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Happy Hanukkah!

I understand the little girls who live behind me encouraged their mom to draw this on their fence and that they chalked over lots of things in their back yard this morning. Love those kids and all their creativity!

❤ Thanks E&F! ❤


This past week proved to be another difficult week for many. A few weeks ago, around mid November, I think I mentioned looking forward into December and seeing lots of difficult aspects. This past week was one of them. It seemed as though very few planets were getting along with other planets. I know I didn’t spend a lot of time on taking about them last week either. There are several reasons for this.

First of all, I wanted to go over Saturn in Sagittarius more last week. Secondly, sometimes I get emotionally overwhelmed by all the difficulties in the world and have to force myself to do what I am always advising you to do………. find the joy. For me this means backing off of social media and any news source and spend more time in meditation so I don’t go into a tail spin over how selfish, greedy and mean we humans are.

However, there were some aspects last week that I failed to mention. One of them was Mars opposing Uranus. This energy has been building since early last week and will perfect this coming Thursday. I am seeing some effects from this one in the coming weeks.

This opposition is a bit like a three year old kid; impatient, frigidity, and full of rebellion. (Three years old by the way, is one of my favorite age groups.) Under this energy we could be more daring than usual and willing to take risks and fight for freedom. We are feeling our individuality more and want our freedom. This might mean a work schedule change or something happens that facilitates the need to rapidly shift our plans.

Uranus energy is not only rebellious but is also resistant. If we feel something or someone is holding us back we are probably going to be more to butt heads with it now. The Mars opposition will add significant fire and passion to this rebellious Uranian energy. I’m not at all sure that Mars transiting balanced Libra is a good thing. This sign makes Mars rather indecisive. Indecision can lead to frustration, and frustration to more rebellion. A vicious cycle indeed.

Don’t forget that Uranus rules technology. This is a broad term that includes our phones, computers and anything electrical. There could be a techno glitch in your life and in the news somewhere soon. Remember, it’s all good. Be in the moment, and don’t worry. From everything I see and hear from various sources, there is going to be more and more upset in the world as time goes on. We are going to need to be able to be in the moment and be grateful for what is, no matter what that looks like.

Many years ago my dear friend and next door neighbor, Samir Malak, introduced me to Byron Katie. She developed a self help method called “ The Work”. It teaches us to be in the moment,  love what is, and let go of our story because it holds us back.  In other words, find your joy in the this moment, in this day, in this life; what ever that looks like.

I say, “What does moping and moaning get you anyway?” A local friend teaches that you get 24 hours to cry, scream, weep and moan. After that, get on with life. I only wish I had grasped these concepts when I was much younger but everything happens in its own time doesn’t it?

Today, December 6th, we can add the Moon’s energy to this opposition. Feeling rebellious? It won’t last long. By mid week we will be feeling the energy of a New Moon in Sagittarius. Put your focus on being enthusiastically positive, forthright, honest, with a side of the adventurous. If we do this we could raise our understanding to new heights and gain a larger perspective or the world we live in. What a concept and what a perfect thought for this time of year.

One of the drawbacks of this energy is getting lost in details of our daily lives. And sometimes we over shoot our expectations. This New Moon will be square to Jupiter so this could be accentuated. A trine aspect to Uranus could help us make progressive changes. Isn’t that a lovely idea? So go for the gusto folks! You certainly don’t want to miss out on any benefits that could come your way now do you?

Just in case you were wondering, about that old Uranus Pluto square, I should tell you we are still very much feeling it. The two are just 3 degrees from perfectly square. This is definitely within the orb of square. Unless you are new to this blog or astrology, I don’t think I need to tell you this is a very difficult aspect and will move on to discuss the next aspect.

I would like to say the many of the difficult aspects are waning, and they are to some extent. Many are hanging around this week however. Jupiter’s square to Mercury is shifting to a square with the Sun. This is personal. Expanding us on the personal level. Add the Sagittarius energy and all those characteristics such as optimism and charity are growing.

Thursday and Friday, we have a nice trine between Venus and Neptune. This will lend its self to mending and healing relationships. Those idiosyncrasies in others that have bothered us in the past don’t seem so big now. This allows us to heal and accept what we cannot change.

I am going to add that this healing energy also extends to our relationship with our selves. This will be assisted on Friday when Venus will trine Chiron, the wounded healer. I do believe the some relationships are not meant to heal back to where they once were. Instead some are meant to find their healing in the acceptance that for what ever reason, they are not supposed to continue. Letting go changes things. Few of us are able to embrace change all the time. It is often futile to try to hold on to what ever it is we want to hold on to. Time and events can change us and how we relate to things around us.

Letting go is often both difficult and cathartic, or can be. It is all part of our personal growth, awakening, and evolution. As I type this I am thinking of how much of what we think is true seems to be shifting. We have a natural tendency to resist it as we resist all change. The Universe is leading us by the hand, if we allow it to, and showing us that change is OK! The Universe is helping us to learn to accept things as they come and find happiness in unexpected places. This could often mean non material things.

As sort of a side bar to, if you have never heard of Marie Kondo and her method of organizing and tidying, I urge you to check her out on YouTube. I have a hard time letting go of things. My sense of obligation to my some parts of my life and some authority figures dictates my keeping many different things that I really don’t like for need. Marie’s approach is simple. Forget the old idea of tossing what ever you have not used in a year or two. If something no longer brings you JOY, get rid of it! ! ! This concept makes the whole idea of purging much more palatable to me and while I am far from finished with my purge are reorganization, I am well on my way with a new vigor.

Should you choose to do something similar, I wish you luck. Winter is a good time to work on such a project and I am excited to continue with mine. Now if I could just get the kitchen cleaner and clearer……..time to go do some dishes and make some dinner.

I wish you a wonderful week and a very Happy Hanukkah to all my friends that celebrate!

Peace and love to all!

Sheila Hollander Berkowitz                                            Photo credit goes to Sheila Hollander Berkowitz.