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Photo by David Cline, Hickory, N.C.


What a great week we’ve had here. It has felt more like April than December. Temperatures were hovering around 70 and the nights were warm enough to enjoy some porch time in the dark. My weather guy says winter is actually going to set in by the end of next week. Until then I will enjoy looking at the photo above. This was taken by a long time friend that dearly loves the outdoors, mother nature, and hiking in the mountains near our home town of Hickory, NC. I appreciate his allowing me to use his photos.

This week we are still dealing with the Mars/Uranus opposition. Uranus has been retrograde since late July. This means his energy has been somewhat subdued or restricted, and he has not been able to exert his full power on things since about mid July. This is about to change! Uranus is stationing to turn direct and we should begin to feel this shift sometime this week.

For me, as with many people, retrograde Uranus is my natal position. There are many factors in my chart that make me who I am but this one focuses on freedom and obligations. I also admit to a desire not to follow the crowd or be trendy. One of the farthest things from my mind is the latest trend. I am much more interested where my scientific, exploratory mind takes me as I seek to understand things in a way others might not. The only problem here is that this can leave me feeling frustrated and often alone with my thoughts. This is why the internet is so much a part of my life. It is the best place for me to find interactions with like minds.

Currently the transiting retrograde Uranus is four degrees from squaring my natal Uranus. As long as I can stay in the moment I am sure to be fine. When I am distracted and looking to ahead, things can get difficult. This aspect in my personal chart requires that I be in a place of allowing in order to take advantage of things that could suddenly cross my path. Predictably, this cycle takes place in all our lives in our early 20’s and early 60’s. No I know why folks get weird about the time they hit 60.

The energy shift we will begin to be feel strongly this week is freedom. The image in my head is one of a bull just breaking out the chute at a rodeo. He’s jumping wildly and ready to charge at the first thing he sees. Since Uranus is an outer planet, this energy with hit the collective as well as the personal levels.

Whether or not we want to think in these terms, Isis wants freedom to do what they want to do. So does Russia, the Syrian refugees, Christians, Muslims, the U.S. Government, you name it. Everyone wants freedom to do what they want to do. Conflict comes from the attempt to impose those desires on others. This is an energy that is pushing us to grow in ways we had rather resist. Change is difficult enough with out Uranus being in the mix. But Uranus is pushy. He wants to be heard and wants his freedom. It is up to us as to how this plays out personally and collectively. Learning to be in the moment and grateful for all things is key not only to our spiritual growth but also to our overall well-being.

To add to this Uranus energy shift, don’t forget that we currently have Mars opposing him and Pluto continues to influence him within the orb of square. Mars will be adding his git’er done energy to Uranus’s desire to bust out. There is no way I am going to venture a guess as to what we might see in the weeks ahead as a result of these apsects.

Late this week we have another difficult aspect to deal with as Mars perfects his square to Pluto. Hopefully after you read this you will be able to see warning signs and avoid any difficulties this might bring to your own life. My first suggestion would be to get your holiday shopping done as soon as possible. This coming weekend is favorable for reading and research, and little else.

Mars and Pluto also squared on March 12 of this year. If you think back to what was going on then, you might get an idea of what to expect this time. But if you are like me, you can’t remember back that far. Of course we have the energy of the other planets influencing this square, so it is not like are repeating March 12th over again, but there could be similarities in the overal energy for many of us.

Mars energy is going to take us into some deep, dark, places to get the info he wants. Pluto is where we keep our secrets and Mars is driven and we can feel obessed about our projects. Talk about energy for growth and evolution?! The things you uncover could be the best Christmas present of all! !

Mars has a certain youthful exuberance. He can also be somewhat explosive if he feels pushed. Watch for examples of this energy in the news soon as the frustrations Things we don’t alwayss understand can be brought to the surface now and this lack of understanding can cause frustration. This time of year can be stressful enough if we are not in the moment and try to hard to control. Again I want to urge you to allow things to be as they are and to unfold as they will and don’t forget to seek your own joy. This is the season of “good will” not “I will”.

The shadow side of all this is that your drive to manipulate might be stronger. This won’t be well accepted by those around you. When is it ever? Your financial determination might also be high with this energy but guard that you do not become unfair to other in some way. Remember that you are not the only one feeling this energy. Our friends and our enemys are too. This applies to us both as individuals and as communities and nations.

The diffcult energies will slow down some on and just after Christmas Day and Uranus turning direct. There will be no retorgrade planets until January 6 when Mercury turns retorgrade. OF course this means Mercury will be in his shadow about New Years Day. The New Year will start off with a bang for sure!

But wait! There is more interesting news! Mercury going retrograde this early in the year means we will have four Mercury retrograde periods this coming year. Oh BOY! And if they are anything like the last one we had? I can hardly wait for them this year.

This year is not over yet so lets live the last few weeks of it with gusto. Hannukah is almost over, Christmans and Kwanza are still ahead. There is lots of food to make, shared, and eaten, gifts to wrap and open, parties to go to or host, and lets not forget the bounty of adult beverages this time of year.

Remember to get as much shopping done this week as you can. Use the unfavorable planetary aspects for shopping next weekend to your advantage and chill out. Relax and be in the moment. Winter is almost here and it should be feeling more like winter by then too.

Untill next time, I leave you with this article on something that has brought me a great deal of joy for many years now. I cannot tell you how magical the lighted tree balls are to me.They make me giggle and instill a sense of wonder. The neighborhood that started this also sets out a big wooden bin in which they collect food donations for the Second Harvest Food Bank. And there is a 5k walk and run that also raises funds, called “Run for the Balls”. If you would like to make a donation to Second Harvest go to: www.hungerwnc.org To do not live in NC and want to find your local organization, go to find-your-local-foodbank

In the meantime enjoy this article, smile, and be grateful this week. Lighted Tree balls