time of year so much when I was in my teens. A group from my High School choir got together for several years and sang Christmas carols through the halls of the local hospital every Christmas Eve. It was great fun for us and brought lots of smiles to the people in the hospital.

This year won’t be quite so dark and Rudolph will have some help guiding Santa’s sleigh for a change. All this, courtesy of a Full Moon on Christmas Day! It is a Super moon to boot! This means the moon will be closer to the Earth than usual. We have had several of these this year. Chalk it all up to being part of the cycle of how we orbit around this universe.

The Sun in Capricorn moves us from an energy of expansion to one of responsibility. Sun in Sagittarius expanded our thinking and gave our confidence and optimism a leg up. We might have even gotten a bit too confident and overdid a few things.

Sun in Capricorn wants us to tidy up any loose ends, be responsible, law abiding citizens and accomplish things. So appropriate after a few months being busy as heck with Fall festivals, holiday after holiday, and things getting put off or left undone as a result. Now wonder people are ready to take down the tree as soon as December 26 rolls around. I never understood this when I was a kid. Grandma made a mad dash to get all the Christmas things packed up.

Having Uranus as my ruler, I wanted to rebel. I begged her to leave some decorations out until after we had gone back home. I was one happy camper when at the ripe age of 19, I learned about Twelfth Night celebrations. From then on, the Christmas season has not over for me until after January 6th. Through my 20’s I hosted a Twelfth Night party. I usually bought a shoulder of beef and had my good friend Albert aka “Hawg” cook it. I gathered the best bluegrass musicians in the area, and all my friends who brought the rest of the food and drinks to share. This made for some great memories.

This Christmas Full Moon is sure to be memorable as well. It will be in Cancer. The Moon’s opposition to the Capricorn Sun makes this about the balance between our private and public life. Our home life, nurturing, love attachments are ruled by Cancer. The Capricorn Sun is more interested in our public life and responsibilities. In some ways this Sun/Moon opposition is about a balance between unconditional and conditional love. That is indeed a struggle for many, especially if you don’t believe in unconditional love. There is also a struggle between our desire to stick close to home and be nurtured by the Cancer Moon and a need to get out in the world and be responsible people on our own.

Among other aspects this week, we have Mars and Neptune in a awkward position to each other. We could experience a lack of motivation, inability to think ahead clearly, a tendency toward the impractical, and overall carelessness. Thanks Neptune! Watch out for unusual impulses or being drawn toward a half-baked idea.

Mercury square Uranus today, Sunday, December 20, 2015. This is a good aspect of formulating new ideas and to brainstorm. Some of these ideas might not be well received and we can appear to be scatter-brained. This is all part if the Uranus influence and that is OK. But you might want to hold off on making a presentation of any new ideas till after this week is over. With the Sun moving in to Capricorn, we can easily upset the status quo, Oh My! This does not however mean that you can’t enjoy these new thoughts yourself and make plans to share them later.

So much of what is going on in the sky this week takes place on Friday but Thursday brings us a sweet aspect between Venus and Jupiter. The cooperative energy this aspect brings to our Christmas eve is sure to make many a mama happy as she sees all her family and friends getting along, or let’s at least hope this is the case. Some of us will realize there might be a bigger reason for our relationships to our family and fellow humans. This energy is great for holiday socializing and entertaining. We might find we are more free with out spending as well as our affections. Take this warning, check the bank balance before you insert that card in the machine. Over spending can be part of this energy too.

Now we go back to Friday for another important aspect. Mercury will be trine Jupiter. This energy is full of positive thinking as well as finding meaning in everyday events and practice. Jupiter expands on our ideas and our intentions, both of which will lean toward the noble. This energy is also good for short trips over the river and through the woods, as we go to Grandma’s house for the holidays. We did this every Christmas day when I was a kid. If you keep a journal or are studying something, you might find this energy beneficial to these endeavors. Use this energy to its fullest while it are here.

Last but certainly not least is Uranus Turning direct on Christmas day. I think I compared this to a bull breaking out of the china shop in last week’s blog. Uranus has been more or less asleep for that past 5 months. He is ready to bust loose and make some news! I felt like a got taste of this energy last night as I was going to bed. A feeling came over me that was not exactly warm and fuzzy. It was rather an ominous one. I could not shake the feeling that something is going to happen somewhere at the end of this week that will shake us up. I sure hope I am wrong. I have no idea is this event, if indeed there is one, will happen locally or in this country or some place else in the world. I really, really hope I am wrong about this but I felt a similar feeling a few weeks ago and the Paris attack happened a few days later. Only time will tell if I am right this time or not.

That is all I have for this week unless I think of something else later. I am off to an annual holiday event where I will join dozens of old friends to hear our favorite holiday band play their own satirical tunes. I understand the musical elves have created some new ear candy for us this year. I have not been to this event for a few years so this is sure to be extra fun. I just have to keep in mind that Mercury is square Uranus today and since he is about to turn direct, Uranus energy could be strong.

Please be safe as you travel about town and country this week. Use extra caution when driving and please, please stay off those cell phones while driving.

I wish each of you a very happy week and all the best this holiday has to offer you. Until next time……………………..

I cant go without acknowledging the 21st anniversary of my father’s transition this coming Wednesday or the birthdays of my dear departed friends Debbie and Greg who were born on the 23rd.


My father circa, 1946, Oak Ridge Military Academy.

(I am proud he was not actually in the military.)